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  1. I did a quick run at 4k (filmed and printed it).
  2. Yes, and i can say that 980x does little bottleneck at 1080p (65% gpu bound), but rock solid performance in SOTTR, 87fps constant maxout settings and 2xmsaa. I also did some tests, take a look. Edit. I forgot to take a print of SOTTR running at 4k with almost same specs. At 4k it is 100% gpu bound, same settings getting 34fps.
  3. I've been comparing some results from 980x and 7700k, the ipc difference is around 45%.
  4. @Intelfreak to run stable with uncore at 3.62ghz i had to downclock core to 4.33ghz, 4.4g at 3.6g maybe with a little more vcore. I did a quick video to show the rig and system running cinebench r15.
  5. Thanks a lot for all the information @Zando Bob @Intelfreak @bimmerman i'll order the Rtx 2060 this weekend Now i'm running this 980x in a CWC loop, 240mm rad along with EK vrm block in a x58 sli classy, now with 1.35v + without vdroop, +125mv vtt, i was able to oc stable at 4.4ghz, temp around 78°C in Aida64 with room temp of 30°C. Saved this profile in bios just for gaming, can't wait to see the performance gains with new gpu
  6. Ok so i did run some tests: Test 1: shadow of the tomb raider, medium settings, TAA, 980x @4ghz: 49fps Test 2: shadow of the tomb raider, medium settings, TAA, 980x @4.4ghz: 49fps Interesting to mention that, as you can see from the screen captures, the are ~9fps improvement from cpu game and cpu rendering columns... what does this means? No difference, so i can assume that gtx 780 is the only bottleneck with this config, right? And when i get the rtx 2060 the system will be the bottleneck...?
  7. Thanks for the fast reply guys, i play at 1080p, this gtx 780 became weak for new games, i can play SOTTR with medium settings at 45fps, not a problem but it's been 5 years since i bought it, upgraded from a 2010 gtx 295 build with this i7 980x that is still decent, but i don't have money to upgrade the whole system for now... that's why i choose only gpu upgrade.
  8. Hello everyone! I have a fairly old cpu, i7 980x overclocked to 4ghz + 6x2gb ddr3 1700mhz 7-8-7-20 2T. Will upgrade from a gtx 780 classy to a rtx 2060, does anyone here has the knowledge to know if my cpu system will bottleneck the gpu during games, like shadow of the tomb raider and newer for example? Thanks in advance
  9. svictorcc

    GTX 970 Owners Club

    Thanks man, but I 'm chickenshit And I thinki would get only a few more mhz with custom bios, maybe 20 or 30mhz...
  10. svictorcc

    GTX 970 Owners Club

    Thanks man. Would 16gb ram give me better results with benchmarks?
  11. svictorcc

    [Scratch Build] FPS-CASE1 rev2

    Amazing case you did man, looks way better premium than caselabs. Hope you put this cases to be sold asap, i want one :wub: imagine this in white paint
  12. svictorcc

    GTX 970 Owners Club

    A That's it, after a couple hours i could finaly reach my MSI gtx 970 gaming 4g card's max limit with stock bios" I know it's the limit because if i try to: +1MV = throttle +1mhz (core or memory) = crash So, the max stable clock anchieved during firestrike is: 1618mhz core (+251mhz) 7.756ghz memory (+378mhz) +41mv I did game with it to see the max stable in game OC without throttle , and this is the final result: Witcher 3 (45min in game): (+206mhz)1560mhz core/(+360mhz)7.720ghz memory +19mv Dying Light (25min in game): (+208mhz)1562mhz core/(+360mhz)7.720ghz memory +19mv The final tune for my card with stock bios is this: What is most interesting is that i never got any artifact, gaming or benchmarking it, which means that this card has more room if the PL could be raised more than 110%. But i'm not planning to flash custom bios, no chance. This is the best result this card can anchieve in firestrike (i7 4790k at 4.8ghz and 2x4gb avexir 2400mhz): I've started to test it with valley benchmark, and could get 1637mhz and 8.3ghz, but it's not done yet.
  13. svictorcc

    GTX 970 Owners Club

    I could break my own personal record =) I'm running STOCK BIOS, no custom bios or any other thing. Used MSI Afterburner. Config: Mobo: m-itx asus z97i-plus i7 4790k @4.8ghz 1.37v Gpu: msi gtx 970 gaming 4g stock bios Gpu oc: +240mhz = 1594mhz boost, 365mhz mem = 7.73ghz, +20mv voltage. Ram: 2x4gb avexir 2400mhz Results: Graphics Score: 14152 Phisics score: 13463 Final score: 12011 ieiiii =) Proof I really don't feel i need a custom bios at all =) and i didn't had any artifacts, just driver crash some times, but this result was got in the first run.
  14. This piece will be the internal chambers partition:
  15. I've decided the name of this build/rig: STILNIX