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  1. I have another wireless one I can use if it broke but a 2 year warren try so I think I'm fine
  2. So I just got a new keyboard and my old one its a generic dell membrane keyboard is their any mods you can do to it? I have no idea so I'm just asking
  3. I got the parts I put them together I didn't put thermal paste on the cooler because I bought a used cooler with no paste, fried My CPU cried for 2 month then got money to buy a new one and some thermal paste
  4. wow i wish i had my credit card i had to cancel it and cant get a new one for like a week
  5. all roms that you download are illegal its only legal if you buy the game and dump it for the rom and use that rom
  6. anything overclocked you should expect to get hotter especially at full load its normal and the temps are more then fine. but personally i dont like my temps going over 80
  7. i didnt even look for the ram because its so basic i mostly look at CPU GPU PSU and MOBO
  8. you should get a r9 390 instead of the gtx 970 \around the same price and better