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    FX6300 3.5GHz
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    Asus M5A97 R2.0
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    Corsair 8GB 1600MHz
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    AMD Radeon HD7770 2GB
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    Antec One
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    HyperX 240GB SSD, WD Green 1TB HDD
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    Corsair CX430
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    BenQ GL2460, Compaq FP5315
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    Ancient Compaq
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    Some TeckNet one which is actually pretty good
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    Bose Soundlink Mini
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    Windows 10

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  1. Smart Band Battery Problem

    The battery's probably dead, you'll need to replace it. You'd probably be better off replacing the whole band tbh. It's hard to see what you're trying to do in the pic. What is that thing? Why are their nails in it? Are you using the correct voltage/current etc?
  2. GDPR ON/OFF ?

    Yep with the little switches, dot to the right means on. I think this was originally from Apple?
  3. What kind of HDD is this?

    Did you just mark "thanks" as the right answer?....
  4. Amazon Prime video doesn't have a wide selection but the picture quality is good
  5. New phone (which to buy)

    I would probably say Oneplus 3 then? If you're interested in buying a brand new phone, maybe try to get a Nokia 6 (2017 or 18), or Nokia 5.1 (2018). You can also try Lenovo's Moto G range, but I am personally against buying Lenovo's phones due to their poor update policy.
  6. type until it comes up, use the down arrow to select the option you want to delete, press shift+delete
  7. Fast charging (Samsung s8+)

    I think just the block would be fine with any a-c cable? The only company who need a special cable is OnePlus afaik
  8. New phone (which to buy)

    What is your budget? Those phones should all be "pretty good" but they're too old to receive any further Android updates which could be a security risk.
  9. cheap anti-virus software

    If you're unhappy with the windows defender + malwarebytes combo, instead try Emsisoft
  10. Esd while charching

    If you haven't noticed issues, it's probably fine. Your power just went out. If lightning got into your mains, your fuses would probably blow before it reached your phone.
  11. Do i even need a case?

    You can easy get a cheap case on ebay or whatever, I strongly object to the idea of not using a case if you don't know what you're doing. Also with your GPU: Beware scams where they try to sell you rocks in a box or whatever.
  12. Do i even need a case?

    btw you need to tag or quote people for them to see your response. In theory yes, but it's a bad idea. In theory you can drive a car's chassis on the motorway, but you shouldn't... You can save money by switching to a HDD and lowering your tier of GPU.
  13. Do i even need a case?

    You need a case. On that budget, consider buying a second hand core i3/i5 on ebay and overclocking it. As much as it pains me to say it, swap out the SSD for a HDD. 120gb really is not enough. GTX1060 is too high end for this budget imo. Instead maybe go for a GTX1050ti or RX460 if you can find one.Without a case you run the risk of shorting out your motherboard which would kill it.
  14. I'm not sure how this relates to my post? Anyone could take some keys and resell them on Ebay?