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  1. I'd honestly sit tight with your system for now, at 1440P with a 2070 you're going to be gpu-bound in most games, and the ones you aren't it isn't like you're going to be getting bad performance out of a 2600. Slower than some new gen stuff sure, but still completely acceptable. If it were me, I'd wait it out till at least Zen 3 releases, and see if anything strikes your fancy then. But I personally think it's a bit early to be considering an upgrade from a 2600, it's still a damn fine chip.
  2. Ryzen 5 3600 all day long. It's basically equivalent in performance to a 8700K because of its SMT implementation. Do not EVER get a processor that lacks hyperthreading, i7 or otherwise. There are already titles that stutter and show poor results with the current gen 6 threaded i5s, like Battlefield 5 64 player conquest, Read Dead Redemption 2, and a few others, and that list is only going to expand going forward as more and more people buy into higher core count processors and more and more games are programmed to take advantage of them. The 3600 will last far longer in this regard because of its 12 threads. Not to mention the fact that it has a way better upgrade path than any and all 9th generation Intel processors, due to them being confirmed to be on a dead socket and chipset at this point. TLDR: Get the 3600. You'll be much happier now and further down the line.
  3. Go with the 3700X. No hyperthreading on the 9700K makes it a very bad long term purchase imo, especially if you want this system to last as long as your current one has or longer. The i7 is technically faster in most games, but it's really a minuscule difference in most, all whilst being behind a good 30-40% in multi-threaded workloads. This is also without even mentioning the better platform overall that AM4 provides, better upgrade path, pcie 4.0 etc. The only Intel cpu I'd even consider is the 9900K or the KS, because of the hyperthreading they offer, but when you can get similar levels of overall performance with the 3700X and 3800X, I am hesitant to even recommend them to most people. TLDR: Between those three the 3700X hands down. It will age much better with it's SMT enabled 8 core die especially considering the next gen consoles are also going to have 8C/16T as a baseline.
  4. You aren't going to get many involved answers with such a snarkish reply. If you want to play that game, the question you asked is stupid as fuck to begin with. See? That doesn't do anyone any good. The dude was simply asking for clarification about what you meant. No need to be a douche about it. Furthermore I doubt many people on this forum can answer your question adequately because I doubt many if any one has even had any experience doing what you're talking about. My take on it is you probably can, as long as all electrical contacts of the cpu and socket are met, I don't see why it wouldn't work, but again, I'd be guessing just because I and probably any one else that comes along probably has no experience with what you're asking. EDIT: To add to this it may not work, as you may not be able to mount the cooler properly, because when you go to do so you may end up putting too much pressure on the socket itself without that top retention plate, as I believe it acts as a sort of barrier for the cpu to sit flush against. So electrically speaking it would probably work, practically though I'd consider getting a new motherboard. Again, guessing ofc.
  5. You definitely need to be running dual channel memory, preferably 3200 MHz or higher. Furthermore your graphics card is completely unsuitable for today's demanding games, it's going to need to be replaced if you seek to gain any benefit at all from the platform upgrade. If running 1080P an AMD RX 5700 or RTX 2060 Super would be good places to start.
  6. This ^. The i7 9700K is what the 9th gen i5 should have been. It's a gimped part for purely product segmentation, and will age as such. 6C/6T i5s are already struggling to maintain consistent frame times in some games and I can't imagine an 8 core 8 threaded processor will last that much longer, especially considering next gen console designs are confirmed to have 8C/16T. And yes, console cpus do have specific power and tdp constraints, and will be clocked lower, but keep in mind that most console games target 30-60 fps, so if you're going to be targeting high refresh rates in next gen triple A games you can be fairly certain you're going to require a bit more horsepower than what the consoles are even going to have. To the op, get the 3700X. The extra thread capacity will let this part age much more gracefully than the 9700K which can already be tapped out fairly easily in games like Battlefield 5 64 player high refresh. In my personal opinion, I wouldn't get ANY processor that lacks SMT or Hyperthreading. You're giving up too much for what little gain there may be in current gen games.
  7. Go for the 3600. Pretty much the best bang for the buck processor currently available on the market. It'll be faster than the 2700 as well as roughly matching it in multithreaded performance. The increased IPC of the third gen Ryzen processors has helped gaming performance considerably. The 3600 should be around 200 and for the price difference I would really try to stretch for it. If you cannot and it means getting the non super 2060 vs the Super, I'd probably go for the 2700 and the Super. But again, try to get the 3600 and the Super if possible, as that'd be the best for overall gaming performance. Or consider getting a 5700 from AMD, as it should be cheaper than the 2060S and offer similar levels of performance and may allow you to squeeze the 3600 into budget as well.
  8. The 6700K is still a somewhat decent processor I would say, I owned one before I upgraded and as far as gaming goes it was still pretty solid, although there are games where it would struggle a little bit like with Battlefield 5 on certain maps etc. It really depends on the kind of games you mostly play and how seriously you're going to take streaming. If it's just doing it for fun then I'd say you can still get some life out of the 6700K for a few more years yet granted you lower the stream settings a bit. However if you're wanting to take things more seriously along with other content creation then you're going to find the old quad core starting to hold you back. I'd say the 3700X would be a decent upgrade and in the same price tier your 6700K was when it was new and if you're wanting to play/stream more demanding titles such as BFV or others. The 3600 is also a viable alternative on the more budget end of things, but you're still getting increased ipc and two more cores with it vs your current processor. Honestly though more information is needed to give you a firm recommendation one way or the other as well as the rest of your system specs, but hopefully you can use this as a rough guide of sorts.
  9. For high refresh gaming the 3600 would be a substantial increase in performance over a 1700, higher ipc and higher clockspeeds. Because of this also the 3600 would actually probably beat your 1700 even in multicore workloads, so it'd be an upgrade all around. I'd say go for it, if your main focus is gaming, the 3600 is currently the best price to performance processor on the market, can't go wrong with it.
  10. The game is simply using a high percentage of your processor's resources. You have a 6 threaded cpu, which isn't extremely powerful, and has been demonstrated to have frametime issues in some games already. A 6/12 cpu would give you a bit more headroom for background tasks, but if the performance you are getting is satisfactory, I wouldn't worry about how much cpu the game is using. Tldr, your cpu is limited on resources; to see games using a high percentage of a limited resource cpu is completely normal, and why 6 cores 12 threads are often recommended as the new "standard" when it comes to current and next gen gaming. This doesn't mean your cpu is bad, it just means it isn't as powerful and will not hold up as long as some of it's contemporaries. Games are becoming more and more multi-core aware, and thus you will only see games using more and more of your processor later down the line as game engines progress.
  11. Honestly you'll probably find you'll be ram limited more than anything with a bunch of browser tabs open along with background applications. I know I can use ten to twelve gigs of my 16 easily with just several browsers open plus my game clients and whatever else I have running in the background. All this to say no, the processor will handle minute tasks like that just fine, you're good!
  12. Nah man a 2600 and 5700 will pair really well together, no need to worry about any bottlenecks here. And the 2600 should handle streaming just fine as well with its 12 threads.
  13. You'll notice a much bigger difference in performance between the 1060 and 5700, than you will the 2600 vs 3600. If those are your only options, definitely go with the 2600+5700 combo, it'll perform much better in games overall.
  14. Honestly, I'd just tell him to stay with his current platform if he isn't willing to upgrade the video card as well, as even a locked Sandy Bridge i7 isn't going to bottleneck a 1050 ti. It'd just be a waste to upgrade the platform with such a low end card. If anything upgrade the gpu if he wants more performance.