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  1. shangari.jasdeep21

    New m.2 ssd upgrade

    I want to upgrade my ssd to a faster and more size. I currently have 512GB, and I want 1 Tb because current 512GB is not enough for my work. Now, I want faster and 1TB. I'm in doubt for 960 evo and pro. Which will be good for me if I do quite a lot of Matlab, Solidworks, and CNC work. Plus usual gaming as well, but no video editing.
  2. shangari.jasdeep21

    Bose QC 35 headphones

    I have never had to change ear cushions before on my headphones. Well, these are my first bose headphones that I purchase about a year ago, and they are now loose and fall off my head a lot of time. Now, I'm thinking this is because of the ear cushions, but I don't know which one to get. To go for bose ones directly or there are some better third party ones. Any recommendations?
  3. shangari.jasdeep21

    Dell xps 15 9560

    Does anyone of you who had or have a dell xps 15 know of any hard shell made for it other than ipearl mcover ?
  4. shangari.jasdeep21

    Laptop buying help

    now here I'm gonna go with 256 gb. Save some cash and use that to upgrade to samsung 960 pro m.2 1 tb ssd.
  5. shangari.jasdeep21

    Laptop buying help

    I heard it will make difference in 4k performance plus battery. Plus getting the best thing available is always a good idea.
  6. shangari.jasdeep21

    Laptop buying help

    6th gen or 7th gen kaby lake won't make a difference or will it ? As I'm gonna buy this laptop anyways its better to wait until the end of January and buy it. Anyways, I'm gonna buy it during the end of January only.
  7. shangari.jasdeep21

    Laptop buying help

    For me its quite a great addition because I can easily move through my 3d models without using keyboard or mouse.
  8. shangari.jasdeep21

    Laptop buying help

    Ya but I don't need a pc at this moment atleast can't keep one at my apartment because as a student I move almost every year after the lease.
  9. shangari.jasdeep21

    Laptop buying help

    I'm currently in the market to buy a new windows 10 laptop. I want touch screen laptop. 4k is not a requirement for me but the problem is most laptop has touch screen only with 4k and not FHD. I will be purchasing a new laptop by the end of January 2017. I want this to be a investment so, I'm kind of confused right now. I will be using it for my college, and will be travelling with it too. So, I'm considering dell xps 15, razer blade( can be a choice but it only has 14'' screen ). I want a 15.6'' one atleast with good customer service. Dell has good customer service as I have been there customer for quite a long time, I know about them so, can't decide whether to check some other company or not. I'm basically waiting for kaby lake 7th gen quad core processors to launch. They will launch around the end of Decemeber with new laptops coming in January. I'm purchasing a new laptop that is why I want the best thing available even if I have to wait some time for kaby laks laptops. What kind of suggestions do you have for me ?
  10. shangari.jasdeep21

    Portable hard disk buying help

    Hi I guys I'm in the market currently deciding on what portable hard disk should I get 2tb, 3tb or 4tb. I had wd my passport 1tb that lasted me about 5 6 years before getting dead and taking data with it.Though, I have that data but still it lasted me quite long. At that time I used to download lots of movies and games but now its different. I'm sure 1tb is not enough for me for sure. I need atleast 2tb, but need your suggestions wheater to bump it to 3tb or 4th or keep it at 2tb. The following is what I'm considering to get. WD 2TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBYFT0020BBK-WESN https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LQQHF2W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ym.kybDC4WP5W
  11. shangari.jasdeep21

    PSU upgrade for alienware aurora

    I know that its shitty but the price I got it 4 years ago was good. I need a new laptop now. Moreover, I'm moving to a new place soon and I'm going to sell this PC and build my own PC for the new place.
  12. shangari.jasdeep21

    PSU upgrade for alienware aurora

    Anyways for the timebeing, I got the original one repaired. I'm gonna buy a new deaktop pc in future but for now its just waste of money because a good laptop is what my career needs at the moment. I'm gonna get a new laptop this fall. Probably apple or dell xps 15 infinity display or maybe the one that is good at that time.
  13. shangari.jasdeep21

    PSU upgrade for alienware aurora

    I currently have a 4 year old which I won't be upgrading any time soon. I upgraded the graphics card to gtx 970 and added a soundblaster soundcard. Recently the power supply failed which is a dell 875w power supply. Although, it can be repaired or replaced, but do you think I should upgrade it to a better power supply and which power supply will fit inside the case. I am uploading the picture of my case for reference plus the extra hard drive bays can be removed as well. I'm not a big gamer kind. It's just I like to do things differently.
  14. shangari.jasdeep21

    Sound cards

    Creative inspire T6300 5.1 running on my PC but sound is usually on two speakers or not too immersive as it should be on 5.1. Onboard sound card doesn't seem to work for it even though fill option is on. It just runs music on every speaking not making good sound like rear, front, sub etc. Plus YouTube only plays on two speakers. So, I definitely need a sound card.
  15. shangari.jasdeep21

    Best laptop

    So do you have suggestions in MSI's for 6th gen, 4K, GTX 980