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  1. Yeah, the air flows in through the front and exhausts from the top and back of the case. They have a picture on the site under features showing the airflow direction.
  2. Case height: 12.60" Case width: 10.20" Case length: 15.60" With your dimensions the case should fit. Just gotta remember 12" in a foot
  3. It detects the full 8gbs but shows only 3.90gb usable. 32 bit version of windows only supports up to 4gbs of ram which seems to be the problem.
  4. In the same boat. I guess it can be useful for games that use keys near the windows key but never actually had an instance where I hit it by accident.
  5. I don't see why. Just start putting all your stuff that you had on your old HDD to your new one.
  6. Haven't used the program for a while but I'll try to help. If the keyboard and controller are different layers click on one of the layers such as the controller which I see in the screenshot. Click the box "Show transform controls" and around the image there will be points in which you can increase the size, just click and drag.
  7. Max GPU size for that case is 11.26" (286mm) With Drive Cages & 16.26" (413mm) Without Drive Cages while the R9 390 is 10.91" (277mm) in length so the case should be able to fit everything as long as part picker has right specifications.
  8. Blues require more actuation force. Also note that the g710+ comes with O-rings which are pre-installed and dampen the sound even more.