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    LTT's resident Doge
  • Birthday 2000-01-09

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    My basement's basement
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    Tech, programming , video games, science ( yeah science! ) , tennis , diving, history, youtube and CHIPTUNE MUSIC !
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    I hate 5400rpm laptop drives ...
    I love ssd's , when i can afford one ...
    i7 ftw , if i can afford one...
    radeon ftw , with all dat compute ...
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    finding a crazy project to do


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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3800mhz 1.32V
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte ga ab350 gaming 3
  • RAM
    2*4gb corsair vengeance LPX 2800 @ 3200mhz cas 16 + 2*4GB micron ballistics ddr4 3000 @ 3200 cas 16
  • GPU
    tri x r9 290x + tri x r9 290 ( crossfire )
  • Case
    corsair carbride spec 03 (modded with angle grinder )
  • Storage
    3tb seagate barracuda hdd (7200rpm) + 250 GB 850 EVO +250GB Seagate 7200.10 hdd
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    4K samsung TV
  • Cooling
    CM Nepton 240M
  • Keyboard
    dell keyboard
  • Mouse
    tecknet z4 2000dpi , wireless
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    windows 10

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  1. Apple has gone through no less than 3 seperate changes in ISA. If anyone can do it, they can.
  2. Yeah, because there are most likely more bubbles to fill
  3. Coaxialgamer

    Any other writers?

    I do write about tech quite a lot on quora i suppose. Technically i am getting paid for it.
  4. That's zen+, a refresh of the original zen architecture. Zen 2 refers to the next generation architecture, which will probably be the ryzen 3000 series
  5. It's actually not that incomprehensible when you look at at the zen design. Amd obviously made some design tradeoffs when designing their cores for low power and small area. The cores themselves have a pretty fundamental limitations baked in, which if lifted have the potential to increase performance. Zen only has 2 load store ports for use by both its integer and FP units. Skylake has a 3 (2 load +1 store), plus a dedicated AGU port. The result is that Zen zen skews heavily towards arithmetic performance, at the expense of memory bandwidth (possibly to compensate for the weaker vector units). Programs that are very memory intensive could see benefits from more memory ports. Consider that on average 50% of x86 operations are memory related (2:1 ratio for load/ store). Plus, zen's out of order structures are generally less advanced than what intel has on skylake, with a smaller PRF and ROB, and split reservation stations. The smaller ROB/PRF also needs to be shared among more ports.
  6. Coaxialgamer


    I mean i have an 8088 based PC XT clone somewhere
  7. Coaxialgamer

    2200g PCI-e lanes

    As long as you're only running a gpu off those pcie lanes , then it won't matter. If you need to run other pcie devices just use the chipset lanes
  8. Then disregard what i said. I wasn't aware .
  9. I don't have the cpu myself , but given the system requirements of the game ( core 2 duo , 8800gt/hd3850) i would expect it to run pretty much maxed out at 60+ fps , 1080p. and that's a conservative estimate.
  10. Coaxialgamer

    Budget CPU?

    The athlon x4 950 doesn't have identical performance. If you're comparing workloads that can spread the work out evenly like cinebench , sure. but the reality is that some cores are always more heavily loaded in many applications , meaning the gaming performance of the g5400 is superior because of this. But the thing is , the 950 is an AM4 chip . If you want the upgrade path and cheaper boards , just get an athlon 220GE. It's faster and uses less power.
  11. Coaxialgamer

    Budget CPU?

    athlon 220GE is pretty much the only option given the price hikes on intel chips atm.
  12. Coaxialgamer

    Don't know what's wrong with tip calculator. (Python)

    What is the issue you're encountering exactly ? Is it python 2 or 3? why don't you simply use the input function ?
  13. Coaxialgamer

    Leaked Google Document shows the shift towards Censorship

    fair enough . I do actually intend to read the document ( or at least part of it ) . But as mentioned , it's an internal presentation . The idea that this is some roadmap for control of the internet still seems dubious at best , paranoiac at worst.
  14. Coaxialgamer

    Leaked Google Document shows the shift towards Censorship

    breitbart is a cesspool of stupid ideas and paranoia .In many countries what they do legally cannot be called news. Just look at a typical comment section on the site and you'll see exactly what i mean. As far as i'm concerned anything they touch is tainted . And no . I don't watch/read cnn or fox . Despite what some specific group of people might think , not everything that isn't an "alternative media" outlet is fake news. I don't give a sh*t about political bias here. I'd treat something from the enquirer , palmer report or patribiotics exactly the same.
  15. Coaxialgamer

    Leaked Google Document shows the shift towards Censorship

    Come on guys. This comes from breitbart . you cant' be taking this seriously.