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  2. Gaming laptop or Xbox One X

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  4. Day 1 meme

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  5. Need Help Finding a Motherboard

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  7. Microsoft is hosting their website on Apache

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  8. Royalty-Free background music?

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  9. PC restarts while playing games/GPU benchmark

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  10. We're all humans and nobody is perfect, you can disagree all you want and discuss the situation, but the fact that he's a moderator has nothing to do with this discussion. Same goes for everyone here, we all make mistakes at one point or another, and what we do in life, or who we are doesn't change that. While you might be right about the "a few cents more", you're wrong in your calculations, I personally pay less than $0.08/kwh and my 1060 doesn't use 120w when mining. ...so let's drop the "you aren't allowed to be wrong because you're a mod" argument.
  11. CD-ROM To USB?

    Thread cleaned. Telling others to torrent a game or a software isn't allowed on this forum. Same for abandonware,
  12. what can I do with someone IP address?

    Locked. This falls into malicious behavior/actions and it isn't allowed on the forum.
  13. Gotta love working nights, makes it possible to have the seat you want and have the place almost to yourself :D



    1. wkdpaul


      Loved it!!!


      Now we wait a few years for Deadpool 3!!!



      Wakanda Deadpool 4 evaaa!!


  14. Wtf is that??How????Just howwww???

    @Princess Cadence oh, that's cool! Here it just gets marked down 50%.
  15. Wtf is that??How????Just howwww???

    This kinda applies here also, but as far as I know, it's for store purchases and is about shelf price vs price at the cash, good example was some pastry I bought at the grocery store this weekend, the shelf had a sign it was on sale for $1.5, but it scanned at $1.98 ... Long story short ; I got it for free (long story : anything under $10 is free, above $10 is the lower price -$10 ... That's also how I got Castrol engine oil for $3 a while ago - it was advertised at $13 but would scan at $20).
  16. Wtf is that??How????Just howwww???

    If it's a pricing error, chances are they'll just cancel your order and refund you. Same thing happened to me last week with the Netgear R7000, a Canadian retailer had it for $30 online for a few hours ... My order was cancelled after about an hour
  17. ram being used by invisible task

    @marshmellow19901 we would still need this ^
  18. Gaming Operating system

    @MysticalGnome Regardless of your opinion on the subject, it's still not piracy, and this thread isn't meant for this debate.
  19. Gaming Operating system

    No it's not, Microsoft freely distributes Windows 10 ISO. Pirating Windows would involve getting a copy from a "nefarious" source and activating it without going through Microsoft. Running Windows unactivated is perfectly fine and isn't piracy, just like using Winrar for more than 40 days, or Avira for more than 30 days, all those have time limited trial agreements, but the end of the trial isn't "enforced" in the sense that the software will continue to run without issue and will simply remind you to activate it or buy a licence. That type of "never expiring trial that keeps reminding you to activate them" is called a nagware or annoyingware.
  20. Holy shit, just discovered Beat saber, VR is really creating some interesting things!!!!!



    1. TopHatProductions115


      Now, use this to choreograph a real lightsaber duel...

  21. Gaming Operating system

    It's not pirating, you can get the ISO from MS directly and not activating Windows 10 doesn't give you a time limit on being unactivated. Totally legal and it's a known trick to save some money on low budget builds.
  22. Gaming Operating system

    Windows 10 can be run without activating it, you won't be able to personalize some stuff and will have a watermark in the bottom right corner, but other than that, it should work the same as the full version.