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  1. I have a pretty old Blue Snowball microphone kicking around that I want to use a pop filter with, but I have a deep and profound hatred for those large circular ones that constantly have to be adjusted and block your entire peripheral vision with the huge bezel around the edge (I have two of them and have sworn never to use one again). With other microphones you can use smaller pop filters / windscreens such as this one: https://www.amazon.com/Stage-Foam-Ball-Type-Windscreen-Black/dp/B0002GXF8Q/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1535584807&sr=8-5&keywords=microphone+windscreen or this one: https://www.amazon.com/PEMOTech-Microphone-Windscreen-Recording-Streaming/dp/B01J5OTVTC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1535584825&sr=8-3&keywords=audio+technica+at2020+windscreen but these unfortunately don't fit the Blue Snowball because, as indicated by its name, it is a weird ball-like shape and is too fat for any of the above-listed items to properly fit around. I have tried to tell it to go on a diet, but I just will not listen to me, the stubborn little bitch. Is there any alternative small pop windscreen thing that would fit on the Blue Snowball? or could I possibly cut or sort of mod one above windscreens and use some sellotape to roughly but securely place on the Blue Snowball and have it work. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks so much!
  2. So I've been looking at headphones for a few months now, and have found the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO which seem great for what I'm looking for. I'm not an "audiophile" just looking for a good all-around pair of headphones that are comfy, high quality and can be used in a variety of situations, however I've heard that this pair requires an Amp / Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp (whatever it's called) to function properly with my PC. So I'm just wondering what the difference is from just plugging them directly into the motherboard via the headphone jack in the front of my PC case opposed to a separate Amp, and how my current $30 Sony headphones work fine but the beyerdynamic needs an additional device thingy? And also if anyone has any recommendations for a cheap Amp thing I could use, as I don't want to have to spend the same again just to plug in my headphones, otherwise I'll have to keep looking at other brands and models. Thanks for any help!
  3. I've been searching for some new headphones for a while now. I've been using the Song MDR-XB450s for over 4 years now and they've been great, but they're on-ear instead of over-ear and I would like something with perhaps a little more UMPH. I also think going wireless would be incredibly useful. So far I've seen the Sony MDR-XB950B1s which basically look like a upgraded version of what I have now, however they're Bluetooth and I've never had ANYTHING that's Bluetooth that has fully worked properly, and I would also have to get a cheap little adapter to use them with my PC which may not work properly or deteriorate the sound quality. Anyone recommend any good wireless headphones for general PC work, music and editing etc that aren't SUPER expensive? Thanks.
  4. So about half the time when I double-click on an object in the program monitor, or press the "motion" option under video effects in Premiere 2018, the movement / transform lines don't show so I am unable to move or resize the object, forcing me to manually type in the position and scale, which takes an obscenely longer amount of time than just moving the object with the mouse would. Clicking on other random clips for a bit sometimes fixes the issue and restarting the program fixes the issue but it slows down workflow immensely having to close and reopen the program literally every minute when I cannot move or resize an object. This is also only an issue I've had with Premiere Pro 2018. 2017 was FINE and even though I was doing the exact same thing I am now I have never had this issue with 2017, however after the VFR support update I want to switch to 2018 but this issue is really making it impossible for me to edit anything. So anyone know how to fix this? I've tried many different reinstalls and even entire windows reinstalls and hard drive formats and the issue still persists. I'm also wondering if it's actually a feature I have enabled by mistake as well, although like I said I've never had this issue with 2017 Premiere, only 2018. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  5. If anyone is curious as to how I got around this problem, in the end, I just extracted the audio using a ffmpeg script and then combined this with the original .MTS file in Premiere to create a linked file with audio. It's not ideal but it's the best thing I can figure out to do at the moment, and it's nowhere near as fast as having to reencode the entire .MTS file including video.
  6. When I import .MTS files into Premiere Pro, there is no audio to go along with them. I've seen a lot of supposed fixes but none of them seem to work. I've tried copying all the camera files to the PC, importing directly from the camera etc. But with no success so far. One thing I tried seem to half fix the issue, it was to change the name extension from .MTS to .avi and then install the K-Lite Codec Pack (https://www.download.hr/download-k-lite-codec-pack-full.html), and that gave the videos audio but it is just large amounts of static with some barely audible sound in the background. The only thing that does seem to work would be to use Handbrake or similar to convert these files to .mp4, but after 30 minutes of sitting in front of Handbrake with it barely scratching the first file, even with my decent i7 CPU, I gave up and decided to look for other, much for practical solutions. I'm still struggling to get my head around how programs like VLC Media Player, Vegas Pro, and even Windows Media Player handle these files fine but Premiere does not. Any ideas or suggestions with this? Thanks.
  7. Recently I've been trying out Premiere Pro, but have been running into some storage issues when importing footage. Every time something is imported into Premiere, it creates PEK and CFA files. The PEK files are fine being only megabytes in size normally, but the CFA files are HUGE, usually being around half the size of the actual video footage itself. This is a problem because I have lots of long and high file size footage, which means when I tried to import it, I noticed that suddenly my Hard Drive went from having a decent amount of space remaining to pretty much almost full. Vegas Pro also generates its own SFX files, which are almost exactly the same size as Premiere's PEK files, but it doesn't generate anything like the huge CFA files that Premiere does. So I'm asking if there is any way to disable or turn of the generation of these CFA files? It seems weird how Vegas can work perfectly fine without needing creating large support files but Premiere doesn't. Or do I just need a petabyte storage server to hold everything on? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  8. I'm recording some footage with OBS, and according to MediaInfo, the footage is 60fps constant, but the audio still becomes de-synced after a while in Premiere Pro. The audio is only 43.066 FPS though, which could be causing issues, but I think this is down to the 44.1 kHz sampling rate. How would I record my footage as to not become de-synced over time in Premiere, and I don't want to have to run it all through Handbrake as that would take HOURS, and the footage is already at a constant frame rate so I'm not quite sure what the actual issue is. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  9. Is it possible to do this effect in Vegas Pro (14), with one end of a line staying stationary whilst the other is able to move, in this case, tracking an object. (start at 1:28) If so, how?
  10. I've been using Voicemeeter for a while now for splitting game and Discord audio and can't live without it, but I can't get rid of this slight audio delay that is driving me crazy. I have tried everything but nothing will remove the delay, so I'm looking for an alternative. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks.
  11. I have used this program before and it's awesome! It's called 'Destroy Windows 10 Spying' (link: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/destroy_windows_10_spying.html) and you can remove all the bloatware and windows 10 spying features in one go.
  12. Make sure that there isn't anything USB related disabled in the BIOS that shouldn't be. Otherwise, the port just might not be able to support that type of data transfer or have enough power to power the USB storage device. If you have other available USB ports to use, then I would just use them and use the front ones for your keyboard and mouse and not worry about it.
  13. After using Voicemeeter for a while now, I don't think I can live without it. There is only one issue I'm having, and that is that the audio is very slightly delayed. This wouldn't be noticeable to the average PC user watching videos and whatnot, but when playing CS GO, it is VERY noticeable. Rather then the sounds playing right when I hit the mouse button, it happens slightly after, which isn't good for competitive CS. When using WDM, MME or KS modes of output, the delay is huge, it is only when I use the ASIO mode that is becomes usable. I have tried changing pretty much every settings I have come across but nothing has worked. http://i.imgur.com/SWdyPJd.png Here is a screenshot of my Voicemeeter Banana, I have come here after trying everything I can think of. Thanks
  14. It seemingly happens randomly. Sometimes I'm scrolling and nothing happens, others the spike will occur. My CPU is the i7 6700k running at stock also.
  15. So I've been using Sony Vegas / Vegas for quite a while now and really like it. It does everything I need it too and it works great. However seemingly randomly my CPU will just up to 80 - 90% while editing (In task manager I can see that it's Vegas that's causing the issue). This makes the program laggy, unresponsive and pretty much impossible to use. I just end up having to sit there for a couple of minuets until the CPU usage comes down back to it's normal 10 - 20%. I thought the issue was occurring when I saved the project, but after testing I don't think this is the case. I can throw the timeline around and save it tens of times in the space of a few seconds and the program holds it's own, but then later during standard editing random spikes occur. I have changed all the settings I can find and reinstalled it multiple times and nothing has worked. Also RAM and drive usage stays normal during these spikes so I don't think it's them that's causing the issue. And all other programs work fine. Any help appreciated, thanks.