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  1. I'm sure they'll ban em as soon as more people start taking them, but for now it appears they haven't really forced the rules against this watch.
  2. Yeah i'm pretty sure they're like some type of knock-off. they're getting pretty popular in my workplace. i just haven't asked them about it and i usually forget to search it on my own time til today. lol... i found one called "ZGPAX S28" but im not entirely sure if it plays music out of the speaker it has.
  3. I know it exists because my co-workers have em, were not allowed to bring in any mobile devices, mp3 players or such, but apparently they haven't put any rules against these watches. ill have to ask where they got theirs.
  4. Hello all, i'm looking to purchase a watch with a built in speaker that plays music off of an sd card or built in memory. doesn't really matter. im also not looking to spend $100+ lol its for work and it will most likely take a toll.