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  1. Wow that looks so good. I'll have to wait for review and airflow. I hope this case fits good for AIR Cooling.
  2. My R5 is completely destroyed so not a chance. I don't like small cases like Meshify C
  3. Soon i'll get new PC and i want to ask which case is good with airflow. I don't really care about RGB i'm just interested with good airflow and good mesh. I have Fractal Design Define R5 and i can't find any better than my case. I'm looking for Mid-Tower case with window. I was looking for Be quiet case, it has good mesh but i'm not sure about fans. What do you guys would recommend? Also to be clear, not every cases are available in my region like some Lian Yi that aren't available. Also, if you can't help tell me then what is your case and why did you choose it Budget is going to be max $1900 With 3070, Ryzen 7 Zen 3
  4. Thank you I'll buy MX-4 and hopefully it won't be that hard to replace thermal paste for my GPU because it's going to be my first time.
  5. So you would recommend me only Arctic Silver Ceramique ?
  6. Is MX-4 non conductive? Is it good thermal paste too?
  7. I'm planning to change thermal paste on my 5 year old GPU GTX 980 for first time so i want to know which thermal paste is good that will keep for max 3 years. I was looking into Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut but i saw the video where the paste dried out after 90 days. Then the person received the message from Grizzly support : "Thermal Grizzly: Hello , every highend thermal paste will pump out ("dry out") after some time and will lose some degrees. For the best results you should repaste every 3-6 months, but if you are not a hardcore overclocker every 12-24 months are enough" Because, i don't want to open my GPU again every 3-6 months Thanks!
  8. Which brand is worth and good atm? I've heard some bad stuffs about Gigabyte temps etc, MSI is a little expensive than Gigabyte one. I'm very confused.
  9. Haha thanks you guys for help, i've already ordered G403 Hero, cant wait for Friday
  10. Anyways, is G403 going be good on my old mousepad Steelseries QcK+ ?
  11. Well yeah i actually did and that what they said. They recommend to paracord cable and replace the feet. Sadly thing i can't find custom mouse feet, or i am stupid to find it. I found on Amazon but shipping is like $10-15 so i would say no thanks...
  12. Well i was in the store where i live in Poland and sadly there is only 2 mouses to try it out which it was small for me, it was Razer DeathAdder Essentienal and Logitech G102. G102 is so small Anyways, some people recommended to replace mouse feet on G403, i have no idea why its really needed.
  13. I've been looking in internet and YT videos, G403 Hero has braided cable 100%
  14. Hows braided cable? I've heard that it's worst cable ever. What do you think?