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    I7 4790K 4.0 GHZ
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    16 GB
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    RTX 2070
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    Corsair Carbide Spec 02
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    120GB SSD, 5TB HDD, 2TB EXT
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    Acer Predator XB271HUA 1440p 144HZ
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    Cryorig H7+ CPU Cooler
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    Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO
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    Windows 10 HP

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  1. I think ive found my motherboard Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi Review Now its just the ram.
  2. The Xb271hua is a 1440p 27 inch monitor... mainly because i also like going back and playing older games (lets say half life 2) and its always fun to do so with newer hardware since you can play at settings you couldnt in the past... buuut 1080p 60/144hz windowed is also something i do (Again like multitasking) I am more or less sold on the 3700x, and the closest intel comparison i could find on upgrade packs would be a 9700k set, which is 5790 DKK instead of 4390 DKK, which is 854, and 648 USD As of this writing (The USD numbers are just the show the gap, the actual price numbers dont compare well due to stuff like Tax and Inflation) I would like an ATX Motherboard (more room for installation and potential upgrades), but i think i can figure out a decent motherboard without much issue A bigger issue is RAM. I recall hearing that Ryzen CPUs benefit much more from higher ram speeds than Intel do (And after my search last night, this seems to be due to this infinity fabric thing and something about multiple cpus built into one cpu) My cousin has a 2600 with a b450 tomahawk. The Tomahawk lists 3200mhz ram as an OC, but he has it running out of the box. id prefer not to fiddle with any bios settings unless needed, though i did activate XMP on my current setup, just to see if anything would happen, and nothing bad has happened, and google says its safe, so if thats necessary, i can do that. But from what i can see the Tomahawk isnt listed as 3rd gen ryzen supported, something said cousin also mentioned. I do heavily thank you for this, and apologize if i sound too green. I still feel very green, espicially on the CPU and motherboard side My only other concern once the parts has been selected is the act of installing a PGA CPU. Ive never installed a CPU successfully before (Dad and i was supposed to build this one together when i originally got it, but he just did it himself for some reason. Same for the CPU upgrade (4160->4790k)) However i have installed everything else with my mothers help earlier this year, due to the GPU upgrade, which needed a new case, and therefore transfer to said case. I will take a look at the video, but i think USB Ports and WIFI might be stuff id like (mainly because wifi gives more options if something goes wrong with the cable, or youre temporarily at someplace else), since i dont really play online, the WIFI/Ethernet difference probably doesnt matter much to me.
  3. But is this the right upgrade? Is this the right cpu? Should i upgrade? Should i not? Should i save and get something better? Are there something better?
  4. Sometime early next year i intend to upgrade my 3 and a half year old CPU. I dont truly know what to upgrade to, all i know is that the last 6 months (since i got a 144hz monitor) its been struggling to actually run some games, has temperature issues, or the CPU Fan hits RPMs i dont feel are good (over 1400 RPMs with a max of 1600). I was looking for a Ryzen 3700x upgrade pack (Something they sell here. Its a cpu upgrade that includes CPU, MOtherboard, and RAM, all guarenteed to be compatible. Sometimes a seperate CPU Fan is included). That one would come with stock cooler, but my current one (Cryorig H7+, the one with 2 fans) is AMD compatible, i know that much. But then i saw some posts online say that the 4790k isnt worth upgrading from, which had me a bit frustrated, due to the issues ive had in the last 6 months. Setup is as follows I7 4790k, with Cryorig H7 Cooler (Upgraded from Stock back in Spring when i was tired of the CPUs attempts at breaking 80 degrees in games). No Manual Overclock, but Turbo Boost is enabled (Had it Deactivated, and the Clocks lowered to 3,6 ghz for about a month until i got the new cooler) MSI B85M-E45 Motherboard 2 sticks of 8 GB Ram (had 2x8 and 2x4 for a period, but i had atleast one crash a week) Gigabyte OC Gaming RTX 2070. Corsair Carbide SPEC 02 Case Cooler Master Masterwatt 750 Watt PSU. Acer Predator XB271HUA Monitor. 1. Budget & Location Not that i think it will matter here but. Denmark and, preferably 5000 DKK (Basically RTX 2070 price) 2. Aim Gaming and Standard browsing stuff. Occasionally video encoding (nothing extreme, just stuff like adding another language to a video file, or Subtitles to a video file. Converting Media files (MP4->mp3) and so on) As for my gaming habits, they are quite widespread, so its easier to say what i dont play. I dont play MMOs, i dont play online (Though i have been able to have fun with Coop). Sports games and Traditional Fighting Games (Mortal Kombat and Tekken for example) arent my cup of tea either. I prefer big single player games. 3. Monitors Listed above. 144hz is nice, but is mainly for fast paced games, and older games (to have a better experience than in the past), 60+ for all games, and 100+ if possible is the aim on that. 4. Peripherals CPU is the main goal, but due to having the best LGA 1150 as is (or the second best depending on what you wanted, from what i could find online), Motherboard and RAM is also required regardless. Once i know which CPU is best, i can plan around motherboard and RAM from there, if possible one of the package solutions mentioned at the top. 5. Why are you upgrading? I just dont feel my CPU is handling itself properly anymore. Temps seems to be the biggest issue, but whenever i google "poor FPS in X Game" most of the time, the answers i find are CPU related (GTA V, AC Odyssey/Origins) There are a lot of stuff, so if i missed something, just ask.
  5. I dont have a dedicated soundcard, its motherboard integrated but i DO have realtek on it. It acts up whenever i connect my headphones ,theres 2 parts to it, its a turtlebeach, theres one cable from head to adapter, said cable can be plugged into something like a smartphone or a handheld console for audio and mic simultaneously, for pc i seemt o need the included adapter that splits the main cable into 2, one for audio and one for mic...
  6. Ok, there was no driver on the site... i looked, couldnt find anything. If im lucky its here by tomorrow (17:56 copenhagen time right now) if im unlucky i may need to wait until friday as its 1-3 days and i ordered it a little over noon i think
  7. Given what little research i got SOME result on the green one just needs an audio out (can probably also use that on my monitor for my console, though not with the whole surround setup)... Can i use the others interchangeably like that?? hmm, unless anything can get damaged by it i dont think the risk is high enough to worry. Regarding driver software... thats coming with the thing yes? Or is it something i need to download manually? Im probably gonna need to be carefull on that, os language isnt english. EDIT: This was however what i needed to know... its a bit of a relief that i didnt screw up completely.
  8. Im also a bit tired i think... cause im still confused... i dont actually have the set yet... I think i know how to set the thing up... where im worried is how to take the cables from the set and connect to the motherboard, according to my MOBO manual there needs to go 3 cables from the subwoofer to the motherboard... How will i know which is which. Well if this doesnt work, i will just wait until i get it so i have something in my hand to write with... OR just try around, its 3 cables theres not that many options.
  9. That i knew... what i dont know is what cable goes where? Unless the speaker set lists each cable with RS, FS, and CS... i wont know if its the green cable to pink connector, or orange to pink, or green to blue... I dont own any of the cables yet, thats gonna come with the speaker... as i understood it anyways...
  10. So im ordering this new 5.1 speaker setup, and i think i got the idea of how to connect it to my motherboard from said boards manual, with one exception It lists how to connect 2,4,6, and 8 channel speakers to it, but for 4,6, and 8 some terminology is used which i dont understand Specifically these 4 connections are mentioned Blue (line in for 2 channel) Green (line out for 2 channel) Pink (mic for 2 channel) But for the rest these words are used RS-Out and FS- Out (4,6,8) CS-Out (for 6,8) and SS-Out (only for 8 channel) Now i think i knows what the letters mean (Rear Speaker, Front Speaker, Center Speaker (and subwoofer), and finally Side Speaker) What i DONT know is which cables belong to which. Here is a picture of the cables, Speaker set is "Logitech Z-506 http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/attachments/audio/15370d1324218522-stupid-5-1-audio-hook-up-question-lyhhh.jpg That picture shows them connected to a soundcard, i think, which i dont have, nor do i have those colors... i have these instead Motherboard is MSI B85M-E45 its M-ATX http://www.msi.com/media/product/five_pictures5_2890_20140407154551.png62405b38c58fe0f07fcef2367d8a9ba1/600.png Id also like to know if there is some sort of thumb rule to remember it more easily. I do apologize if this is too much information, but as this is my first post im a bit nervous and didnt want to give too little