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  1. Hello. I have a modem/router and a router inside the house. I don't have any problems connecting the main one but the second one acts weird from time to time. I stay connected and everything looks okay but in reality, I'm not connected to the internet. I need to disconnect and reconnect again to connect to the internet. I've tried different firmware and didn't help. It's a TPLINK WR-710N. Small, cheap router but does have more functionality from the main one like limiting users connections speeds. It comes handy for phones/tablets when I'm playing FPS games on my PC. What can I do to fix this issue?
  2. Yeah. I pulled the hdd out. I have one of those usb connectors for hdd that was laying around. 500 gb portable drive for kinda free
  3. Yeah I meant that. Not worth doing. This laptop is too old. Owner of this pc has already purchased a new one.
  4. Can’t be saved then I presume? and I noticed pc turns it self in 10-15 sec. seems like has a thermal issue as well.
  5. This is an old Toshiba l505. I thought it was a bad flex cable but i guess it isn’t. I connected the pc to an external monitor and I had the same output. Does anyone know why?
  6. I thought that too. I've installed previous versions of NDI nothing changed. Couldn't find old versions of OBS by that time. I also noticed that my notebook has other problems. I used to play games on that PC but I can't do anything RN. I tried to play fortnite I get 20-30 fps with 20-30ms rendering time. Sometimes it goes up to 60 but stays there for like 2-3 secs. Low GPU and CPU usage with low temperatures. I don't know what's going on.
  7. There's a screenshot in my first post. That's max. When notebook loses it's connection to network cpu went to 60 for a sec then the rest down to 0-5%. I don't know if I mentioned this when it disconnects it disconnects from the network. PC can't reach the entire network. Can't transfer the gameplay etc.
  8. Well, it did disconnect. I even tested with 1500 and still got disconnected. So the problem is something else clearly.
  9. My upload is consistent 4.7-4.8 the lowest. I believe they can give me 100 up but they just like to limit people. Anyways. So in theory if I send it out with 2500 I won’t get disconnected?
  10. Don't get me wrong but. I have the same connection same setup for 27-30 months I believe. And this issue started 1-2 months ago and I've been streaming for months. And only notebook loses the connection I don't even see a higher ping than usual when this happens. I wish I had another pc to proof my theory.
  11. If that would be the issue I wouldn't have streamed for months with the same exact setup. +++ I wouldn't have streamed with my desktop as well. I did stream from my desktop today. For over 2 hours. Nothing happened.
  12. I did reset windows network settings in case of change. I uninstalled OBS and did setup everything from scratch. I doN't know what else I can do. Notebook loses network connection entirely instead of just internet. Has been 15 mins still going for this time. So weird. I've literally changed nothing since last time I had the problem.
  13. The issue is not related to my external speed. Something is wrong with internals. They have enough bandwidth to work with. I've checked everything. Since every phone is connected to AP I disconnected it and nothing was downloading nor uploading while tests. Surprisingly my current test is still going. HAs been 10 mins. No disconnection.
  14. What does this software do? Seems like tracert to me. IT has been 7 mins and notebook is still connected. Weird. It usually takes max 3 mins to disconnect.