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  1. haven't tried unhooking the SLI bridge yet cause the two other screens work fine and the BenQ shows display output, just in a not appropriate resolution. i did aswell download the display driver from the benq website and installed it via the device manager, shows the screen without any marks and on the properties it says the device is functioning properly.
  2. since i've reinstalled windows 10 due to a boot loop after the creators update i'm experiencing a few very annoying issues. first is that my third screen (BenQ XL2420T connected via DP) doesnt show anymore the resolution 1920x1080 - neither in the windows display settings nor in the nvidia control panel. i can only select between the following res.: GPUs are 2 980s in SLI (EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0) i'm currently running the driver version 378.49 but i tried aswell the newest one when i installed the system freshly. (did then a uninstall via DDU and reinstalled 378.49 where it showed then the 1920x1080 res. but after a day or two it acted the same way only showing the stated resolutions) i tried aswell using a different DP cable and trying other ports on the gpu but that didnt help either, running HDMI to the monitor shows the 1920x1080 res. without issues and also seems to work fine after several reboots. the other 2 monitors i got connected are ASUS PG278QR which are both running fine on 2560x1440 native and 165Hz (aswell via DP) would be glad if someone knows what the cause might be as before i reinstalled windows it was running flawlessly for months and i'm currently out of ideas.
  3. currently only the pump is connected to the psu with the molex connector since i was still in the part of filling the system while after the 3rd or 4th power on/off the pump started to act like that
  4. no i havent, since the pump does work properly but i dont know whats wrong since i suspect that there is air in the pump and it doesnt get out. sometimes the pump is able to run and also reach the waterflow that it should have but when i turn it off then and on again i just see how it tries to spin through the acrylic 3 times and that over and over till its able to run again after some time.
  5. Hi, i've just installed in a new system the EKWB "EK-KIT X360" and i am experiencing some weird issues that i see that there is a waterflow but the pump housing (silver part below the acryl) is getting very hot, i suspect that there is air in the pump but i already tried everything to move the case around and also the pump, it just doesnt want to go away. When i turn the system off the pump doesnt start up anymore, it trys to start spinning but thats all unless i move the pump around till it finally spins up again. I am using the EK-Ekoolant EVO UV Lime Green coolant just incase. Thanks in advance
  6. will replace it asap with a EVGA Supernova G2 1000W since there is a -50% discount code in the box
  7. Hi, just got my second EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0 and i am not quite sure if my current PSU can handle it. Current System: PSU is a OCZ Fatal1ty 750W i saw on some threads that it is possible but i dont really want to maybe damage something by trying it. thanks!