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    South Australia


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    AMD Ryzen 1600x @ 4.1ghz
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    MSI PC Mate B350
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    Crucial 16gb (2x8gb)
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    EVGA nVidia GTX 1060 3gb
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    WD Black 256gb NVME, WD Green 2tb
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    AOC 24inch
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    Hyper 212x
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    Razer Anansi
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    Razer 2014 Naga
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. aarondatechguy

    Seeking Recommendations for new Keyboard

    Thanks for all the replies. Ended up going with the Corsair Strafe. Couple hours in, and have to say, i like it very much. Cheers
  2. aarondatechguy

    Seeking Recommendations for new Keyboard

    Full size keyboard. The Anansi keys are very similar to MX Red not exact same but similar. Looking a Corsair Strafe & K70 atm, for reviews etc.
  3. aarondatechguy

    Seeking Recommendations for new Keyboard

    Morning All, In the market for a new keyboard, and looking for some recommendations. Live in country South australia and there is no PC shop that offers keyboards. Currently I have a Razer Anansi, which has been a fantastic keyboard, but I am just starting to have some trouble with. I want to go Mechanic this time. RGB is optional, but backlit is a must. i appreciate anyone taking the time for giving suggestion/recommendations TIA Aaron
  4. aarondatechguy

    Floatplane Support

    Had to run script for a second time. Also emailed help email for a pay related issue
  5. aarondatechguy

    Ethernet wiring help

    So, RJ45 connector should be 568B just like the wall socket?
  6. aarondatechguy

    Ethernet wiring help

    Afternoon All, I recently had a Ethernet wall socket put in, but it wasn’t wired. The sparky who did the socket in the wall was going to charge an arm and a leg to run the cat 6 for me. So I have done it myself. I have wired the wall socket as T-568B. The other end is going into a NBN (Australian fibre to the home) box as a normal RJ45 connector. What wiring scheme should I use for that end? NBN -> RJ45 —— Wall socket -> Fritxbox 7272 Does it even matter? Routers are smart enough nowadays rights? Putting a wall socket near the NBN box is out of the question. Any help appreciated, and TIA Aaron
  7. aarondatechguy

    New Website creation when having a Google Domain

    @Kingk22 its $5 per email address.
  8. aarondatechguy

    New Website creation when having a Google Domain

    Hey, @LionTechServices I have my domain registered with crazydomains.com.au i have server hosting registered with Crucial Paradigm (https://www.crucial.com.au/) Less then $10 a month. Prices may vary now been with them a long time With the hosting, i have access to what is called Cpanel which you can do a ton of things with. Addon domains, sub domains. easy CMS installs with there Softaculous App Installed. For me it was a good way to learn how db's work. How domains work. and a few other little things. You just point your domains nameserver to your hosting provider, and viola. Also, instead of running my own email server on my hosting space, i recently started using google apps for that also. Least i know that is secure. regards
  9. aarondatechguy

    Xbox One seen better days.. Need some help!

    Fan was fine. Had the system running Forza 5 for over an hour and like you said thermals are already pretty high in the console. But this seemed to work just fine. Fan sped up when it needed to. Happy Days all round
  10. aarondatechguy

    Xbox One seen better days.. Need some help!

    First time turning it one. Fires up, and is recognised via hdmi to my capture card
  11. aarondatechguy

    Xbox One seen better days.. Need some help!

    Hey hey, so have a bit of an update. After letting the components dry in air from the alcohol, I put the system back together and amazingly it still works are almost 2 weeks submerged in isopropyl alcohol. Using a soft foundation brush, I gently rubbed all the soot away. To a fantastic result. (Previous post) Here are some pictures from the reassembly process. The tin was quiet hard to clean, so in the end I just left it. It's only cosmetic at this point. The Xbox is a original release, so it does have some visual wear and tear but all in all, I am super happy with the result. The APU has new thermal paste. The hard drive I didn't worry about cleaning the top, as any pressure can potentially damage the internals, so I have spoken with the owner, and we are looking at just replacing it if we have trouble with it. Because of the paper sticker on the Bluray drive it was quiet hard to clean the top of that. All in all, it is a completely functional Xbox STILL just 1000x cleaning and a less fire hazard
  12. aarondatechguy

    Xbox One seen better days.. Need some help!

    Evening, The main board has been soaking in alcohol now for a few days. Used a delicate foundation brush to gently rub the black crap off. pretty good result. Now waiting to dry and then new thermal paste and put back together Aaron
  13. Evening All, So I have this Xbox One recovered from a house fire. That happened 4months ago and while removing the whole we found it. The unbelievable thing is it actually still works. I have cleaned boards before nothing like this. Looking for some suggestions about the best way to do it. I was thinking of submerging it in Isopropyl alcohol and then just gently rubbing it off with a microfibre cloth but just not sure how the capacitors and stuff will go submerged. Even a bit concerned about the APU. I need to work out how to take the cross bracket thing off and obviously I would replace the thermal paste but yeah, more just want a bit of guidance Has no value to me, just doing it for something to do. We played on it for about an hour this arvo and didn't have any trouble. TIA
  14. aarondatechguy

    Old tech that you should throw away but you don't

    I still have an old 3DFX Voodoo 2 graphics accelerator card. Can't throw that puppy away. cost me a fortune back in 99. Saved my first month of pay checks for that guy
  15. aarondatechguy

    Floatplane Support

    Hey, lose access about 2 weeks ago. Didn't remember about it until i was going through my paypal and realised it was still paying. Run the script. Got email. Working again