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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3800mhz 1.32V
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    Gigabyte ga ab350 gaming 3
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    2*4gb corsair vengeance LPX 2800 @ 3200mhz cas 16 + 2*4GB micron ballistics ddr4 3000 @ 3200 cas 16
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    tri x r9 290x + tri x r9 290 ( crossfire )
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    corsair carbride spec 03 (modded with angle grinder )
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    3tb seagate barracuda hdd (7200rpm) + 250 GB 850 EVO +250GB Seagate 7200.10 hdd
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    4K samsung TV
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    CM Nepton 240M
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    dell keyboard
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    tecknet z4 2000dpi , wireless
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    windows 10

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    I hate 5400rpm laptop drives ...
    I love ssd's , when i can afford one ...
    i7 ftw , if i can afford one...
    radeon ftw , with all dat compute ...
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  1. Agreed. But there's no 7nm process out period. IBM did basically pay GF to take their fabs through. They used GF 14nm for their power9 and z13 chips.
  2. Ibm gave gloflo their 7nm tech and foundries years ago. They've been using GF's process for some I now
  3. Dx11 is a great example of not being able to "feed the beast" anymore. The cpu-gpu gap is growing larger, and dx11's limitations are showing
  4. Biofuels aren't sustainable really. We're already having issues feeding half the world's population, which is why it's jot that great of a solution tbh
  5. Not quite. Diesel engines require less fuel than equivalent gasoline engines. Total CO2 is thus lower as a result. However, diesel engines release harmful airborne pollutants, which isn't nearly as much of a problem for gas, such as fine particles and other harmful nitrogen compounds
  6. Honestly this looks photorealistic imo ( relatively)
  7. Titan V not suitable for scientific simulations

    bankruptcy intensifies
  8. Titan V not suitable for scientific simulations

    that's the real question here . And if it is for all of volta , then it requires a chip respin. Micro-code can't fix logic problems with any sort of reasonable performance
  9. Could computers be conscious?

    One could very much argue that the concept of a soul is non-falsifiable ; and thus cannot be proven or dis-proven regardless of science or religion . Just like Last Thursdayism or realism vs solipsism .
  10. Could computers be conscious?

    "A worthy opponent need not think like a human, only behave like one"
  11. Could computers be conscious?

    The soul is very much a philosophical concept, not a religious one
  12. What CPU should I get!? :/

    I meant in terms of MSRP according to the latest price drop. One might be able to find either chip for under it
  13. What CPU should I get!? :/

    The 2400g and 1400 actually both have the same 169$ MSRP. 1500X does have 16MB vs 8MB L3 cache but is 20$ more. 1600 is 199$
  14. What CPU should I get!? :/

    Imo wouldn't buy the 1400 when it's pretty much been obsoleted by the 2400g. 1500x is also cheap with more cache. Or op could just wait for ryzen + in mid april
  15. What CPU should I get!? :/

    Why not a ryzen chip?