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  1. Not for your own actions. You didn't do anything wrong, as innocent as he is.
  2. If need be, would you kill someone? Like you had to, or else you'd be taking some harsh consequences. The guy is just a normal guy, you don't know if he will better society or worsen it, and you also don't know what possible effects he could have on your life if you do or don't kill him. He is until you kill him though just a normal average joe. He isn't a kid, just a dude in the 20-40 range of age. Would you do it? My opinion, and alot of people are going to end up getting angry over this and start saying that I'm destined to become a heartless serial killer lol: The guy is going to die anyways sooner or later in life, whether I kill him, or he gets hit by a bus, kills himself, dies naturally, he's going to die. So I really don't see the point of hesitating to kill him, especially if you really needed to. And please don't give me that "you don't know what it's like to kill someone until you've done it before, you might not be able to pull it off, blah blah blah psychological shit" Regardless of that psychological shit, would you kill him?
  3. So I'm supposed to be getting on the 90 to get to my house. I call up (because I transferred over from another bus) I call up the bus information thing, and it said the bus is coming in 10mins. I said ok, 10mins, not bad. 45mins later it's still not there. I call again, apparently it's now 27mins lol. A few mins later I ask one of the bus drivers, (because I am at a terminal, so there are a few buses there at a time) and he said it should be coming in after a couple minutes. A guy comes in and says that he's driving the 90. Said he's goiing to be leaving in 10mins. Then lol, another bus on route 90 comes in, and that dude is just going nuts, "ARE YOU GOING ON THE 90? WELL ITS RIGHT HERE GET ON GET ON GET ON" the dude said that he was the 2;20 bus, and I look at my watch, its 2;50, so this guy doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. ALl of a sudden, he leaves, I'm standing there confused as hell, and then I end up waiting another 20mins for the other 90 lol. This is why I ride a bike everywhere, that and the fact that it's alot more fun than the bus.
  4. I want a turtle, those things are awesome as pets.
  5. What do you expect to get when you make an offtopic section, it's name is offtopic for a reason And yes, I agree with you on that
  6. Yea I understand what you guys are saying.. If I ever was in that experience, I'd be going after the girl, the dude I couldn't care less about. I wouldn't go start a fight over a girl who isn't even really worth it
  7. Why is it that when girls cheat on their boyfriends, the dude always ends up going and starting fights with the guy. I've never understood that. Shouldn't he be mad at the girl because she cheated on him.. The dude was just doing what dudes do, getting pussy, but the girl was the one who cheated. I understand if it was like your bestfriend who was with your girlfriend and you get angry, but just a random dude? I'd get mad at the girl tbh, wouldn't really care about the guy, unless he was being a douche. What are your opiniions? I just think it's kind of stupid to go after the guy and try to fight him, unless he's being a douche about it. The girl should get the real hard feelinz
  8. shit, your right.. I was a bit confused on the dates. NEVER MIND
  9. She would if she existed *slowly sobs into keyboard*
  10. CANADA DAY MOTHAFUCKAS Happy canada day.. Ok, yes I know, I'm a little late, but it's the thought that counts
  11. I don't fucking know lol. I didn't type it out in there though if that's what you're askingXD
  12. Oh shit, didn't even realize that was in there lol. I don't know how it got in there... I'll remove it anyways sorry if it offended you