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  1. This was the solution thank you, i tried doing this with the amd installer but i guess it just didnt uninstall.
  2. Today I went to start up a game and it was running slow and using all of my CPU, when i went to go see what was going on in afterburner my GPU was not showing up. Then i went to look at the AMD driver settings and a screen came up saying no driver installed. After i have changed drivers many times and have come to believe my GPU is dead. I am wondering if there is anything that i can do to see i this is not the case. The laptop is an Asus N56DP CPU: A10-4600M GPU: Radeon HD 7730M 8GB ddr3 RAM
  3. Id love the keyboard because my current keyboard is an old keyboard that could use replacing with a new fancy one
  4. I could use a new ssd because my computer only has a single 500 GB HDD that could use an upgrade
  5. That Kova looks awesome and it really beats the no name mouse i use now
  6. I think feenix has some of the best mice ive ever used and would love to have one for myself
  7. My mouse is just really loud and awkward to hold so i hope that i can get this mouse