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  1. I just recently aquired an Atomos Ninja V to accompany my GH5. I wondered what your preffered settings are! What do you think about: ProRes (LT/422/HQ) HLG BT.2020 And would you recommend ProPres or DNxHD on Windows with Premiere Regards Thomas
  2. hey! Thanks for your answer, just found what should be the answer. wdy think?
  3. Dear community! I am currently on a CC-Student subscription and just discovered cheap 1-year CC keys on several sites. Adobe has a page to redeem the code. I now wondered what would happen (to my subscription) if i bought a key and entered it on their page. Buying the key + paying the cancellation fee is obviously much cheaper than paying the monthly fee. Regards Thomas
  4. Dear community, couple of weeks ago I discovered that my Windows suddeenly shows a weird, almost unreadable type of font almost across the whole system. Especially the Browsers (Chrome, Edge..) show this problem but I found the font in Windows-Applications as well. I've given you some examples down below! Can anyone help me to fix this? Thank you!
  5. Alright, seemed to work with a different code. Got the file downlaoded now!
  6. Already thank you very much for your support! I am alredy running into a problem: Error: Could not send BinaryInform. Status code 200/666 Could not fetch info for SM-G950F/AT. Please verify the input or use manual info Edit: used wrong county code (TTR) for Austria reveals same error
  7. I'm desperate haha. No OTA available for me unfortunately One UI: 1.0 Android 9 SM-G950F
  8. Dear community. I run a beta-version of the One UI Android 9 Update on my Galaxy S8, Unfortunately I couldn't find any way to update it to a final, non-beta form of Android 9. The only files i found are these: https://www.thecustomdroid.com/install-galaxy-s8-s8-plus-android-pie-one-ui-update/ but it is stated that Anroid Oreo must be installed to update. Does is stil work if I am already running 9.0? Can anyone help me with this? Regards and thanks
  9. Dear community, I just synced my Google calendar to the calendar app that comes with Windows 10. All the events, I added directly into Google do synchronize, but events that are automatically imported through an URL are not. My work schedule get's automatically imported by my company (through the URL). What's the matter here? How can I fix this? Thanks!
  10. No, there is no zoom lock. Ok ill lube it with some WD-40 (jk)
  11. Dear community, I aquired a Sigma 18-35 a couple of moths ago. Recently, a friend of mine bought one as well and i gave it a try with his body. When using the lens I immediately noticed, that his zoom ring is way easier to turn than mine is. Both turn really smoothly, so there is no stutter or anything else. It just takes a good amout more force to turn it. This is kind of annoying when mounted to a gimbal. Compared to the focus ring, it's harder to turn as well. Otherwise, the lens works perfectly fine! Does anyone of you know what could be the issue here or how it could be mended? Thank you!
  12. Edit: The Samsung OEM plug delivers 5V at 0.7 A and the one I used delivers 5V at somewhere between 1.5 and 3A. (That's an Anker brick with PowerIQ)
  13. Dear community, I wanted to charge my Gear S3 with a different wallplug. It has a higher power output than de OEM one. When I put the watch on the charger it went from 0 to 30% within a couple of seconds. I booted the watch and it really displayed that percentage but it dropped quickly within a couple of minutes to like 10-15%. When rebooting again, it shut down instantly (assuming because the battery was empty) - like it should because of the short charging time. Is it bad for the watch to charge it with a different plug? Or is there some kind of power output reduction going on in the wirless charing device itself going on? And can someone explain what's up with that insanely quick percentage increase? Best regards, Thomas
  14. Thanks for the immediate answer, here are some examples: https://stock.adobe.com/de/stock-photo/id/238934333 https://stock.adobe.com/de/stock-photo/id/238354814 https://stock.adobe.com/de/stock-photo/id/238355729 https://stock.adobe.com/de/stock-photo/id/238912827 https://stock.adobe.com/de/stock-photo/id/238907282
  15. I recently started uploading some of my footage and photos on Adobe Stock. In my opinion the clips and images are unique and offer a high quality. Unfortunately I did not manage to sell any of it yet, I got the items in store for around two weeks. Therefore I wanted to ask you if you have any experience with selling on Adobe Stock. How long did it take for the sells to start rolling? And how much do you sell e.g. per week/month? Do you sell on other platforms with more/less success? Kind regards, Thomas