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    I am interested in programming, video editing, pc gaming, photo editing and well pc's. Also I like potatoes
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    Intel i7-4770 @ 3.4 ghz
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    Gigabyte Z87 UD3H
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    Asus Gtx 660 Ti x 2 SLI
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    Thermaltake Chaser Series Chaser MK-I
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    1Tb Western Digital + 128Gb Samsung Ssd
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    Tv lel
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    Razer Anansi
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    Bloody 5
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    Razer Kraken Pro
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Thanks for the help but i got it working by enabling bootoverride in bios. The I installed using usb
  2. Hello, so my laptop had a broken hdd so I got a new one but I am unable to install windows on that because the cd reader doesnt work properly and also the laptop does not boot from usb so I cant even install windows that way. Is there a way to plug in the harddrive into my pc. Install windows from there and then move the hdd back into the laptop? Thanks
  3. Hey its you again xD, Looks like I am just dumb and it happens to be a json reply.
  4. I am accessing an online api to get xml file with many ids. This is my code var https = require('https'); var xml2js = require('xml2js'); var parser = new xml2js.Parser({optionName: 'normalize'}); var concat = require('concat-stream'); parser.on('error', function(err) { console.log('Parser error', err); }); https.get("https://www.leaksapi.com/clinton-emails/from/<APIKEY>/Hillary%20Clinton", function(resp) { resp.on('error', function(err) { console.log('Error while reading', err); }); resp.pipe(concat(function(buffer) { var string = buffer.toString(); var cleanedString = string.replace("\ufeff", ""); parser.parseString(cleanedString, function(err, result) { console.log('Finished parsing:', err, result); }); })); }); And I keep on getting an Error: Non-whitespace before first tag. Even when I have cleared the first non-whitespace character in the line var cleanedString. Parser error Error: Non-whitespace before first tag. Line: 0 Column: 1 Char: [ at error (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\sax\lib\sax.js:642:8) at strictFail (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\sax\lib\sax.js:662:22) at Object.write (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\sax\lib\sax.js:935:11) at Parser.exports.Parser.Parser.parseString (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\xml2js\lib\xml2js.js:508:31) at Parser.parseString (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\xml2js\lib\xml2js.js:7:59) at C:\Users\Snama\Documents\DonaldTrumpPropaganda\webreader.js:17:14 at ConcatStream.<anonymous> (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\concat-stream\index.js:36:43) at emitNone (events.js:91:20) at ConcatStream.emit (events.js:185:7) at finishMaybe (C:\Users\Snama\node_modules\concat-stream\node_modules\readable-stream\lib\_stream_writable.js:475:14) What am I doing wrong. Thanks
  5. So my laptop has been overheating recently and I cleaned it and all and nothing fixed it. The problem is that the fans curve is not set correctly so the fans dont speed up appropriately. I tried many programs like speedfan and others but none of them detect any fans. AIDA shows no fans installed. The only software that has managed to control the speed of the fan is the software by the manufacture which has a silent option. The program comes with a dll called SettingsApi.dll. I assume that this dll contains the nessesary functions to control the speed of the fans. My question is how can I decompile this dll or find the functions inside this dll.
  6. I would know what I was doing if it was a pc. Never opened up a laptop looks complicated. Dont have fans to replace. I might just stick to gaming on my pc
  7. I found a samsung control center with 3.2gb of driver downloads for win 10
  8. Easy Settings is not compatible with this version of windows ...
  9. I digged throuh the whole samsung website and didnt find one drive that was above windows 7/8. Anyways I got most of them and only bightness ones dont work but sound fn keys work. As for opening and reapplying thermal paste, I dont think I am capable of doing it and anyways I got my laptop repaired recently and they had to open the laptop so they might have done some light cleaning from the inside. The thing is when I am gaming I do feel warm air coming out meaning that the fans are working properly but when I boot the laptop fans are very fast and LOADS of air is coming out, and I want that speed of the fans when gaming it seems as the fan speed is stuck on like 50% max.
  10. Like never xD. Ok I'll do that today. Might also open it up and clean from the inside.
  11. Hey Guys, So I havent used my laptop(Samsung 350V5C) for gaming in a while and before I was able to run civ 5 no problem but now after like a year or so, my laptop heats up and then just fully turns off. I feel like my fans are not spinning up all the way because when I boot they sound like a jet engine but in-game they are much more silent. I have tried many programs to change fan speeds but none work. Speedfan doesnt detect any fans neither does AIDA. Cant find anything usefull in bios. The only thing, one samsung software called easy control manager which I found in the deepest part of samsung website has a silent fan mode but thats all. How can I fix this issue, change fan speeds(I know a faster speed is there). The second problem is that after I updated to windows 10 my brightness fn buttons dont work and when I set the brightness to 0% from setting the screen completely turns off and then it is a real pain to get it back to normal by booting into safe mode with cmd and commands. How can I make it so 0% doesnt turn off screen and I can use those buttons. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the information I will surely ask my ISP but I doubt they would do anything because they charge 3Euros/Month for a public ip address for port forwarding.
  13. I mean I wouldnt see a difference between 20ms and 50ms but Ill try sending a ticket to isp. FYI my isp took 1 month to come down to my house to get internet connection 4km from main office so only god knows if they will even look at my ticket.
  14. So basically my isp had "bad" nodes and there are too many hops. You can see first hop was 17 ping and I am assuming thats my isp in same country and also my router showing around 8ms in both directions. So is it safe to say my isp has potato for servers because many people say you should have 5ms to your isp.