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  1. HI i was just wondering could i buy a cheap lav mic like this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/PC-Microphones/Neewer-Hands-Free-Computer-Clip-Mini-Lapel/B005DJNRQM/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1496367992&sr=8-1&keywords=neewer+lav+mic&linkCode=sl1&tag=podcastage-21&linkId=1a0b17f36abde33e7f0666cccb52d8b8 and then use a bluetooth transmitter like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-Bluetooth-Audio-Transmitter-Splitter-Receiver-Multi-point-Music-Adapter/202641835357?epid=7031190619&hash=item2f2e65055d&enc=AQADAAADEFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVTTapKZ3Mjy15IsKLaHOWxSU8CxD3pkgBQzLKwr1kEUREVjSDdOyhG39F36vigSdHgkg0c%2FNN1u3S9OYYi5XgZslNNDqs32OhnONIgq3n9TfjaWqNmOaY8I5eoCA6QkO0%2BfDerPULrbCBILJIx1PRl6JB3z7Zor0VJugXcobkaqCDS%2BUwqvbt%2B4Skn93hUy4eZ5kWg%2B4B%2B1GXR%2B2yNY0zuz4mrgqRq8IegrLudcrq8XLGcZ02l6lg6Nf69twn0fiz1nGwxrajLQHlUaUo4PhWCnjKSAfZfFfbKcX4VYXN1fWEj8AFpZIfyoX1Li8hdN%2BQWahOn7TWVqqT4WVM8ybbNy6OtzIdWMyd%2Bh%2FRoMafDAXaxpRF3wvNU3TB9FSaCNb76KDsqbQpA7FCcflkcn2mIxT%2BYG4XItS1Yf6QA%2FU1ZBMzNwEgjjr6f%2FwRJ4w0CWuDtZ9LBWHX%2FXlFHILTrQZOQJ2qKv2bbno7zXTG8e0zGNiPaIH%2FHqwNWbW4bn010cDBxjHgNxQdDatEAeOJR9jRFU3ZJNOvF7WzcCtg%2Fx6LeS6BZGZRj0y8K1WvmLY1Czq5aLmcn67uTq%2BKg9bXsBhQ14H1mB122TqHRCUrFV2N7ewJDhrLkmrGUUFwsYcY0UzQ8aXCnc0CeBbENKwn95lhID9PjKVbzDKjKVGkf2yMLOH6QKkJlqn8SUJrYL4MGZaVLH6fFtooUrdt6amXmyTpWnTKAn0ak6SCG1CN9RXWkePy0pkg3YQHMUDZFjFVeyig2%2FLzNYCfam34JbdMxjtHzQy%2BfY6Fk62zdDG3GCzMgxJerlCVWSOnAVCtWepwhA%2F5GKuN29kZw8BvGcL8eFS1NsV9qBnzagLMoUiixouHr3PE0fMFYRBZWEZKuKoeLeiN3Mz9zPlLqlG6tZqZIWsJxjxeuimICKyaiuq2%2BtVczDUa%2BH8aXAULirgFz2RxIZIEtt96sHHe%2FApMNiMPfI2Vfx9Y1OtMPGQsFc82gsyCqe0%3D&checksum=202641835357f438402e41ee4d18bee803e249ffb8b4 and end up with a usable wireless mic setup? i've heard that you need a trss splitter for a phone , would you need one here? thanks very much for taking the time to read
  2. 0904 , i was on the latest and then flashed to this one the other day to try and see if the CPU would post with the first bios it had support for
  3. Hi , when i try to run the bios updater it complains about the mei driver but i already have that up to date
  4. Am i able to flash this from ez flash inside the bios or do i have to do it from a windows install?
  5. Hi thanks for the reply , where can i find the download?
  6. Hi thanks very much and sorry again for breaking rules i didn't mean to , The system powers on and runs indefinetley but the system just doesn't do any POST beeps or give a display. and its 1:23 am where i'm at so i'm unable to do that at the moment
  7. My apologies , i just wasn't getting any more replies and wanted to try and bump the thread and wasn't sure how
  8. I tested it a couple times (turning off and on) , and the CPU was in a different system previous , it seems to be fine but you could be right
  9. Hi , the motherboard is an ASUS B85M-G , the motherboard posts with both an i3 4130 and a Pentium G3220 but when i install the i5 4460 the system refuses to post i have tried updating the bios , clearing the cmos (both jumper and battery method) , removing all unnecessary devices , only running one ram stick , trying other known working ram and changing over power supply. i have also tried the CPU in another ASUS board with the latest bios with no result. There are no bent pins in the socket of both motherboards. The CPU is confirmed working in my brothers Gigabyte board after i tried it in the other two. it is fair to say i am completely and utterly stumped , does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any replies they will be well appreciated
  10. HI , i have tested the CPU in his board and it is confirmed working. i have also tested in a different board i own with no luck. i have no idea what is going on
  11. He just wanted to squeeze more performance out of his system. i don't live with him so i can't test it in his board just now
  12. Its from my brothers PC , he just upgraded to a 4770, it was working fine in his system which is odd
  13. I have flashed the latest bios from the website which is 3602
  14. Hi , thanks very much for the reply I'm almost certain the CPU works as its my bothers old one which he upgraded from last week , it was working in his board.