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  1. a

    Locked. As mentioned above, discussing pirated material isn't allowed.
  2. Moderators on the forum

    Same here.
  3. aluminum whiskers

    Locked. This is for forum feature suggestions, as this section suggests ; For suggesting video for Tech Quickie please post in the following thread ; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/10860-thread-for-tech-quickie-video-suggestions/
  4. Something funny with someone i encountered

    Locked. That would be better suited as a status update.
  5. Fortnite pc crash(not enough vram)

    Your title says one thing, and your message says something else... Or it seems to. Is Fortnite crashing? Or are you asking if you can run it without crashing?
  6. Problems with m mini PC

    Each TV calls it a different name, my 32in Panasonic just calls it "size 1" and "size 2", under the advanced picture settings. Some have a "zoom" option, just check each and every setting in your TV, under "picture" or "image" setting or advanced settings.
  7. Newegg Is Selling GTX 650's and 750's New?

    Locked as per OP's request. But I think this is extremely relevant ;
  8. Heads up regarding Memory Express.

    Locked. This is just going around in circles, points were made and opinions stated, there's no need to drag this on more than it already has.
  9. Linus Tech Forum App?

    Locked. This was answered already, see thread mentioned above.
  10. VideoSuggestion: DC to DC power supplies

    Locked Please use the proper thread for video suggestions ; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/300200-what-should-i-review-next/
  11. FYI, we do issue spam warning if all your threads are posted in the General section and if you're ignoring mods asking you to take some time to post in the appropriate section.
  12. Locked. This discussion isn't allowed on the forum.
  13. is it safe to use infinity by wemod or will i get virus

    email checks out
  14. What were you saying about that thread? :ph34r:

    1. fpo


      which? The deleted locked one with all the banned users that all mysteriously had 23 posts each? 


    2. wkdpaul


      lol, yeah. shitposting spammers got whammed :P

    3. fpo


      So whenever I see a thread that's locked without reason (like the other 10 this week) they're considered spammers?

      Also this is the only way one should refer to another as being banned:


      Image result for banhammer drawing

      There is no greater work of art in favor of the admins. 

  15. Wait, whaaa ???




    TL:DR ;

    Lady rents a Nissan Sentra, goes for shopping, then hop in a Infiniti SUV thinking it was her rental (owner forgot the key FOB in it, so she effectively stole a car) and drove it for 2 weeks! lol She was even pissed at the rental company for getting a "dirty" car!! xD

    How are these people for real?

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    2. wkdpaul




      Not sure about Ontario, but here in Quebec it isn't, but anything corporate get a plate that starts with F with numbers (I think 7 of them?), while "regular" plates are a mix of letters and number (usually 6 characters with a space in the middle, so XXX XXX).

    3. Ryan_Vickers





      Nope, looks basically identical - totally understandable.  /s


      I mean, on the one hand, if you leave your car effectively unlocked with the keys in the ignition and someone takes it, it's not even really stealing is it?  But yeah this is still ridiculous.  How can you not notice you've switched vehicles!?

    4. captain_to_fire


      @Ryan_Vickers are those your cars?

  16. PSU Tier List Updated

    Then how are you using electronics right now?
  17. Tech YouTuber GamersNexus' House/Studio almost burned down

    Gotta agree there! This is some scary shit! The thing is, the majority of the people out there will trust the professional hired, and that would include me ; I would've never thought to go and double check what my electrician did. But after seeing this I went and check my breaker box as I had it changed when I bought my apartment. Thankfully it's all good (checked the box model vs the breakers installed) and there are no live wires hanging anywhere! But when I hired my electrician, I made sure it was a business that had been opened for more than a few years, I also made sure to get the electrician to sign his quote with the explicit text saying that all the work done was in compliance with the current laws, while that might sound like an obvious thing, but I called and asked my insurance what they needed to make sure they would cover me if anything happened, and they told me I had to get a certified master electrician (told me how to look that up) and a signed electrical inspection (stating that everything checked out) from that same master electrician. EDIT : but with that said, even with all the precautions I took, it doesn't guaranty that the install is perfect, since like I said, I have no idea what the electrician did (I wasn't the during the install).
  18. 8700k cooling

    Not sure what you mean by "overclock to 4.5Ghz" since the 8700k turbos to 4.7Ghz by itself ...
  19. Heads up regarding Memory Express.

    * Thread cleaned * Please stay respectful and on-topic.
  20. no admin account...

    You need to be an administrator for that Only solution at this point is the utilman trick.
  21. AMD B450 boards are out?

    Thread moved back and cleaned.
  22. @Jason Greene To summarize with one word : demand. Custom PC building is a very small part of the market, the majority of the PC and laptop buyers are companies (big and small), and they rarely are going to bother with custom PCs. And it gets even smaller market shares with "custom" laptops (or barebones). As others have mentioned, laptops have no standards (like the ATX standard). So if a company wanted to sell parts for custom built laptops, they would have to create (and impose to all other players) a new standards, if you look at the rise and fall of the BTX standard, you'll understand that a new standard isn't an easy thing to create and "impose". While there are some standards (like MXM GPU) there's none for the motherboard format (like ATX), and so because every laptop motherboards out there are different, the connector placement (both internal and external) vary widely and so making a "standard" laptop body is impossible. Because of the compact nature of laptops, one small change can sometimes means that a complete re-engineering of the motherboard is needed. And because the motherboards and frames are highly different (sometime even between variants of the same models), making a real DIY custom laptop is not something that's really possible (at least for now). So right now the closest thing we have to building yourself a laptop are barebones, like these ; https://rjtech.com/shop/index.php https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Description=barebone laptop kit&Submit=ENE
  23. Recommend me good setup.

    Locked. Creating multiple threads about the same topic isn't allowed. The discussion can be continued in the original thread ; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/944442-balancing-over-pc-components/
  24. So my Note 4 died ... I think the heat wave we're having right now is the cause!! It started rebooting randomly and eventually got to the point where it would boot loop.


    Not a big problem, I have 3 Note 4 ... Grab the second one, wipe it, transfer everything over, only for it to break 2 days later!!! ( It's technically still functional, but unusable : it freezes for a second every 15 to 20 seconds).


    So last one, wiped and installed everything (again) ... Only to realize that the keyboard is burned in the screen ... *Sigh"


    But then I didn't pay for them, so meh!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



    Oh, and on the last one, when I confirmed it only had screen burn-in and was otherwise fine, I rooted and flashed Oreo on it :)


    1. Densetsu


      Wouldn't have happened if you had an iPhone.

    2. TopHatProductions115


      No Samsung Galaxy Note 4Dayz, from what I can tell...

    3. iamdarkyoshi


      I hate oleds. I burn in telegram so quick..,