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    LTT's resident Doge
  • Birthday 2000-01-09

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    My basement's basement
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    Tech, programming , video games, science ( yeah science! ) , tennis , diving, history, youtube and CHIPTUNE MUSIC !
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    I hate 5400rpm laptop drives ...
    I love ssd's , when i can afford one ...
    i7 ftw , if i can afford one...
    radeon ftw , with all dat compute ...
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    finding a crazy project to do


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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3800mhz 1.32V
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    Gigabyte ga ab350 gaming 3
  • RAM
    4*4GB DDR4 3000mhz
  • GPU
    MSI r9 290x + r9 290 modded with h60 aio
  • Case
    corsair carbride spec 03 (modded with angle grinder )
  • Storage
    3tb seagate barracuda hdd+ 3TB toshiba + 500GB MX300
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    ASUS VG248QE 144hz 1080p monitor
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    CM Nepton 240M
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    dell keyboard
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    some cheap "gaming" mouse
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    windows 10

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  1. I mean, sure i don't care too much about thickness. But this is just ridiculous. At that point I'd just rather carry a battery bank.
  2. Hey, I learned something today: despite being a POS, the WII/GC's CPU is technically more advance than a PS3/XBOX CPU at an architectural level. Now if only the core count and clock speeds advantages weren't a thing...

  3. Coaxialgamer

    Samsung Foldable phone leaked

    Sorry, i had to do it:
  4. Coaxialgamer

    Samsung Foldable phone leaked

    Do people actually want foldable phones though? Seems like this is another thing people find cool but don't actually want, like flying cars or 3D television. Out of everything i want from a phone, being able to fold it wasn't on the list.
  5. Coaxialgamer

    Petition to stop 5G trials in the Southwest UK

    The point being raised by the petition is that the higher frequency could be harmful... The problem being that unless "big-5G" puts a megawatt transmitter right next to your house, the frequencies involved here mean nothing and are far too low to cause actual damage to living cells.
  6. Coaxialgamer

    Intel officially kills off its IA-64 CPU

    Doing so is actually better when looking at the EPIC/VLIW philosophy because it can enable better performance. Doing so in hardware isn't very feasible or practical. The problem is that the IA64 compiler never really become good enough.
  7. Coaxialgamer


    Not this garbage again...
  8. I have seen frustration. 


    And it's called using an older mac that has no up to date software for it. Try using anything when the latest web browser is 5 years old. 


    And it's not like the hardware is bad. It has a core 2 duo and 4GB of ram. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nicnac


      @Silentprototipe Whoopsie my bad meant vista :/


    3. WikiForce


      @Nicnac i thought it was xp / vista for which steam support was dropped starting this year.

    4. Nicnac


      Yea I messed up lol

  9. I mean that was my original impression as well. Underwhelming. But after thinking about it, i still have doubts as to the manufacturability of TU104 and TU102. Amd's 7nm vega is literally half the size of those chips. . And when considering what VII brings to the table, Vega went from being a dumpster fire to something i might actually buy.
  10. Yeah no. That's a terrible idea.
  11. Dammit.. I found a DEC microcomputer and lk201 keyboard that would be great as a sleeper, but they're too heavy to ship... 

  12. Coaxialgamer

    Why did Apple switch to AMD GPUs?

    A couple things: The bumpgate incident of the late 2000s put Nvidia on Apple's naughty list. Nvidia didn't want Apple to tinker with their drivers and kept them as a black box CUDA is a proprietary ecosystem while OPENCL is "open" and can work on multiple devices (plus apple has a stake in it.
  13. As far as i can tell, don't expect 5G to be "just faster 4G". It will do that just fine of course, but the architecture of the network is different, and will serve as the backbone for IOT and self driving cars.
  14. Coaxialgamer

    GPU instruction sets?

    Because GPUs are programmed using CUDA/OpenGL/DirectX/OPENCL etc, the instruction set never really needs to be exposed to the programmer. Nvidia/AMD will create an instruction set for their new gpu architecture, not worrying about binary compatibility with older architectures. All that is handled by the driver. As far as i'm aware, there's no proper name for any of the ISAs used.