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  1. wkdpaul

    Experiences with non-techies

    I have more, a LOT more ... Once, I sent a link to a user that would start a remote session on his PC, he replies by email that it's not working, the files downloaded but won't open. He was working remotely from a client's sites, and he was looking at that email on his phone, not his laptop ... He apologized when he realized what he was trying to do, but still ... *facedesk*
  2. wkdpaul

    Ryzen 5 2400g 0°C?

    *thread cleaned*
  3. wkdpaul

    Experiences with non-techies

    Long story shortened ; I'm a few tiers up the chain of IT support. Got a call escalated this morning, lady's PC is getting the "trust relationship" error in Windows 7. The fix is simple, but we first need to log into the PC with a local account. Frontline can't do that. And can't do that in person since she's in a remote office where we don't have IT staff present. Not an issue, I direct her into logging in with the local admin account. Can't RDP into the PC, some sort of network error, but it's ok, network is working, so I direct her to our website that uses a 3rd party software to remote in. ... Just getting to the site took 20 minutes!!!! At first she was doing a Google search of the address, was ready for that! But then it wouldn't work, she would get on weird pages or get 404 errors ... Nothing made sense because she was able to get to any other website. She was finally able to reach the site, and when I logged in, I saw what she was typing ; internet.ourserveraddress.com WHAT???!?!?!!? She couldn't explain why she was putting "internet." In front of the address I was giving her!
  4. wkdpaul

    games alt tab randomly

    There could be stuff running in the background, that's why I mentioned looking at the task manager while you have a game running in windowed mode. Also, as @LukeTheCoder05 mentioned, try another keyboard even if you didn't have that issue before. The point of troubleshooting is to try everything, even stuff that you think might not be related. That way, you get a confirmation.
  5. wkdpaul

    games alt tab randomly

    Are you sure it's "ALT-tabbing" and not another application being put in the foreground (notification or other reason). You could try to run your game in windowed mode to see if you have something popping in the task bar when that happens? You could also have a task manager running in the foreground and keep an eye on the process tab to see if you have something running that could be causing this.
  6. * Thread locked * As mentioned above, we can't allow this type of discussions on the forum.
  7. *Thread locked* This would be better suited as a status update.
  8. wkdpaul


    Thread cleaned and locked. This thread locking is going to continue unless the members of this forum can discuss the situation without throwing insults at the people involved. The Community standard still apply to this thread and situation. If you want to help, then stop the hate, stop the harassment and as the CS mentions, be respectful.
  9. * Thread cleaned (kinda) and locked * This went WAY off-topic and is now an argument about thumbnails and YT video titles. Also, throwing insults, regardless of reason, isn't allowed as per the Community Standards.
  10. That's what I don't get with people buying from Wish.com ... it's often more expensive than eBay or Aliexpress AND you have to pay for shipping, that, BTW, cost them pennies. Thank God I don't deal with that anymore, I have my wife order from TaoBao and get the stuff a few weeks/months later when family or friends are coming back from China
  11. The sad part is, now anti-vaxxers are going to point at this to reinforce their beliefs that it's all a conspiracy and that the government is trying to hide the truth ... God I hate Facebook, it's worse than the YT comment section.
  12. wkdpaul

    Anyone else seeing this ?!?!

    Thread locked. This slowly looks like it's turning into brigading. It's not something that should be done, from either side. Please take time to review the Community Standards.
  13. wkdpaul

    Did people see this i'm sure is not right

    *locked* This has been posted multiple times already.
  14. wkdpaul

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    And arrogance, this guy has no self awareness and seems to have double standards (he can criticise, but when he's on the receiving end, it's harassment) :
  15. *moved to General section* *Locked* This didn't meet the Tech news posting guidelines, and was already posted multiple times.
  16. wkdpaul

    Anyone else seeing this ?!?!

    *thread cleaned* This seems to be a content ID issue with YT, not the only channel to suffer from this. So let's try to stay respectful and on topic.
  17. wkdpaul

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    Just going to leave this here ...
  18. The one @Lady Fitzgerald posted. Their advices and articles might be legitimate, but I personally don't trust a website that relies on spamming forum. Again, if their articles help, then great! But I personally avoid them.
  19. Just so you know, I would avoid that website, they've been spamming the forum and have been put on the spam filter, posting a link to their website will automatically block your reply until approved by a moderator
  20. Like I said, a small increase makes sense (I did mentioned 15-20% increase AFTER conversion), paying double or more doesn't make any sense though, especially when it's sometimes things that are fabricated here, the one product I remember was the rubber mats you put over outdoor steps in the winter, there was a Canadian company that were making those here, but somehow it was more than double the price here in Canada, and that's back when the USD and CAD were at par. I'm not saying we should have thing at the same price here, in fact if you read my initial comment, I said I know it should be more, and even said why I thought so.
  21. It would actually be the other way around. I know that some Canadian companies that are beside the US border will actually fill a delivery truck once or twice a week, cross I'm the US and ship from there because USPS is SOOOO much cheaper than any options we have here in Canada. Sadly, that's one of the biggest downside of Canada, despite being right beside the US, everything is more expensive, even when it doesn't have to.
  22. it's not about just the exchange rate, distributors are mostly to blame here. When the CAD and USD were at par, stuff was still more expensive up here, EVEN when it was produced here in Canada. I remember CBC News did report on it back then, and simple stuff like a box of Aspirin was more than double the price over here. If I remember correctly, one of the excuse a distributor gave was something along "Canadians are used to pay higher prices anyway" ... Even with the exchange rate today, you can easily find products in Canada that are double the price, if not more. If you take the exchange rate into account, I can understand a 15-20% price increase, since we're a smaller market and often need separate packaging (the French language and all). But most of the time, it's a lot more than 15-20%. I haven't done this in a while, but a few years ago I used to buy my stuff online in the US and have it shipped to a warehouse just beside the border. I would then go and pick it up the next weekend it arrived. Even with all the fees added up (the storage fees they're charging and the fuel), it was still much cheaper (like that time I bought some car parts for $40 USD shipping included ... over here it would've been over $150 CAD with shipping).
  23. wkdpaul

    CPU cooling.

    * Thread moved to the Troubleshooting section* Also, I removed your email, it's a bad idea to post your email publicly on a forum, unless you really want more spam than you already have.