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  1. spikehackerinc

    ~$2000 Gaming Build

    Hey there guys, Just wanted to thank you all for the advice! It had really helped me make my decision and made me feel more comfortable about my purchase. Listed below is my build that I ordered yesterday. - Intel Core i7-5820K (3.6GHz, 15M Cache, 12x Cores) CPU - Corsair H100i Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler - MSI X99A Gaming 7 LGA 2011-V3 DDR4 USB3.1 Motherboard - Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2400MHz Desktop Memory - MSI GTX 980 Ti GAMING Overclocked Edition 6GB 384bit GDDR5 Graphics Card - Antec High Current GAMER HCG-850W 80+ Modular PSU - 256GB SSD Upto 500MB/s+ Speed Solid State Drive - 3TB WD 7200RPM 64MB Cache HDD - NZXT Noctis 450 BLACK Computer Gaming Case This build came to a total of R35969... That's roughly $2892 (2620 Euro), I did go over my original budget but decided I would go ahead with the GTX 980ti as suggested. Thanks again guys... Peace Out B)
  2. spikehackerinc

    ~$2000 Gaming Build

    @Atmos: Thank you... So I have changed my build to consist of a single 980ti which I guess also gives me room for an upgrade in future. @TheConverter: Yes, european prices are also alot cheaper than what I can get this side... 2500 euro build would be a R35000 build, which is ~$900 dollars over budget. And around the rest of the world the 980ti's are R4000 (~$350) cheaper than what they are here. So having 980ti in sli would be an additional ~$700 excluding the base price of the card. @TheConverter, lee32uk: I used USD base prices as they are very similar around the northen hemisphere. Maybe it was a bad idea using USD comparisons as over here doing a direct conversion wouldn't work out to great. You can almost add 25% to all the hardware to even out the difference between the prices you can get stuff in Europe and here. I also did consider importing all the components (Which would already risk warranty) but besides the warrenty the import duties are ridiculous and would totally destroy the build. I'm better off buying the component here for the 25% markup. @TheConverter: To put it in persepective in europe you are paying 610 euro and in a america paying 680 dollars. In south africa that would convert to around 8683.68 south african rand. But in south africa we are lucky to get a 970 for that price. The cheapest GTX 980ti in south africa is around R12500 which is around 910 euros. So as you can see its excatly than 300 euro more by just being in south africa. @Atmos: As Atmos said its around R25 000 to R35000 zar, including the 1x 980ti puts it to around the R35000 mark. @TheConverter: Yes it's an awesome site!! Just a pitty our locations don't have the same prices. It actually makes us sad to see how our countries rip us off because we don't have many choices. (Like the Sheild Its triple the price (Also slight exageration) to get it here in ZA) @lee32uk, TheConverter: I looked into that case also and I'm 100% set on the Noctis! Beautiful case!! I was originally going to go for the Corsair 760T but actually preffered the Noctis 450 and the Noctis was half the price which opened up my budget abit. Thanks again sooo much for all your replies! Can't tell you how appreciative I am! Peace Out B)
  3. spikehackerinc

    ~$2000 Gaming Build

    Thanks again for all the useful advice. @lee32ukm, FrisoVDVeen: Thank you, yes the 5930K is almost $200 more and definitly won't fit into the budget. @lee32uk: Thank you for this lee! I am adjusting the build now, I looked into the Dominator and it's almost $200 more. The only reason I considered the dominator was for astetic purposes because of the awesome lights. But re-evaluation of the situation based on your the advice, I could possibly put the money into something else. I am thinking of putting in Corsair vengance as it is roughly the same price as the kingston, would you recommend this? @lee32uk: As for the power supply, the supplier that has the majority of the components (That is much much cheaper than other suppliers) don't have many choices. And the Antec High Current Pro 850W is only $15 more than the bottom of the range 750W (Antec TP-750C 750W Power Supply). And yes the 980ti is exactly double the price of the GTX 970. It isn't in the buget currently, but my intention was to get the 2nd 970 down the line (In order to save a bit of cash now), but if by your recommendation you suggest the 980ti over the sli 970s. I am willing to put the cash forward now in order to save for the future... Do you recommend that the single 980ti beats the 2 970s in sli and is worth the cost (Being them both exactly the same price, 2x 970 vs 1x 980ti)? @Atmos, lee32uk: Yes there's absoultly no way I could even consider the titan X, im way better off getting the 980ti's in SLI for the price. And thanks for the comx supplier link, i actually forgot about them as there 980ti is R2000 cheaper than my current suppler and should look into them for a quote aswell. @Atmos: You are right the single card isn't more than R24000, but considering the rest of the build, i am looking at around R15000-R18000 just for the base PC build exluding the GPU. As mention above though if my build comes out to alot more due to the single GPU (if recommended) then im willing and will skimp on some of the other components. The RAM alone will save me quite abit. Thank you again for everyones advice... It has really saved me! And look forward to the rest of your advice. So in everyones oppinion it would be better for me to get the single GTX 980ti over the SLI 970s? Peace Out B)
  4. spikehackerinc

    ~$2000 Gaming Build

    Thank you very much for all your replies and advice... @Shifty, lee32uk: Yes, I will be using the PC for more than just gaming and intend on using it as my home development machine too. My current monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster B2430 but intend on upgrading to a 4k monitor in the near future. And thank you I have subscribed to my topic (I thought it auto subscribed me). @Hyttech, FrisoVDVeen: Thank you for the link to PC Part Picker, handy awesome site. I had not included the storage in my original post but have included in my overall budget as my suppliers quote with 3TB WD Green and 500GB SSD is roughly $2000 along with the spec I provided. But yes unfrotunalty my location sells their parts alot more than globally. @Atmos: I considered the 4790k as my supplier has alot of builds revolving around that CPU. The reason I picked the 5820k and x99 was because I thought to myself that I am already spending over $1500 for the PC, that I may aswell add in the extra ~$180 for the 5820k and x99 because its a slightly better for a small amount extra (In relation). I also considered the Fury X, but couldn't find much information around the internet on the SLI/Crossfire scaling as I know the Geforce 9 series almost scale to double. Also looking at some real life benchmarks the GTX 970's in SLI are only roughly ~10-20 frames behind the SLI 980's for roughly half the price. And I have been told it is abit of an overkill, but I do intend on using the PC as a dev machine aswell and could use the extra processing power and again looked at the original price of a PC and thought since I'm spending so much already I may aswell over kill it (To an extend, while keeping at reasonable budget). @FrisoVDVeen, ADZ_123_!"£, mikat: Thank you for that, I didn't know that. But the 5830K increases price drastically and will most likely never get 4-way SLI. Thanks again for all your replies and advice! Peace Out B)
  5. spikehackerinc

    ~$2000 Gaming Build

    Hey there guys, I wanted to get some friendly advice on my first real gaming build... I have tried to keep it at around $2000 (Converted from local currency, ZAR). - Intel Core i7-5820K (3.6Ghz, 15M Cache, 12x Cores) CPU - MSI X99A SLI PLUS LGA 2011-V3 USB3.1 DDR4 Motherboard - 16GB 2400MHz Quad Channel High Performance RAM (Dominator Platinum) - MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB 256bit Overclocked Card - Antec High Current Pro 850W 80+ PLATINUM Fully Modular PSU - Corsair Series H80i High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler - NZXT Noctis 450 Black That's my basic build... I plan on getting a second GTX 970 (And some more RAM) by the end of the year in order to save costs for now, is this recommended? Also would you guys recommend a different build at a rough $2000 budget. Really appreciate the advice. Peace Out B)