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  • Birthday 1996-10-02

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    Technology, 'specially Computers
    Educating my family about Computers
    My Little Pony (Yes, I am a brony)
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    Running a Facebook Page


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 6600 Skylake
  • Motherboard
    ASUS B150M PLUS D3
  • RAM
    2x 4GB Kingston ValueRAM + 2x 4GB Kingston HyperX
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti
  • Case
    Thermaltake Versa H23
  • Storage
    480GB Kingston SUV400 SSD + 2x 4TB Seagate Barracuda's + 1 WD Blue 6TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM550x
  • Display(s)
    1x ASUS VC239 @ 1920x1080 + ViewSonic VA521 + LG L194WT
  • Cooling
    Stock Intel CPU Cooler, 3x 120mm intake, 1x 120mm exhaust, 1x 80mm Intel CPU Fan
  • Keyboard
    Coolermaster Devastator II
  • Mouse
    Coolermaster Devastator II
  • Sound
    Realtek High Definition Audio --> Sony CMT-SBT40D
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 x64 v1803 (Spring Creator's Update)
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  1. LunaP0n3

    Which HDD enclosure will work with my decade old HDD?

    Any 3.5" enclosure that has SATA on it should work. Should be as simple as sliding the drive in, screwing in a few screws, and connecting it up. I'd run a self test in the drive before you begin using it though, just to make sure the drive is functioning correctly.
  2. I used the Win10 iso downloader available here to create my iso image that I used to upgrade my system. No problems here. This was then loaded onto a stick with Rufus and I launched the installer from there.
  3. LunaP0n3

    Can an SSD Boost speed of an Old System.

    You'll lose 50% of the bandwidth compared to 6Gb/sec. 300MB/sec vs 600MB/sec
  4. My Fallout 4 is 107GB after mods and the DLCs. But still, not everyone has the download cap to be downloading triple gigabyte games. Physical media for games like this might still hold some relevance after all.
  5. LunaP0n3

    Asus anti-surge triggered

    I got something like this with my Asus board when I used a RM550x to replace my stock Thermaltake one. The board didn't like the new unit and kept triggering this message. When I disabled it the system would often shutoff at random intervals and would often enter a boot loop when I fired my system. I tried everything to make my system fire, but it absolutely refused to run with the Corsair. Eventually I just gave up and absorbed the cost of the unit as I was past 30 days to get it returned, and I wasn't willing to fluff around with getting the unit RMA'd. I suspect I just got a bad unit. Your PSU might be bad in this case.
  6. Late night tinkering with an old Core 2 Duo system.

    It came with Windows Vista though, so that very much had to go.

    320Gig Samsung HDD, 2 gigs of RAM and a Core 2 Duo E4600. Running Win10 for now.

    Probably going to pop a GbE card in, and run FreeNas with a drive or two sometime later.

    20180930_211506 - Copy.jpg

  7. This guy really didn't want any WiFi deadzones in his place. Link.


  8. PSA: The WD My Cloud doesn't support exFAT. Just found that out the hard way.

    Use drives formatted as NTFS or FAT32.

  9. Forgot to install the standoffs on my first one. Fried mainboard anyone? Went back the shop and got a better board, making sure to install the standoffs the second time around. Never. Making. That. Mistake. Again.
  10. Here we go...! My first 8TB drive!


  11. LunaP0n3

    Netgear R7000 boot failure

    I've done that, but my PC reports "destination host unreachable".
  12. LunaP0n3

    Netgear R7000 boot failure

    I tried to use that, but the router won't respond. "Unable to get responses from the server"
  13. LunaP0n3

    Netgear R7000 boot failure

    We had a power outage earlier today, which came back on for a second, then off, then later it came on for good. When I checked on my R7000, it was doing this and is seems to be stuck on startup. My suspicion is that the firmware has been corrupted. I've tried the reset button and multiple power cycles, but It always starts up to this state. Would appreciate any ideas here. Willing to open up the unit if necessary. Got any questions? Ask them.
  14. LunaP0n3

    Unexpected PC shutdown/restart

    Did some Googling. It would appear that your Windows Boot Config Data is damaged. I'd recommend creating a recovery disc, then using that to run the Command Prompt. From there you can re-write your BCD. bootrec /rebuildbcd Failing that, your SATA data cable that attached to your 500GB drive may be faulty or loose.
  15. Disney Pixar's "Monsters Inc" did VR before it was cool.