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  • Birthday 1986-11-20

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    Oregon, Ohio


  • CPU
    I7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    Asus sabertooth z97 mark1
  • RAM
    G.skill sniper 16gb
  • GPU
    2x Geforce gtx 970 sli
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 750d
  • Storage
    Pny 120gb ssd
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    Windows 8.1
  1. Oh sorry. Not worried about weight but a 17 is to big for my backpack. I own a asus g73jh and it's a 17". It doesn't fit in the back pack I take to work. I don't have to carry it for long hours so weight isn't a issue. I always have a place to plug in so battery also isn't a issue as well
  2. Looking for a gaming laptop I can bring with me to work. My 2 main games I play are ffxiv and gw2. I toss in some other games once a while like apex, destiny 2 and overwatch. I'm not looking for 120fps or 4k. Just something that works and I don't have to deal with fps drops. I would like to stay around $800. The most I can put into this would be $1,000 but that is a bit of a stretch right now unless I put it off for a couple more months. Work is slow right now still thanks to a certain on going problem.
  3. Looking for a monitor to mainly run final fantasy xiv on. I want to get a 1440p but not sure what is good for that. I never bought anything other then 1080p before. Other games I play are destiny 2 overwatch and a few others. Most of my time is on ffxiv. The game looks horrible on my current monitor and the screen is slowly getting darker
  4. After changing out my mb my 980 ti are now to close together and the top card now overheats if it gets used at all, so i had to take one out. while digging around i found my 2 gtx 970s and the water blocks to go with them. i also just noticed the water blocks say 980 on them for the front and back. what are the chances of getting them to work on my 980 ti? could they be modded? i would see how they fit but i have to wait till i get more tim, i have enough to do each card 1 time right now
  5. im getting 50-70fps with no other players around on a single card
  6. Destiny 2 is my main game i play, it plays at around 70-110 fps with both cards apex diablo 3 monster hunter world warframe (just got it) rainbow six siege witcher 3
  7. i have all the fittings i need, i just have to try and find blocks for them, ones i have found are still $100+ and im not willing to pay that for a block that old. the monitor i am using is a msi optix g27c curved 1920x1080 144hz
  8. I have to do this right now with using very little money, i am medically not fit to work for a little while still.
  9. 4790k msi z97 Gaming 9 ac Msi gtx 980 ti gaming 6 x2 16 gb ddr3 gskill evga supernova 1000 g2
  10. I have a ton of space, its a corsair obsidian 900d, heavy mods already done to it. just not sure how i would mod it now for the other gpu to be held up
  11. I have been looking into this for most of the day and i couldnt find anything on what could be used for sli on this board. the user guide says it supports sli BUT it only has a page for single card set up. same for the website. SLI works on the stop 2 x16 slots. but it makes me stop gpu idle temp 62c. and under load it breaks 90c in just mins.
  12. i moved the card into the bottom slot, bios said it was running the slots as x8x4, it booted into windows fine but everything froze but the mouse. couldnt click anything and no keys worked. i rebooted, and was still the same. i had to remove the bottom card to stop the freezing. so im guessing i cant use the top and bottom slots then?
  13. I have a MSI z97 Gaming 9 ac, the user guide says it supports 2 way sli. i have my 2gpu in the 1st and 2nd slots but that puts the bottom card against the fans of the top one.Everything i find for this board says it supports "x16, x8/x8, x8/x4/x4" so does that mean only the top 2 x16 slots will do x8/x8 or can i use the top and bottom slots so i can get my cards away from each other?
  14. I have been trying to sell them along with my 2 refence gtx 970, market for used pc parts around here is almost non existing.
  15. I got my mobo I originally bought fixed after years of having it and finally using it. But it has a issue I didn't even think about. It puts my msi 980ti right on top of eachother and now the top gpu hits 90c after a short ammout of time with any game. The motherboard is the msi z97 gaming 9 ac. Is it possible for me to use the top and bottom pcie slots? Or any advice to get the Temps down? I originally was going to water cool the gpu but never got around to getting blocks for them.