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  1. If its coming from Mars is really cheap.
  2. They are both more than enough for 1080p, go for GTX 1070, GTX 1080 for 1080p is overkill. PS: If the difference is small, then it compensates to buy the GTX 1080.
  3. The only reason to buy a i7 7700K right now is to play at 144HZ+, if you dont want to get an R7 1700, I would stay with your CPU and upgrade to some 6/8 cores later, your CPU is still great. If you dont want to spend the whole budget, but want to increase in gaming performance, I would sell your R9 390 while still miners are buying, and get some GTX 1070/1080. PS: Since you are using 1080p 60HZ, there are no reason to change your PC for gaming right now. But for editing you can get a R7 1700.
  4. I would sell your MB and CPU, and buy a R7 1700 with a B350 motherboard and you can upgrade the GPU with the extra cash.
  5. I agree with @Zando Bob There are no reasons to buy any i3 right now, and basically no reason to buy any new i5, the only CPUs Intel that make sense right now are G4560 and 7700K(for 144HZ+ gaming). In your budget I would go for R5 1600, the 2 extra cores will come in handy.
  6. Neither, I would go for RX 470 when it gets backs in Stock, in Germany it costs only 20 euros more. Your CPU will bottleneck the 3 cards, but a lot more the RX 470. I would still get the RX 470 and upgrade the CPU later.
  7. Whats the problem with the PSU? Ryzen 1600 has 65W TDP and the GTX 1050 Ti 75W. It could easily run on a 300W PSU:
  8. I would get either a R7 1700 or a R5 1600 and would get a SSD. Also would use the stock cooler, and dont buy an AIO.
  9. Doesnt seem so CPU bounded to me, Watch Dogs 2 in this test, i5 7400 (3,0Ghz) and the i7 6700K (4Ghz) are almost the same.
  10. The G4560 may beat in older titles, but newer titles that can really use the 4 cores will beat the G4560 easily, I dont see why would somebody buy a dual core right now, expect with lower budget.
  11. $109? Damn, if the Pentium G4560 didnt kill the i3 for good, this will. PS: With this Intel will just make sense with low budget G4560 and for 144HZ with the 7700K, the rest is AMD all the way.
  12. Hmm, if you want AMD you should wait some days/weeks for Ryzen 3, and sell your RAM and buy DDR4.
  13. https://www.amazon.de/GIGABYTE-GA-B150M-D2V-DDR3-LGA1151-uATX/dp/B015SG4G5K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1500155842&sr=8-2&keywords=b150+ddr3 Normally G4560, but they are nowhere to be found, maybe a G4620?
  14. Damn... Sucks to live in Germany, 5GB are like premium data plans here.
  15. I would stay with the X6 1090T, way better multithread performance, and probably similar single thread.
  16. No, my argument is "I dont want 10 microphones from the government at my home, I dont do something illegal, but I still prefer some privacy." Its not just metadata, they log many details, if you google on your phone Barbecue, you will receive in your Facebook ads about meat in the next day. I mean its ok if you dont care, but some people care.
  17. I dont need to be a criminal to prefer to dont have every information of my life being logged, if you are ok with that fine, and even if you think that your government just want the best for you, data can leak.
  18. I use VPN, I know that they collect data anyway, I just prefer to avoid inviting the NSA for dinner. I know that it's impossible to live today without government collecting info from you, but I don't see why shouldn't you try to avoid some of it.
  19. Not every browser will take my information, there are some modified browser to collect as little as possible information. Probably the frame droppes are some problem with my config, but what about the poorly optimized hardware codec support? And the fact that it doesnt support higher than 720p on netflix? If you have a lower end Atom with VP9/H265 support, you need to use Edge or something else to play 1080p+. Not that I really need this support, I just dont understand the lack of it.