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  1. Probably the last few months approx. Was lightning fast prior. I've only left it for so long because I've been busy with other things, but now I'm stuck inside (Yay Corona Virus). So I wanna fix it. I don't wanna do a fresh install just yet if it's something simple.
  2. Intel SSD 750 Series 400GB (PCIe) - Just updated it in the description as well
  3. Hi guys, My PC always hangs on shutdown. Seems to restart OK. The PC will close all processes, get past the closing screen, My monitors will turn off, but then my tower will just sit there doing nothing. Sometimes for up to 5 minutes before it will finally decide to turn off. This happens every time I shut down the PC whether there are updates or not. Was hoping someone might know what the cause would be. Cheers, Aaron System Info: CPU: i7 5930K MB: MSI X99A Godlike Gaming (BIOS VER 1.8) GPU: Radeon Rx 480 RAM: Corair DOMINATOR PLATINUM 16G (CMD16GX4M4A2666C15) OS: Windows 10 PRO (64bit) OS HDD: Intel SSD 750 Series 400GB (PCIe)
  4. How often does this happen? Did it go into standby as it was loading up or did you leave the computer for a while and it went into standby? Are you able to plug your LG monitor into the port that the ASUS screen is in? Have you updated any display drivers recently?
  5. Cat 5e or Cat 6 should be fine. Nor does it matter if you're mixing the two different cable types over your network. Between the two you won't notice any difference in transfer speed, especially over short distances. If you want to improve your transfer speed my suggestion is to upgrade to a gigabit router if you don't already have one. It's pretty standard now days though, I'd be surprised if yours wasn't that already. //AzzA//