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  1. First of all find out what your memory voltages SHOULD be, these are stick specific, and change them to that, try the XMP profile first, then try manually setting if this fails.
  2. How are your ram voltages? Watchdog clock errors usually something related to OC but could be cpu/memory instructions going bad. Try underclocking/overvolting a little with the ram and cpu.
  3. Does it happen all the time? when walking/flying fast/slow? Is there anything in the background running? Try closing EVERYTHING, including AV/Firewall/Sound Apps/Geforce Experience e.t.c. Do you have another SSD/HDD you can try boot it from? Maybe it's a texture load issue? Try DDU (Device Driver Uninstaller): https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Uninstall all nvidia/amd drivers, reboot and then install the Nvidia driver and PhysX only (no audio or geforce experience stuff) and see if it happens again.
  4. I have a 3570k at 4.2Ghz and I get lag spikes in some modern games quite frequently, it could be the mods are quite CPU bound. Try without the mods, I doubt vanilla Minecraft will have lag spikes, it doesn't with me and I have a generation older CPU.
  5. I don't mean to bump a dead thread but I've also been thinking about painting my 670 DCUII in white, did you follow through with the project? Iif so how did it turn out?
  6. The free version of malwarebytes is just a scan and remove, it doesn't run in the background and try to check files on execution unless you have the pro version. To be honest, malwarebytes is much better than AVG anyway IMO, if you can spare the cash the pro version is worth it if you wanted an AV. I run no AV and haven't had any viruses in 2-3 years, after you spend enough time with computers you will know what to open and what not to open, there's always the case of dodgy scripted ads which don't require any clicking but then we have Adblock and Noscript, which will do more to protect you than any Antivirus will, it mostly depends on the habits of the user and if they open dodgy links/ads/programs. Also If you're going to run one thing on your system in the background I'd reccomend it be a 3rd party firewall (I use comodo), if a virus manages to get on your system it won't be able to phone home unless you allow the connection.
  7. If your current install drive was clean it should be fine, run malwarebytes on it just to be sure.
  8. Doesn't look too cheap to me.... Anyway Their location is a bit dodgy, some flat in london is not a good place for a warehouse. Also the verified bit at the bottom is a bit too overbearing with the "you can trust us" attitude. There seems to be nothing on google about them, so it's a case of how willing are you to put your card details on the line Edit: my google search was bad, you can actually find quite a lot of good reviews about them, seems legit. Edit again: one or two people saying the card processing is dodgy, read this whole thread: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4905540 tbh my instincts are at this point screaming avoid, I'm sure you can find a better place to get your software without needing to second guess your safety. A quote from the other thread:
  9. Why not 2 27s? I run 2 23" monitors on my desk and for me it's big enough, however from experience once you use a bigger monitor, going down a size is never pleasant, even if you then have 2. In saying that, dual monitors is really nice, like WinNut said, very useful for Word, also very useful for background apps and in my case remote desktop (1 monitor for each machine).
  10. It's a good build, What are you using it for? personally I'd take some cheaper 1600Mhz memory as it won't help you for gaming, same with the 4770k, I'd take the 4670k to save cash. The motherboard is also totally over the top, I'd take a Z87-PLUS. The RM series is sweet, super silent, unless you're going for SLI later down the line you could take the 750W and save some more cash. Also, I'd take a 212 EVO, just because it's $100 less and really the chip won't care either way, also no pump noise. If saving money doesn't concern you, it's fine
  11. Nope, just happens the gigabyte is a bit cheaper, the cards are pretty much just as good as each other.
  12. Hey thanks for the replies I'll take a look at those thanks, The chip he has atm has 2 unlockable cores also but the motherboard has no option to unlock them (it's a pre-built PC with a locked-down BIOS). He's playing at 1280x1024 IIRC, on low/medium/high the stutter is the same. Yea I'd have to go to DDR3 If he went for a 6300 but I'm seeing if I can get away with what he has first lol.
  13. Hi all, Was hoping for a bit of insight into a current problem I'm facing. My cousin bought a PC under my direction for £150 a month ago to play some games/do some schoolwork and such a few months ago. It's a Dual Core AMD Phenom II (540 or something like that), so naturally the first thing he did was try to play BF4 on it *facepalm* It has a 560ti in it and 4GB of DDR2, so no problem other than the heavy CPU bottleneck. The problem is he REALLY wants to play BF4 on it and doesn't want to spend more than £70 to upgrade it, and because of the motherboard only taking a 95W max TDP chip, it makes my life hell to search for an outdated CPU with so many constraints. My question here is, would a quad core AM3 processor with a max TDP of 95W even play battlefield 4 well? and if so is there any reccomendations? If it were mine I would sell the Mobo/CPU/RAM and go for a FX6300 build (but that won't go down well if I tell him that) any replies welcome
  14. 60-70c is normal under load, especially if they are in crossfire it could even be considered good.
  15. Hey, Thanks for the Reply So I take it there is nowhere in the setup that will allow you to convert to a GPT Disk? I can always do it from a boot CD if needs be. I updated the BIOS on my 670, (ASUS DCUII), and it's apparently a hybrid so it works with GOP and Older BIOS From here: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?32906-ASUS-UEFI-vBIOS-tool-for-GTX-600-series-cards!-It-s-Here! As for no.4, I read that when you install Windows on a GPT Disk it creates a Security Partition which is hard to image, I found this article: http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/imaging-efiuefi-system-windows-8-and-symantec-ghost-usb It seems like a long winded process just to make an image so I think I'll forget about it XD Thanks again.