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  1. wkdpaul

    Ghetto Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

    My wife is currently in China, and I was thinking about asking her to get me one of those (I still have 2 or 3 Haswell systems). Since she can buy directly I wouldn't have to pay shipping or extra custom fees ... hmmmm
  2. * Thread Locked * That's not how it works, you're asking help about an OS you said you're pirating, this is the type of discussion we don't allow.
  3. wkdpaul

    will this be a good stium

    * Threads merged *
  4. wkdpaul

    Need a gaming rig

    Locked. *dream/overkill* builds for the lolz aren't allowed. Same with troll accusations, I would suggest everyone review the Community Standards ; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/965477-community-standards/
  5. Don't know why, but this is H I L A R I O U S !!!



    "eventually they're gonna close down. And then we'll be left with one!" 🎶 The final count down! 🎶


    1. LukeSavenije
    2. Pascal...


      What the ......... ??? 🤣🤣

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      I love the guy in the car, just like "yeah you could be in danger if this gets too big" like it's some global conspiracy xD

  6. wkdpaul

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    @Risky_Kangaroo thread merged.
  7. @Chevy_Monsenhor I wouldn't say those Sony ads are bad (they made worse), they're creepy and weird though! @LukeSavenije While that's not an advertisement, it was pretty bad, yeah! I would say, one of these ; Or ... when Sony had an actual dead goat (sacrificial goat) that got it's head cut off, for their GOW3 party (not going to post the pictures of course). Or when Ubisoft got a "ticking" package delivered to a media company and the bomb squad was called?
  8. * Thread moved to the General section * @hiitswilliam Please read the Tech News posting guidelines ; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/11724-posting-guidelines-read-before-posting/ @Ezzy-525 please use the report button
  9. wkdpaul

    Keurig launches a cocktail-making pod machine

    * Thread moved to the General Section * @hiitswilliam If you wish to create threads in the Tech News section, make sure to follow the guidelines ; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/11724-posting-guidelines-read-before-posting/
  10. wkdpaul

    RIP Stan Lee, you made many si-fi movies awsome

    * All threads merged here *
  11. The app is useful if you're not home and you can't change the DNS settings on the router or on the phone directly.
  12. wkdpaul

    Kinda new in PC building

    I would go with the 2700x (I'm surprised it's the cheapest option here), then the 2070 for the GPU, for the RAM I would go with 2x8GB and a 240GB SSD + 2TB drive, but not the Seagate SSHD.
  13. wkdpaul


    I know, sadly. That's why I don't purchase anything on there unless it's from some brand official store.
  14. wkdpaul


    I still don't understand how people think these are legit ; it's half the regular price ... even used they don't go for that low seller is asking you to contact him outside of the platform Those are the BIGGEST red flags, that's stuff that I personally report on eBay or Amazon when I see it and it always gets removed quite fast.
  15. wkdpaul

    Ghetto Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

    I don't know, I personally have had no problems at all, bought an Android TV box, RAM, a PSU, some thermal paste, some 80mm fans, a Xiao Yi dashcam, one MicroSD card ... the list goes on. It's like eBay IMO, you just have to be careful and know what you're buying.
  16. What's your budget? Unless you go with an RX 560 or a GTX 1050/1050ti, you'll also need a PSU upgrade (IMO). You might need more RAM too (if it only has 4GB), and as you said, a good SSD would definitely help.
  17. WIFE : So ... What u doing???


    ME :


    1. captain_to_fire


      I hope it's not what I think 

    2. wkdpaul


      @captain_to_fire it's nothing .... don't worry about it!


      BTW ... you sound like my wife! :P

    3. Skiiwee29


      on this subject, I've actually caught my wife watching porn when I was in the Army and came home on lunch. It was funny as hell the look on her face and expression. 

  18. wkdpaul

    Experiences with non-techies

    Obviously 16GB wasn't enough, he should've put 32GB!!!
  19. wkdpaul

    Experiences with non-techies

    Same here. Got lots of stories recently, I should start sharing! 1st one for today ; Got an escalated call, 1st line tech couldn't figure it out. User can't log into her session (Citrix session on a thin client). Weird problem is we can't ping her thin client and everything else on the local network is fine (can't check anything in person as they're in another province), 1st tech tell me he also confirmed with her the network cable was plugged in. So I have her restart the thin client (even though I know she already did that with the previous tech). Then I ask her if she can see if the network cable is plugged in correctly, she confirms it is, so I tell her to make sure it's not that, to unplug it and plug it back ; HER : it's the blue cable right? ME : Yes HER : but it's really hard to unplug ME : It should be a simple clip that you press, but it's sometimes hard to do so if there are other cables around. HER : Nah, it's the whole unscrewing the 2 screws on each side ME : ... *facedesk* ME : No mam, that's actually the cable for the screen, the network cable should look like a beefy phone cable HER : ah!!! *some noises* HER : ah! it's working, it's login in now! * end of call routine * I then hanged up and went of a coffee break!
  20. The MSI RX cards are on sale on Amazon Canada MSI Radeon RX 580 8G V1 Gaming $279.99 ; https://www.amazon.ca/Radeon-RX-580-8G-V1/dp/B078Q78L93/ MSI Radeon RX 570 Armor 8G OC Gaming $239.99 ; https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B076Y93L8F/ There's roughly a 15% price difference, and the performance difference is roughly 10-15% depending on the use, so buying either is good, and seeing how the 580 exchange blows with the 1060, this price seems like a great deal especially since it's hard to find a 1060 6GB under $300. EDIT : also, to get a $10 credit, you can use Amazon cash to add $50 to your Amazon balance, instructions here ; https://www.amazon.ca/b/?ie=UTF8&node=17321486011&ref_=sv_gc_8
  21. wkdpaul

    Moderators on the forum

    That's just what we call the cantina inside our Millennium Falcon!
  22. wkdpaul

    Hackintosh for my dad

    The Community Standards aren't fixed and change from time to time, this happens to be something we changed recently, hackintosh discussions are now permitted, but ways to illegally acquire MacOS is still not allowed