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  1. Vitalius

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Hey guys. Been watching One Piece (which accounts for over 10% of all anime series I've watched, i.e. not counting movies and such), Goblin Slayer, & JoJo Part 5 Golden Wind. Apparently I've kept up with the fact I'm at like 8,000 episodes of anime, but One Piece is on episode 865 and is included in that 8,000. So that's both disappointing and interesting.
  2. Hi guys, I remember using a trackball mouse from back when I was little. I don't remember liking it. Ever since then, I've used either a laser or optical (or both, in the case of HDST, google it) mouses since then. Recently however, a co-worker has let me use his trackball mouse and I have to say, it feels... easier to use, sort of. It's hard to explain. At first I though I wouldn't be accurate with it, but I picked it up like it was nothing and very rarely mis-click. So, I wanted to ask the community the following questions: Which is better, in your opinion, for every day tasks (Facebook, work, video editting, or what have you)? And which is better, in your opinion, for gaming? (FPS, RTS, ARPG, etc) I'm sure there's some number way of thinking about it (DPI settings, trackball inaccuracy, etc), but I wouldn't know where to start. Thanks, Vitalius
  3. Vitalius

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Just a reminder that there is an HSC Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HeavenSociety The reason I mention this is because Steam updated and has a Discord-like Chat now. It's not as good as Discord, but it has at least one feature Discord doesn't. Spoilers for images. It's a huge improvement over old Steam Chat though. Group chats are attached to all groups so yeah. I'm pretty sure you all have Steam accounts, so if you wanted to talk more instantly, but not use Discord for some reason, there you go.
  4. I have this motherboard: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITXac/index.asp Here is the manual: http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITXac.pdf I have this pump: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-ddc-3-2-pwm-laing-ddc-3-2-pwm It is now wired like this: Going out to this: So ending up like this on the motherboard (sorry about it being dark): Now this motherboard supports doing this as it says in the manual: Which is what the specifications for that pump are, as listed on the site: And in the manual, it says this: In the BIOS, I have these options: I've switched it to W_PUMP, and set it to PWM Mode, but when I do this, it is stuck at 100% speed at all times. In the manual, it says this: If I choose DC mode, it barely runs the pump at all (10-20% speed I guess). I can hear/feel it running, but it's so slow that my CPU gets up to 50-60C on idle. I want to control this pump with PWM, but it doesn't respond to any settings I give it in BIOS. What are these two different modes and why are they interacting with this pump in this way?
  5. Cool, so, my problem is that the two modes don't work as expected. PWM keeps the pump at 100% even when I set the performance curve. DC keeps the pump at 20-30% regardless of settings.
  6. Hi guys, I recently purchased a networking cable kit from Monoprice. The crimper doesn't push the 1 & 8 pin down correctly. This is the first low quality thing I've purchased from them interestingly, while the rest of the kit (cable tester, wire trimmer, etc) are all pretty good. I need a good recommendation for an RJ45 crimper. I don't care about RJ11, so having it would be irrelevant to me. Max price is $100. Thanks, Vitalius.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4dq00o/what_worked_for_me_extending_pc_vive_30_ft/ Further down in the comments, another redditor had success with an active USB cable: I just thought I'd share this since I know some people would rather have a PC in their office/bedroom while playing the Vive in a more spacious place like their living room. Enjoy.
  8. Introduction: Hi guys, I had my first impressions and then a disassembly of the keyboard, so now I figured it was time to review it in depth. However, understand that "in depth", for a keyboard, can only go so far. It is a keyboard. It types. "How well it does it" and "How much I enjoy it" is the in depth part. :P Now, the first thing I should note is that it's price is low, for a Mechanical Keyboard at least. At $57, without taxes or shipping, that is a steal. However, in my use of it, I have come to understand exactly how and why it is that cheap. Let me preface explaining that, by simply saying that it is a good keyboard and I have enjoyed using it for the time I have had it (6 months so far). Covering the Costs of a Low Price I like to get the negatives out of the way first, as I prefer to end a review with positives rather than negatives. Firstly, the keys sound different. I am not talking about overall "all the keys on this keyboard sound different from other keyboard's keys", but many of the keys on this keyboard have a different sound to them than other keys on this exact same keyboard. In other words, some have a light click. Others have a strong click. Some barely have clicks at all. It is strange when you do notice it. Most (I am guesstimating about 85%+) have average clicks. It is the extremes I speak of in this. In my disassembly of the keyboard, and removal of one of the switches (do not remove the switches, it will break them unless you want to resolder them again later), I found the metal clamp-type thing that allows the switch to make the click sound and have a tactile bump. In this particular switch, it was in place and strong. The click sound was an average between strong and light. I considered this to be a normal click for a Blue based on the click I heard from the Blue switch I obtained from www.wasdkeys.com's sample pack of switches.
  9. SO-DIMMs for DDR4 are double the price compared to regular DIMMs. Yeah, that's what I'm wondering. Where are they getting 5 USB 3.0 Type A ports? And 5 USB 2.0 ports? Are they counting them twice? Or the USB 3.0 & 2.0 Headers? That's dumb. They never do that with other boards. And the 2nd GbE port couldn't be anywhere else. Maybe those pictures are pre-final production?
  10. Vitalius

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Here is the calendar for keeping up with HSC gaming events: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=4t11i5l77il0ucp82skdlaiufc%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Chicago Vote here now for HSC's gaming events. http://www.rkursem.com/poll/view.php?id=fcfbe4f315b1fddf6 You can add your own answers and check multiple boxes. I can administrate this poll so if I see someone trolling, I can undo the trolling. And I'm stubborn enough to do it consistently, so YMMV but I doubt it will be worth trolling. You can also change your answers, so if you see someone added something you didn't vote for but want, go for it.
  11. On average, each manufacturer cheaps out in a specific area more often than not. What they cheap out on is hard to determine, so it's mostly hearsay, but.... ASRock tends to cheap out on marketing and their website (generally things that involve communication with the customer). As opposed to the actual boards themselves. MSI tends to cheap out on power delivery. The worst possible thing to cheap out on. YMMV, but ASRock is more reliable in my experience and what I've heard from friends' experiences.
  12. Vitalius

    Do you believe in a god?

    Eh, I default to words. If I don't have words, I have nothing usually. I have to intentionally invoke visualizations and concepts (those are two separate types of imagination btw). And emotions? I can't think with those, like at all. I barely feel them. It's nice in a way, since I can actively shut down emotions I am not interested in feeling, but that's very much a double edged sword. It doesn't extend to all my emotions either. Just the higher, more complex, ones.
  13. Vitalius

    Do you believe in a god?

    Funny thing regarding that. Some studies hypothesize that the concept of God comes from the human mind developing an inner monologue. At some point in human development, instead of having an inner monologue, it sounded like someone was speaking to you. This was the left and right sides of the brain communicating, apparently. Gives me a whole new perspective on people with schizophrenia who hear "voices". I don't believe that's the case, but it makes logical sense in a way. And considering some people just don't have an inner monologue, and purely think in terms of emotions and concepts (with no voice to vocalize them in their head), that too is pretty neat.
  14. Vitalius

    Do you believe in a god?

    ? In Galatians, Paul condemns jealousy in the same breath as idolatry (Galatians 5:19–20).
  15. Vitalius

    Do you believe in a god?

    Presuming the world is a hologram/simulation, the coder is God. .... presumably. I know it sounds stupid, but the idea is that there is some "thing" we don't fully perceive as humans that God would. And if He is, then it's logical He would be able to do that if that thing also existed. That thing being a soul (or something like it). Like, ok, presuming a God exists, and souls along with Him, how do souls work? Does it have some tie to genetics? Are they similar or are they not? Is mine just an amalgamation of pieces of my parents or are they unrelated entirely? Assuming they're related (i.e. your parents' souls have something to do with your own's creation), it makes sense that the punishment should be passed down generations because the sin is tied to the soul. I don't know. Souls can't be empirically studied (at this time) if they do exist.
  16. HandBrakeCLI.exe -P -e x265 --encoder-preset slow -q 16.0 --vfr --all-audio -E av_aac -B 128 --normalize-mix 1 --all-subtitles -i $old -o $new -f av_mkv

    Got this here handbrake command, but converting high quality content with it ends up with absolutely terrible audio. 

    Not sure if it's just cuz the AAC codec for Handbrake is bad, because I used --normaliz-mix, or because, somehow, the decoder doesn't know what codec the audio is in so it just says ??? (AAC), implying it doesn't know so it defaults to AAC.


    1. ionbasa


      If you're not 100% sure what the source audio codec is, use MediaInfo.


    2. Tech_Dreamer


      i only use normalization if i'm converting for a phone with a crappy stock earphone otherwise for me its pretty much a no no

    3. Vitalius


      After some help elsewhere, someone mentioned that the AAC codec in Handbrake is largely inadequate. They stopped using a higher quality encoder for political reasons apparently. 

      Switching to audio passthrough, rather than re-encoding, fixed my issue. 

      `HandBrakeCLI.exe -P -e x265 --encoder-preset slow -x strong-intra-smoothing=0:rect=0 -q 16.0 --vfr --all-audio -E copy -B 160 --all-subtitles -i $oldfile -o $newfile -f av_mkv`

      I probably don't need -B 160 now. 

      That makes sense Tech_Dreamer. That's probably what it's for anyway.

      Thanks ionbasa. That will be useful.

  17. Hmm, I'm probably going to spend a lot more time on the Level1Techs forum. It has the features I wish LTT forums had. 

    >Images can be directly pasted into reply boxes from the clipboard
    >no page reloads while scrolling through a thread
    >side-by-side preview of post as you edit it
    >a full html/bbcode editor for replies
    >personal post history of edits, showing you what you changed
    >It's acronym is L1T. It's Lit yo.
    >default theme is a natural balance of light and dark.
    >you can bookmark posts as a user
    >they use > for quotes.
    >reply as a new topic - i.e. "I want to continue this conversation, but in a new topic separate from where it started".


    1. FinestRyeBread
    2. wolfgang


      Sounds interesting. May give it a look at some point.

    3. AnnoyedShelf


      The L1T forums are far better IMO.  They're part of the reason why I haven't been on around here very much anymore.

  18. So, this is what it returns when I try that: Warning: fputcsv() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/comp/public_html/db/db_PullData_ExportToXLS.php on line 80 And it repeats that for every line of the Array, saying it's a string. If I try just doing: fputcsv($file,$data_array); That actually works.... welp, IDK why it didn't the first time. However, XLSX isn't treating it as an array still. Unfortunate, but I can make a CSV work. Thanks :D.
  19. So, I have an array being given to me by a MySQL query. Here is the array, as it is printed by print_r function: Array ( [policydatakey] => 1 [policydatapolicykey] => 1 [policydatastatus] => Active [policydatapolicyname] => Policy 1111 [policydataprocessorname] => My Processor [policydatabranchcode] => Branch1 [policydatafiletaxid] => Taxid1 [policydatafilestate] => XX [policydatafilelicense] => Lic111 [policydatainsuredname] => Trim [policydatarisklocation] => 4 [policydataunderwritingcompany] => Stuff n Thangs [policydatapolicystate] => XX [policydatapolicynumber] => 1111 [policydatapolicytype] => 8 [policydatamultistate] => 9 [policydatalineofbusiness] => 0 [policydataeffectivedate] => 1 [policydataendorsementeffectivedate] => 2 [policydataenddate] => 3 [policydatapremium] => 4 [policydatainsuredamount] => 5 [policydatapolicyfee] => 6 [policydatainspectionfee] => 7 [policydatacatfee] => 8 [policydatasltaxes] => 9 [policydatafiremarshaltax] => 0 [policydatasurcharge] => 5-surcharge [policydataadditionalassessment] => 2 [policydatastampingfee] => 3 [policydatainvoicenumber] => XXXX [policydatainvoicedate] => 2016-02-02 [policydataac1] => 6 [policydataac1date] => 2016-01-01 [policydataac1comments] => 8 [policydataac2] => 9 [policydataac2date] => 0 [policydataac2comments] => 1 [policydataac3] => yes (ac3) [policydataac3date] => 3 [policydataac3comments] => Ac3 Comments go here [policydatacomments] => My Comments ) When I run is_array on the variable that holds that array, it returns boolean TRUE. i.e. if (is_array($data)==TRUE){ printf("It is an array."); }else{ printf("It is not an array."); } Comes back as "It is an array." When I try to have that array printed to a .CSV using fputcsv(), I get the following: Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to fputcsv() must be an array, null given... When I try to have that array printed to a spreadsheet XLSX file, using xlsxwriter.class.php (see here), it complains of the same thing. Neither have a problem using a simple test array, as follows: $array = array( array('year','month','day'), array('2004','8','20'), array('2008','12','13'), ); The way I'm getting the array I'm trying to use is with the following: $data = $conn->query($sql); // $conn is the connection credentials to the MySQL Database, and $sql is the sql query. $data_array = array(); $data_array = $data->fetch_assoc(); fetch_assoc() is supposed to return an associative array, which it seems to, rather than an object. I have no idea what the issue is.
  20. Vitalius

    Confirmation Before Going for Linux Server

    So I got two things to say about that. One is long winded, but specific and the other is simple and short. Simple first: UREs are rated in bits, not bytes. So 10E14 is 100 Terabits which is 12.5(ish) TB. The long winded thing is a conservative (imo) example of a typical rebuild from a home user's perspective, presuming he bothers to use his RAID adequately but not excessively. It comes out to 14TB of reads by the time the rebuild is done, which assuming the URE rate is spot on, is a 100% chance of hitting a URE. If you need a source: http://blog.dshr.org/2015/05/unrecoverable-read-errors.html BER is another form of URE, just written the reverse. Rather than 10^14 bits, it's read as 10^-14 as "how often it happens" essentially. It's more intuitive to use the URE notation though. Unless something has changed and URE rates are in bytes now, which everywhere I look, that's not true, RAID 5 in this situation with 4TB drives is a bad idea long term. It's basically pointless. May as well solo use each drive independently. Also, you don't increase it by the number of drives. It just has to happen to one drive, and assuming they're all the same drive, the rate wouldn't change since it only needs to happen once to stop the rebuild. It *could* happen more, but it doesn't matter as long as it happens once. Long winded:
  21. Vitalius

    Confirmation Before Going for Linux Server

    He's using 4TB drives. His chances of a URE during rebuild are pretty significant at 4TB worth of storage with 3 drives or more (which RAID 5's minimum is 3 drives). In fact, I think it's over 70% at 12TB of total storage (3 x 4 = 12).