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  1. Bakala

    Metal Gear Solid 5 Download Problems

    Oh i see, unfortunately it seems it didn't work in my case.
  2. Bakala

    Metal Gear Solid 5 Download Problems

    I believe i did everything but once it started downloading it erased the file i copied into the mgs_tpp folder, its all gone now, maybe i did a mistake, thanks anyways.
  3. Bakala

    Metal Gear Solid 5 Download Problems

    No i dont believe i paused anything.
  4. So yesterday i started downloading this game and finished downloading it to about 90 percent before i had to leave and shutdown the computer. I returned today to finish the download and it has started all over again from zero on steam. When i go to "this pc" the disc space allocated is still marked as gone, making me think that the files i downloaded yesterday should still be there? What in the world is going on and what can i do?
  5. Bakala

    My Computer has been crashing recently

    At least two weeks ago, have been having these specific problems for about 2 days.
  6. Bakala

    My Computer has been crashing recently

    Just happened to me again when using youtube on chrome (same thing that happened earlier today). Nothing happened when playing GTA 5 for hours. Went to task manager and it was the Disk (C:) that was at 99%. First the internet stopped working, then the windows menu didn't open, then everything stopped working (except for cursor) then i had to right click the windows icon and select shutdown, and now it's stuck on the shutdown screen. Dear o dear.
  7. For the past few days, my computer has had a few hiccups and im wondering what it's all about. Specs: Windows 10, i5-4590, GTX 970, 8GB RAM.. I first noticed two days ago that my computer jammed after i used alt+tab to switch from a video game to the desktop. The video game stopped responding (apparently it's a common thing when alt+tabbing video games) and shortly after so did my computer. I could not open the windows start menu in order to restart/shutdown so i had to hold my PC's power button. Later on that day, this happened again i believe, and it happened after chrome stopped responding due to a shockwave crash. And now, just today, when using Chrome again, first the internet stopped working, and then the computer froze again, only able to move the spinning blue wheel that shows up when something is loading, with the mouse. My memory is a bit spotty right now, i think it also happened one other time, the point being... What can i do to check what might have gone wrong? What could have gone wrong? Also, bonus question: A few days i already asked about this but now i ask again. I ran disc cleanup and erased some temporary files, etc, but the computers hard drive space when i go to "this pc" drops very abnormally, i might download a 100 megabyte update and it immediately shows 1 gb gone, the space it reads is dropping unrealistically and i still dont know why. When i tried to install a new game through steam, it told me i had about 20 more GB space available than what "this pc" reads, which sounds about right. Any ideas?
  8. Bakala

    GBs dropping like flies

    When i go to "this pc" and look at "local disc (c:)" recently i've noticed that the GB free section fluctuates in seemingly irrational ways. Yesterday i had 716 gb's free, and then a few lightweight updates later, it was down to 712 gb, now its at 704 gbs and i have no idea how all that space has been used up... What's going on here? How do i fix this? Another question i have...when you update drivers for example, does that space that the update requires stay gobbled up or...? where does it go?
  9. Bakala

    Windows 10 Problems

  10. Bakala

    Windows 10 Problems

    Deleted App Center, higher temperatures and excruciatingly slow loading times remain. Went to task manager>start up, and the only things that are high under start up impact are avast and one drive, i doubt these are the reasons tbh.
  11. Bakala

    Windows 10 Problems

    Can i uninstall all of these GIGABYTE programs or do they have any real use? I downloaded the latest app center through here too http://www.gigabyte.us/support-downloads/Utility.aspx
  12. Bakala

    Windows 10 Problems

    Just installed it, my computer is loading up considerably slower and MSI afterburner is also reading higher temperatures (i haven't checked other values). I'm also getting some driver error messages which i assume are coming from my GIGABYTE motherboard, telling me (in ridiculously bad grammar) that drivers have failed. I tried to update with "App Center" but the live update feature is not working, i'm not even sure if i need these apps in my computer... What can i do to clean these problems up? It was also failing to read my GPU but i fixed it after a restart and driver update through Geforce Experience. Higher temperatures, very slow booting times, driver errors, any thoughts?
  13. Bakala

    Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap

  14. Hi, i was using google chrome today on my 1 month old build and as soon as i closed it, this message popped out...unexpectedly. I got one blue screen a month ago (can't remember what it's reasoning was) but it's never happened again (the person who i asked at that time suggested it could have been the newly installed anti-virus program). I was wondering what quick ideas or suggestions you could give me to make sure that everything is running smooth. I'd also like to mention that Google Chrome has been a problem for me. There's not a time that i use google chrome and the Nvidia graphics driver doesnt crash, and then something about a kernel not responding appears on the taskbar. Sometimes it wipes my audio and i have to either restart or tweak something in "sound" or my graphics card fans stop working and i have to go and restart afterburner for it to work again. Could Google Chrome be behind this latest blue screen of death? I've asked someone before and they told me that it's become a popular thing to hear that chrome has a problems with NVIDIA drivers, or something like that. My memory is foggier than usual atm.