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  1. sadly it's solid core and I don't have spare jacks Yeah that's the weird part.... Thought maybe when ripping windows might cache locally, but I do have caching turned off for the drive and that doesn't explain why I can transfer multiple files to go over 100Mb sum total. I did test gigabit over another line, but there I also use differnt jacks since the other run could use flush mounted ones... maybe I should try getting a better surface mounted one Maybe I should cut a known good cable, solder/crimp it to the ends of the runs and check that way first....
  2. terminated it myself. I didn't test it preinstalling. It enters the basement next to the breakers and runs next to some of those wires for a meter or so. they all are, but I didn't actually re-check with my laptop directly plugged into the wire after redoing the run. I wish that were feasible...
  3. I used my laptop and did file transfers from both it to the NAS, it to the computer and vice versa... Also, when I plugged it directly into the cable it listed 100Mb/s. But now I am supremely confused
  4. I know, we are getting close BTW: After redoing the wiring it now behaves VERY weirdly. When I start a file transfer from windows it shows 10-12Mb/s. But when I rip 2 BD directly to the NAS it does ~20Mb/s on both... Same thing for multiple file transfers, together they can reach ~40Mb/s....
  5. Was my first suggestion, but someone else was vehemently against that ^^ Yeah, wanted to be able to go 10Gb once switches get down to the 100$ range
  6. Yeah, really hope I find that I was dumb in some way.... But at least the other line is working great, for that we had to uncover part of the roof^^ That's a nice idea, should probably do that. Not wanting to ever do this again was why I wanted to get at least Cat6 to start with
  7. worse, in the room with the router we had to drill through the floor behind a cabinet since the walls are fully solid, then we had to route the cable under the basement ceiling diagonally through the entire house. No cabel channels in the walls or ceilings/floors - when they built it, they wired electricity up before casting the concrete for the basement Edit: "under" means "fixed to the underside of" in this case
  8. that's what I suspect, too. Will do proper measurements tomorrow, check if the resistence of one line is significantly higher than the others. Hopefully I don't need to redo the run
  9. Ended up being more like an hour since the better half made sure that everything is hidden (aka inaccessible) Still sitting at 100Mb/s... Maybe the wire is bad (wouldn't be surprised considering it's literally bargain bin) or the run is too long or a combination of both. Nobody here happens to know a piece of software that I can test a cable with? I checked if all the wires are hooked up correctly and whether they conduct, but that obviously doesn't say anything about signal integrity...
  10. Yeah, now I have the nas hooked up to the router directly and I can write to it at Gb speed (I use the same model switch in the basement and upstairs and I checked direct transfer through the router->basement cable so I'm pretty sure that's at fault) Yeah I know, I wired it up originally after all But that'll have to wait until tomorrow, spent too much time with this already
  11. Turns out the run from the router to the basement is only 100Mb/s. For now I have moved the NAS directly to the router, but that might not do the trick. My TV is in the basement and 4k blue rays are around 100Mb/s bit rate as well IIRC
  12. Router -> Switch upstairs -> my PC Router -> Switch downstairs -> (switch that was temporarily there for trouble shooting) -> NAS Weird then that both devices report Gb though. Guess I could check by plugging my laptop in each of the switches
  13. Well, it was significantly cheaper than the Cat6e for some reason (reduced price and free shipping).... You mean the switch to the decive or the cabling in the walls? ~ 11.1-11.4 MB/s Will do next Not yet, guess I need to get another OS ready
  14. DIY thingy made from left over PC parts and a couple WD Red drives. But I did validate that I can write to it at Gb when I am on the same switch
  15. Hi! Recently I put down some Cat7 in the house so my NAS in the basement finally has a decent connection. Both my PC on the 1st floor and my NAS in the basement tell me their connection is Gb, but when I start a transfer it's very close to 100Mb/s (slightly below) with only very minimal fluctuations. The NAS has a (SATA sadly) SSD as cache, so it shouldn't be shitty drives, and when I use a PC that's hooked up to the same switch as the NAS I do actually get my Gb transfers. Any idea how to troubleshoot this?