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  1. Hi Guys, a little help will be great as I really wanna play division soon! So I just bought a new ssd. And heres my current build. Intel i7 4790 noctua LH-12 asrock Z97m anniversary edition kingston 1866mhz 8gb samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd WD green 4TB Zotac 970 4gb ( well 3.5gb) seasonic G semi mod 550 and I cant seem to install windows as this always happen pop up always shows when I start the install. any ideas guys?
  2. the GTX 970 here is waaayyyy too expensive and only 25 usd less to a zotac 980. thats why im sticking to the gtx 960 since its only 196 usd here. I already have the psu and case and processor so thats why its there. the motherboard and vid and maybe the m.2 still need to buy. I can get my RAM and HDD from my current rig.
  3. I plan to put my OS on the M.2 SSD since it will boot up faster, if not I have an exisiting SSD anyhow but only 120GB so just enough to run my OS. 16GB since I will do some editing as well, mostly lightroom and photoshop. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QNVHTW
  4. Hi guys, building a new gaming rig and heres what I think of building on a very tight budget. Intel I5-4690K MSI Gaming Z97 gaming 5 MSI GTX 960 M.2 SSD 250GB Samsung 1TB WD Black 7200rpm Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 2x8gb Corsair 300R Zallman 750W gold Corsair H80i GT CPU cooler can I play the game decently? comments and suggestions are welcome! thank you!