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    gaming, modding pc,.......


  • CPU
    intel xeon 1321v3
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    MSI H97 Gaming
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    Corsair domniator 8gb
  • GPU
    Inno3d GTX 970 ichill ultra 4x
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    aerocool xpredator white edition
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    WD blue
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    seasonic 520W
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    corsair K70
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    steelseries sensei
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    Sound Deluxe SD760
  1. i was looking for some minecraft videos until i found this one, this video wasnt help me in the game that much, but the music left goosebumps all over me, that is a really really Beautiful song, sounds like post rock i think.... from the band "explosions in the sky" maybe? i dont know! i try to find but it is useless! ......like the title can you guys help me find out what this song is called?
  2. like the title, i want to play this game so baddddddddddddddddddddddd but i dont want to buy a PS....
  3. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/434758-sidepanel-window-with-holes-or-without-hole/#entry5826967
  4. wow, that is weird, for me, it didnt change anything
  5. 6v led? that is normal for 6v led
  6. i see...... but how does it warn me then?
  7. lowest huh?.......... but WL how do i know if my pump is dying or stopped working?
  8. if i complete my water cooling pc build, how may rounds per min should i set to my pump? it's like 1 or 2 or 3........ in the image