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  1. I am building a PC that will both be my personal and work pc. I enjoy gaming but also do a lot with after effects, premier, and photoshop, and some solid works when I am feeling frisky. I am willing to spend upwards of $1500 dollars on a graphics solution whether that be one really nice card or a few mid rang cards. the computer as I have it priced out right now is: CPU: intel i7-5820k 6 core at 3.3GHz Motherboard: Asus X99 -E WS Memory: Adata XPG Z1 DDR4 Quad channel 32gig (4/8) kit running at 2800MHz graphics: ??? storage: either a raided configuration with sata or an M.2, not sure yet. I have a bit more research to do there. and I will pick out a case and power supply to suit whatever I decide with the specs. I used to be a bit of a pc enthusiast but had to take a break when my parents decided it was time for me to move out on my own and I had to spend my money on "bills" and "surviving." pfft parents just don't understand. Any who that was like 7 years ago so I am kind of behind the times and I have made a business for myself and need a computer to suit my needs. My main question is about the graphics card but any recommendations or pointers are welcome. edit: so the consensus seems pretty clear get a high powered gaming card. so if you don't mind a secondary question. At my price point of $1500 i could afford a titan or I can get 2 980ti cards and sli them together. Would I gain anything from having 2 cards?