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  1. Reference in Batman show

    In the Episode "Trails of the Demon" in the American animated TV show "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", I couldn't help but notice a name on one of the gravestones. (the one on the right) A google search of the name led me to "John Carlson", an American ice hockey player for the Washington Capitals. I could be wrong about this reference, but maybe one of the show's animators is an ice hockey fan?
  2. *whistles*. Don't see too many 10,000RPM drives around nowadays. As I understand it they were used in enthusiast and high speed enterprise situations before SSDs took off, and these drives were discontinued as SSDs fell in price/GB compared to these ones, not to mention the reduction in power draw. I think there were even 15k ones as well, with Seagate making the last lot of 15k drives in 2016. Not surprised really. https://www.servethehome.com/seagate-launches-final-15k-rpm-hard-drive-rip-15k-hdds/
  3. Apple and Intel delay 5G adoption on iPhone

    Indeed. 4G is still being rolled out in some countries and the new gear will be expensive for telcos to install. Not to mention next to no, if any devices actually have the capability to use the standard yet.
  4. Just picked up this bad boy for my Samsung S7


  5. IPV4 no connectivity when on wifi.

    My advice: Reboot the router. A lot of internet problems can be caused by junk piling up in the router's RAM. Ensure the router has adequate ventilation. Restart the PC you are using on WiFi. Assuming you're using 2.4Ghz, there might be interference on this frequency band. Common culprits are baby monitors or a neighbour's WiFi using the same channel as yours. This spectrum is particularly congested these days. Check for driver updates for your wireless NIC. Use wires wherever possible. The reliability improvements are better than wired.
  6. Does the box have it?

    Should be on a little card inside the box.
  7. Ikr. Telstra throttles me to 1.5Mbps after I exceed my 40GB cap. But it's unlimited.
  8. Diy powerbank

    I've heard good stuff about Anker in the power bank dept, though I bought a TPLink 20,0100mAh one because I like to have a super size one for multiple recharges. Really makes my Samsung 2A charger work hard to charge that thing.
  9. Tough to say. I think games cache graphics into RAM to reduce dependencies on system storage, but you might experience hitches here and there as the game loads data from disk. Perhaps an SSD upgrade is on the horizon? (See what I did there?)
  10. You may need to re-calibrate the battery so Windows knows the true capacity. If the battery becomes mis-calibrated, Windows may think the battery has 20% left when really it's running on absolutely empty. This article on howtogeek.com lists the steps. https://www.howtogeek.com/172271/how-to-calibrate-your-laptops-battery-for-accurate-battery-life-estimates/ Failing that, there might be a fault with your battery.
  11. Lmao. Just set my desktop's year to 2079, and Steam couldn't put together my page in the desktop app. Appeared as a bunch of missing images and no formatting. Browsing was broken due to the "expiry" in HTTPS certificates.

  12. I don't think 1GB HDDs are still made today.


  13. New Build CPU Fan Error

    Your system will throw this error if there is either no fan, the fan is jammed or a failed fan is plugged in to this header. Check to see if your main CPU cooler is plugged in to the CPU header. It's a safety feature to let you know that your CPU cooler may have died.
  14. I've had great success with the Netgear GS205/GS208 models. They have activity lights on all the ports whereas the ones you're suggesting do not. Excellent performance on my all GBE network.
  15. Intel gpu

    The Intel HD Graphics uses system RAM as it's VRAM. That version of the iGPU though is for 2nd gen Intel processors, so don't expect to be playing Overwatch at 4K. You might have to drop your quality settings in your games to lower levels if you haven't already. As for adding VRAM, you're pretty much out of luck. Modern iGPUs support the option to allocate more system RAM in the BIOS, but one that old, I doubt it would have this option at all.