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  1. BeefyMeats

    Windows Cant Look anything up?

    yep, it sucks big time I just find everything i need manually and pin it to the start for all other searches the WSL bash mlocate with sed finds all other little files much faster
  2. BeefyMeats

    Suggestions for mining rig?

    Not sure, but are you using nicehash? I recently turned my stuff off since my cards are barely breaking even now.
  3. The sotify program on my computer does this by default.
  4. BeefyMeats

    External DAC mouse noise?

    Is the usb port directly attached to the mobo? Maybe that could help I once had an amp (not a dac) that was powered via usb. When the power was supplied by the mobo usb port it sounded terrible, but when powered with a phone charger it sounded perfect, but the amp was too tiny for what I wanted. I got a dac and amp now that each get their power from the wall, and its been great ever since. I could be wrong, but see if you can buy a usb cable that splits power and data, and plug the power side into a decent separate usb power supply separate from he computer.
  5. BeefyMeats

    Online CPU Stress Test?

    Not aware of any, but I have accidentally found a few crypto coin mining websites that managed to slam my CPU. I dont think they will give you meaning benchmark data though. It might be easier to just see the about page on the OS which tells you the model of CPU that many others have already bench marked.
  6. BeefyMeats

    Booting Windows 7 from a RAMdisk

    I just tried win10 in virtualbox with ddr3, and its way worse. I think Im gonna ditch virtualbox now It was way faster directly on the host.
  7. Although solved. Another option might have been to use GRUB boot loader to replace the windows boot manager. Its not fun to configure and setup though. Why not run XP in a VM and pass things though to it?
  8. BeefyMeats

    A way to control usage on win 10 remotely

    This might sound dumb, but most wifi routers / access points have a web interface that would let you block a MAC address (no internet), and should work on your phone. Might be easier? If they can figure out how to spoof their MAC address then kudos to them; they are smart. As for a free simple way to filter internet content; look into changing their DNS servers to point to a filtering DNS server that you can trust.
  9. BeefyMeats

    Windows Exchange Server problem

    That sucks.. Im able to get away with it by telling them to use OWA for a while until changes sync. Be sure to let us know if you find an easy fix!
  10. As long as its not joined to their domain and the OS was installed by you; nothing much at all. Other then possibly removing the activation if they used a MAK key, If it was activated with their own local KMS activation server, then it might have be re activated every once in a while on their network. if you run the command below, than it will tell you what licence model was used to activate and the days remaining if KMS was used. A normal key would say "Retail channel" slmgr.vbs /dli
  11. BeefyMeats

    Help me

  12. BeefyMeats

    Help me

    If you dont have money. Than why buy a license at all? You do know that you can install windows 10 without a key and it will work just fine, right?
  13. BeefyMeats

    Windows clock is late

    If mobo (cmos) is bad than time will be off if the computer has been completely off for a while. In the control panel; search for "time" and click change date and time. Then -> internet time. Type in pool.ntp.org and click update now. Should be good after that.
  14. You could install mlocate than run updatedb, than search everywhere for the file.
  15. BeefyMeats

    Stream Webcam to browser (Python or PHP)

    I think ffmpeg via HLS and than HLS .js would be interesting. I want to try it someday.