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  1. They're not unbearably loud. Just make sure that you don't have anyone in the same room as you that absolutely hates the sound of the keyboard and make sure that it is quiet on your mic as many people don't want to hear your clicks when playing the game. I also recommend getting O-rings if you hammer down on the keys, this will reduce the clack and leave you mostly with the click. It will quieten the keyboard a little bit as well. His "loud" is different from your "loud". Also, what does having a Model M have to do with anything? He asked how loud the Outemus were.
  2. Qyndryx

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    The old Deathadder is actually a good mouse, I'm still using a Deathadder 2013 that I got back in March 2015. It's an awesome mouse and it has never failed me. Though it seems like their latest revisions are having problems.
  3. Qyndryx

    Out of these chairs, which one?

    I've had pretty much both, the second one is much comfier.
  4. Qyndryx

    HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Chatting

    He's going to need to learn JavaScript and PHP anyway. There is no point in wasting time with PHP and Ajax when he could instead work towards starting NodeJS.
  5. Qyndryx

    HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Chatting

    PHP and AJAX real-time chat is always a bit of a pain. Have you considered NodeJS? It's a lot different from PHP but if you power through the initial learning curve it isn't that hard. I'm recommending NodeJS because of Socket.io. It's a real-time JavaScript library that does pretty much all the hard work for you, making it fairly easy to create a chat application.
  6. Qyndryx

    I dont know how to code. Help me please.

    No. Don't spam your friends. It's not funny, it's fucking annoying.
  7. Qyndryx

    Witch mousepad should i get

    HyperX, hands down. Running an extended one since March 2016 and I still love it.
  8. Qyndryx

    Anyone know a good wireless mouse for productivity

    MX Master, or anything else from Logitech pretty much. The newer one is around $100 but you could probably find an old one for less.
  9. Unless your mousepad is made of sandpaper you'll be alright. You should also only have to change the mouse feet every couple of years (if even)
  10. Qyndryx

    Recommend me a mechanical keyboard

    They offer TKL boards...
  11. Qyndryx

    How to change keyboard language windows 10

    Search for "Region & Language settings" in the taskbar, open it and click on the language of your choice under "Preferred languages", then click options. Then click "Add a keyboard", find "United States-International" or whatever one you want.
  12. Qyndryx

    Recommend me a wireless mech keyboard

    I've seen some good things about Velocifire though they seem like a very YGWYPF brand. Might be something that you are interested in.
  13. Qyndryx

    Recommend me a mechanical keyboard

    HyperX sounds like a good match though.
  14. Qyndryx

    Mouse: 2.4G v Bluetooth

    This entirely depends on Corsair's implementation of RF transmission. The difference should be fairly negligible and the best way to know is to test it yourself. Bluetooth is a 2.4GHz standard. It was created so that devices would be easily compatible with each other. However, companies can implement their own method if they want to or need to.
  15. Qyndryx

    how much ram do i choose

    What are you doing with it?
  16. Qyndryx

    Choosing between 2 keyboards

    Ministreak beats Razer. Have you considered a 60% keyboard?
  17. Qyndryx

    Rzer blackwidow chroma v2

    There is no reason for the software not to see the .ChromaEffects extension. Are you sure that you are looking in the right folder? You could try setting the file extension type to all files and see if it shows up.
  18. Qyndryx

    Mice advice

    Logitech G403 Wireless, it's pretty much a better Razer Mamba. There is, of course, a wired counterpart.
  19. Qyndryx

    Is this keyboard good?

    I'd opt for Redragon over this. They are a decent cheap mechanical keyboard manufacturer. They still cheap out on some components but will likely still be a better keyboard than this.
  20. Qyndryx

    Which keyboard?

    They focus on making the keyboard a keyboard, not an acid trip. Quality comes first, aesthetics later. Corsair has it the other way around.
  21. Qyndryx

    61 key keyboard

    You do get used to the function layers, but it might be difficult in some games to use the function key whilst still being able to move/control it properly.
  22. Qyndryx

    Just curious?

    Not necessarily. Some keyboards just put a charging port on the keyboard, it needs to be a passthrough port.
  23. Qyndryx

    61 key keyboard

    If you ever need to you use the function keys and what not, just buy a cheap full sized board and plug it in when you need it.
  24. If a portion of Valve's profits come from cheaters buying games again, you could just say that the competition was funded by cheaters.
  25. When Skyrim and Fallout companions are your only friends