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    Intel i5 4690K
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    HyperX DDR3-1866 8Gx2
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    Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8G
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    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2
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    HyperX Savage 240GB SSD, 1TB WD Blue , 3TB WD Purple x2 , 6TB WD Red x2
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    Corsair RM850i
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    ASUS VC279
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    Gelid Snowstorm
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65 Elite
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    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. Yeah, I had the same thought that my current card is ran in a very moist environment. Yeah, maybe getting a refund is a solution with less hassle, but at around 200usd for a Vega 64 is a pretty good deal, as it still comes with warranty, as for that same price, if I went to the shops and opt for a new card, I think I can only get like a 1050ti or a 1060 3G from an unpopular manufacturer, which makes no sense for me to upgrade from my current 390.
  2. Just got the photos from the seller, pcb seems fine, screws don’t seem discoloured, anything I missed?
  3. Thanks for the advice. Swap is happening tomorrow. Will post pics of new card once the seller send them over sometime later today. Anything you would suggest me to test after getting the new card? Ie things to look for, stress tests to run? As I plan on water cooling it, and as taking off the cooler voids the warranty, if there’s any problem with the card, I would like to rma the card beforehand. Thanks for all your help!
  4. The seller just offered to give me another card, one with warranty, and that the warranty stickers are not broken at the same price. Should I take the offer?
  5. Oh and another thing is that after updating the drivers and gpu bios, it not instantly restarts when I run furmark, but is fine if I game on it. I don’t think it’s an psu issue as I have a RM850i and that my old gpu, a 390 which has around same power consumption ran furmark just fine.
  6. Sorry for very late reply, very busy weekend.
  7. It was used to mine before I got it, mined for around less than a year I think, as the card was purchased on 10/3/2018. I suspect that it was caused by the High humidity here where I live. Tried wiping if off with alcohol and a piece of tissue, got some off but still a lot left. Will post more pics later
  8. I cleaned off the card by wiping with 95% alcohol as that the highest purity I have on hand, I cleaned the dust buildups on the joints of the inductors as must as possible, and it seemed okay-ish, I’ll post more pics of the pcb later
  9. I don’t think a RMA can be done as the little sticker on the screw that’s says void when broken is broken already when I got the card
  10. Oh and another thing is that the sound is always stuttering, I use the monitor’s speaker via a hdmi cable. The monitor speaker is fine because sound from my PS4 is normal, just the pc is very rough and stutters a lot
  11. So I’ve recently picked up a used XFX Vega 64 Air cooled variant for around $200usd (roughly converted from my local currency) and the seller gave me 10ish days to fully test, strip and clean the card before paying the other 50% of the card after paying the first 50% via a bank transfer. I’ve ran the card on multiple test, ie 3DMARK, furmark etc, I got around 7600points in 3DMARK for the graphics card alone, and the stats in furmark is shown in one of the pics. After that, I tore open the card, and found a lot of rust on the two Resistors near the fan, and a fair bit of corrosion on the heat sink. There’s also a little rust on the sides of the resistors near the dye, and a little bit on the io plate. Oh and the connector to the leds of the Radeon logo is lost, will it cause any issues? I was wondering if anyone had the same issues and will rust on the resistors affect the card in the long term, and that if there’s any solution to it. thanks for all your kind help!
  12. One more question before I buy the kit, can I also include the radiator from the h100i into the loop?
  13. Ah okay, thanks for your answer! Guess I’ll just archive the two greens, and send the other two back to WD.
  14. I clean the heat sink and replaces the thermal paste every 3 months, is that often enough? This time I used Thermal Grizzly’s Hydronaut, which should be a relatively good paste, right?