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  1. Intel NUC problems when ever I try to boot I always get a black screen. I'm booting to Debian. I know that the drives being used work, I'm currently using one of them right now actually, so I'm really confused as to the meaning of the black screen. The ram is detected, fan is working fine, the only detectable problem is the drives being used, somehow.
  2. Because I have terrible luck. I've had two hard drives (which was the boot and storage drive, and they weren't backed up) fail on me in the same year, two different computers. And my friend had a drive fail on him. When it comes to luck, I've basically accepted the fact that I'm going to get the crappy end of the deal anyways.
  3. What about AMD EDIT: I mean AMD CPUs and Nvidia GPUs to be exact
  4. I'm going to preemptively say that the component choices won't make sense at first glance. Basically I'm trying to put money more into long-term budget moves rather than current budget moves. The computer itself doesn't need to be very powerful at all for the shtuff that I do, with that in mind, I share the link http://pcpartpicker.com/p/VVJFzy
  5. For the sake of lower temps and longevity, is undervolting a viable option. I wouldn't overvolt, simply because of how unlucky I am as a person, but maybe undervolting just to lower the energy bill, thermals, and the current going through the circuitry (if I'm correctly remembering from physics) would be all around good for the long run.
  6. I'm looking just for a really reliable power supply for the long term. I'll be working off of the system that the power supply goes into and the power supply will be a constant for its lifetime to keep upgrading costs down, making reliability an necessity. Nothing too crazy, I don't need over 1,000W and I'll need some upgrading room so maybe in the range of like 600W - 900W (I'm trying to be conservative about the minimum)
  7. by any chance could you give us a link to the video
  8. Exactly, wow I didn't know these existed thank you bro
  9. Are there any dedicated sets of programmable keys for macros that plug in with USB. I'm just curious as I use a lot of different applications with many different shortcuts
  10. I'll start doing that when I finally get my rig and I don't have to use my mom's laptop
  11. Are there any features or brands that I should be hunting for in particular?
  12. Highly doubt that it would need to be massive. We are talking about someone who is just getting into music.
  13. I wouldn't actually have a set budget. Although I think anything beyond $400 is out of the question. On a side note, do you have your computer specs bellow your posts .