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  1. Lolucoca

    First Oscilloscope Recommendations

    To beginners I always recommend getting an old analog oscilloscope. You can pick those things up for next to nothing and they're great for learning purposes.
  2. Lolucoca

    Database for old oscilloscope

    Gould oscilloscopes were pretty popular over here in germany, you might be able to find manuals for your model.
  3. Lolucoca

    Repairing Small Circuits

    I'm using an ERSA I-Con Pico as my main soldering station. One thing to consider when repairing boards with lots and lots of surface mount components is that you want a good hot air station and for BGA rework you either want one of those expensive and large stations or an infrared soldering station. I would recommend against that because it's just annoying and generally not worth reballing BGA chips.
  4. Lolucoca

    R9 270 for 35 € (43 Dollars)

    Nah, I've had that kinda problem before on quite a few GPUs and most of the time they were irrepairable. From my experience it's most likely a problem with the GPU core itself.
  5. Lolucoca

    Capacitor ripped off of motherboard

    post a picture of the ripped off cap please If you can't identify it, I'd replace it with a 1000µF 16V rated cap. Those capacitors are very likely just there to smoothe out the voltage going to the RAM so its ratings aren't *that* important. This is just me wild guessing here though.
  6. Lolucoca

    Video output

    Attach the included beeper and then look up the beep code. That can narrow the problem down a lot. Try switching the RAM to different banks, try it with one stick, etc. That can help in some cases. Right now, the most likely problem seems to be either the motherboard (those things can fail pretty quickly) or your power supply. Do you have any like electrical test equipment (e.g. Multimeter, scope, etc) ready? test the voltages.
  7. Lolucoca


    Of course, it's the card that has to be flashed. It doesn't have to be plugged into a screen but like it should be in your system, of course.
  8. Lolucoca

    what projects have you guys been doing

    I really haven't been doing an awful lot lately. I may have just acquired a dead 4ch 100MHz scope which I'm planning to fix but I'm not sure...
  9. I'd just get a bunch of like 74 series logic chips on craigslist. You got like a hell of a lot of different chips then which is always handy.
  10. Lolucoca

    displaying a binary number sequence

    If you want to go from binary to decimal then use a 74LS138. They're made for that purpose. If you want to go from decimal to binary then use a custom made E(E)PROM. You can flash ROMs to replace combinatorical circuits.
  11. Lolucoca


    Nope, the best thing you can do is get a cheap CH341 Programmer and hard flash your BIOS back. No stupid DOS bootable things, nothing. You just select a ROM file and flash the BIOS back. They're like $3 on ebay. onBoard graphics might work but they're a hassle to get working.
  12. Lolucoca

    Where to buy cheap logic?

    You're going to have to use some combinational logic when working with microprocessors. You could cut down on the cost and use a parralel EEPROM.
  13. Lolucoca

    Where to buy cheap logic?

    ebay, look for logic ic collections, I just picked up 450 logic ICs for 5 bucks
  14. I don't think those chips are using BGA, I guess they're using the standard kinda PGA thing, Socket 988 and such
  15. Lolucoca

    Large capacitor banks lifetime

    Well, it shouldn't damage them that much, I've been doing it with a "mix and match" capacitor bank for years lol
  16. Lolucoca

    GPU scratch

    Scratching a PCB is super hard
  17. Well, it's not the most weird but it's one of the most annoying: Having to hard flash a BIOS to make something work again.
  18. Lolucoca

    Knipex Wire Stripper

    Now those are pretty damn expensive I got one from Knipex as well and it cost me around 32EUR when I bought it, that's all you'll need
  19. Lolucoca

    RGB Camper/Fifth Wheel; Camping in STYLE

    I would just use an Arduino with like an IR remote to control the colors and stuff
  20. Lolucoca

    Soldering at is finest

    I use insulated wire for most things but those are often on consumer grade boards. For veroboards, get uninsulated wire, it'll do
  21. Lolucoca

    Tuner light help

    Or maybe probe the holes with a multimeter first to see if there's any voltage potential on them
  22. Lolucoca

    Tuner light help

    I would try to solder it on and see what happens
  23. Lolucoca

    Another Newbie Wants A NAS

    @SCHISCHKA Of course you don't need 8GB of RAM for a NAS running freenas. I run mine on 2GB which is totally fine. But I wouldn't go lower than that.
  24. Lolucoca

    Another Newbie Wants A NAS

    What I would do is just build some cheap ass Celeron/Pentium system, add a couple gigs of RAM and install freenas. You can handle RAID within freenas. If I were you I would use Plex, it's easy to use. Streaming Data over a Network isn't a hard task cause the decoding is not taking place at the NAS side of things. A Pentium will totally do.
  25. well, a USB cable has resistance and a logic signal can get lost or lose data quite quickly, especially at such high speeds... You'd have to design quite sophisticated circuitry to boost that signal, the cheap and dirty solution would just be to add a hub.