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    Worcester, South Africa
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    Fortran, Python and C.

    Mesh networking is an interest of mine, but programming consumes most of me.
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    Free Software Developer.
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    Free Software developer


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    Gigabyte Something
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    Some RAM
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    I use this for mining stuff
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    Two displays
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    Razer Deathstalker
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    Trsiqual GNU/Linux-libre

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  1. I do not need gaming specs. or anything.
  2. Confirmed its a sub-dvision of Acer. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDX1zheP7Ao
  3. I use GNU/Linux-libre (Fast, Freedom and Powerful)

  4. You got that from bullshit.net
  5. I don't need amazing performance. I just need Python and Nano. (A programming language) and (a text editor) respectively.
  6. What's terrible about them?
  7. I'm 200% sure that that doesn't sound right. really. HP is Hewlett packard, why would... Damnit, of to wikiepdai. Lol
  8. I was thinking of that.
  9. Who is Packard Bell? And are they known for anything, good products etc. ?