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  1. Ethernet Switch

    Yeah im aware but ill not be transferring any data via ethernet anyway , thanks
  2. Ethernet Switch

    okay cheers mate
  3. Ethernet Switch

    also will my internet speeds get any slower as i connect more devices ?
  4. Ethernet Switch

    thanks very much for the help
  5. Ethernet Switch

    will this be sufficient? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/D-Link-8-Port-Unmanaged-Gigabit-Network-Ethernet-Switch-GO-SW-8G-B-UK-Plug/391494792900?epid=20010159592&hash=item5b26e876c4:g:y9IAAOSwvg9XcoGp
  6. Ethernet Switch

    fair enough , thanks for the help everyone
  7. Ethernet Switch

    heres a screenshot https://gyazo.com/94de920ee43e17aa9923f6450f030265
  8. Ethernet Switch

    its the talktalk supplied fibre router its a bit jobby
  9. Ethernet Switch

    i have ethernet running in to my office from my bedroom and im looking to get a switch for connecting more than one device but i'm wondering will i need a gigabit switch for it because the ports on my router aren't gigabit , my connection is only like 40 down and 9 up
  10. Packard bell overclocking

    Thanks everyone , ill be replacing the psu with a vs450 and are you sure that bios is for my board because its two different makes
  11. I have a packard bell system here with an i7 920 i got for free and im looking to overclock the cpu , but the bios seems to be locked and doesn't have the option , i have searched tge motherboard and it seems to be on the X58 chipset , here's a link to the boards specs here: http://www.pc-specs.com/mobo/Packard_Bell/Packard_Bell_TBGM01/3431
  12. i7 3970x or i5 4690k?

    Just found out that the motherboard i was gonna get was the wrong lga 2011 , anyone know where i can get my hands on an lga 2011 for no more than like £140
  13. i7 3970x or i5 4690k?

    Nice , would i be better with the sandy bridge or haswell?
  14. i7 3970x or i5 4690k?

    Im wanting the option to overclock and the 4770k is just slightly out my budget when it comes to getting a mobo
  15. i7 3970x or i5 4690k?

    Im upgrading from an fx 8350 , how much of a boost in gaming performance do you think ill get with each cpu ??