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    Intel i7 6850K at 4.6GHZ
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    Asrock X99E-ITX/AC
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    16GB 3200MHZ DDR4 Hyper X Fury at 3200MHZ
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    MSI GTX 1080 AERO 8G OC @ 2069MHz w/ EK block
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    Logitec G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Edifier 2.1 channel system
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. REPLUG EVERYTHING first. Second is going to be trying a different power connector, then a new sata cable, then a new drive. I had a motherboard that had a sata port die in warranty and it took forever to figure out what was going on so pray it isnt that. Your assessment of the gaming death is likely accurate and if you have questions about power requirements you can google "PSU Calculator" and it will pop up with a couple. you just have to tell it the components and it will suggest a size.
  2. Man this thread got me depressed right before my ENGL 100 class. I think I'll wait till next summer to upgrade my desktop, let alone this 6 year old G75VW.
  3. Memory! Yes! When I first bought the laptop I'm now using for school it came with 12GB of RAM. No problem I bought another 4GB 1600MHz stick. I was looking into that now and the prices are abour 35% higher than they were with a 4GB stick at 1600MHz costing 50 canadian rupees. Of course only part of that is from the memory shortage but and the other part of that equation is the reduction in the exchange value of the CAD to USD, but most of it is the flash shortage. I was looking into upgrading the ram in this laptop and it would cost me 100 bucks a stick, and if I wanted to throw some higher clocked RAM in it jumps to 200 a stick.
  4. I gotta say it was nice to get a miners perspective on this thread.
  5. My local store that I go through is currently sold out of everything aside from a few 1050LPs a 1030 and 710. They've posted a warning on their site stating that the shortage goes right to their distributor and that shortages will continue for some time. They also stated that in no uncertain terms that they only do price guarantees on in stock items and that fairly significant price jumps are to be expected when they do start receiving stock again. Personally this doesn't affect me as I bought a 1080 in summer 2016 and shouldn't need an upgrade any time soon... for this machine at least. I feel like this is gonna make it hard to be a gamer for quite some time. If those miners could I'm pretty sure they'd mine on consoles. The console peasant conversions will have to be put on hold for quite some time.
  6. Short back story, I'm being a bit dumb and trying to see how far I can push an old laptop of mine. With that done here's the nitty gritty. After seeing a project on another site, I decided to look into upgrading an old laptop and seeing exactly how far I could push the upgrade. The laptop originally came with a 670m 3GB GPU, and surprisingly I could run vanilla Skyrim in 3D at High settings on it, so not the worst mobile experience for 2012. The thing is the guy told me the limit would be a 9xx series MXM card as the laptop uses the old FPD-link LVDS connector standard for the display, and the latest MXM cards don't support it in favour of the newer eDP standard. For the life of me I cant find ANY documentation on this ANYWHERE in my searches, and it seems a little odd. I know that they were phasing out older standards and going with eDP across the board in all new laptops but removing support like that in a way that would not let the laptop run the card at all seems odd. Can anyone point me in the direction of any documentation on this as it seems like a really interesting read. Cheers
  7. Dude for 500 bucks he could get almost any 2.1 he wants
  8. Blood Moon Intel i7 5930K @ 4.2 GHz Zotac nVidia GTX 770 2GB @ 1250 MHz 16GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Rampage @ 3200 MHz I know I know I need a new graphics card. Need the money first!
  9. Hey guys so I use a google doc I downloaded to create my characters for Pathfinder, and while there are some parts that are programmed to auto populate sections, one part is not, and thats the EXP to next level. They have a lookup table set up for what the different experience requirements are for each level and even for if your doing slow medium or fast leveling so thats awesome, but it makes it a little hard to lookup a value as where it needs to look for the value is based on 2 separate values. First depending on the values of one drop down menu on the same page, it needs to pick one of three columns on another page, and then based on the number value in another page it needs to find the row, and then based on the column and the row from those two parts it needs to lookup and display a value from the table on another page. SO basically i need to program something like this. If the value of AT17 is slow then output Q, if medium then R, if fast then S Sum the values of V5, AJ5, and AV5 on Stats, Skills, Weapons and output the value, this value must then have the value 2 added to it and that total output. Then it needs to look up the value on the table on page Mods Bonuses and Skills based on the values output by those two equations Any help is appreciated.