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Everything posted by AyBuild

  1. I think everyone should watch kuusen madoushi in its entirety. I know I've said this before but its an entire season of Mars of destruction.
  2. 6 episodes into CG crown and wtf is happening...
  3. Shomin sample is only available in a raw so IMA wing it. Edit: finished, I an now more confident with my Japanese skills, or more likely my common sense.
  4. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is looking good for an ecchi anime. Let's hope it goes the same as The irregular at magic high, so pretty decent.
  5. I did but then Tapatalk screwed with me, i normally like maths but not when it isn't a challenge like reverse percentages in year 9 seriously (I think 10th grade).
  6. Its more bearable but similar in the ending.
  7. Its fine just don't watch the last episode, then you'll be fine, it could have easily ended episode 12. Episode 13 should have been another 12 episodes.
  8. Starting to learn Japanese, hoping to play persona 5 in Japanese ( never happening )
  9. I had to put a screen protector on my s6 edge plus and its a wet application so not working amazing from get go ahh well
  10. For y'all who cried to Charlotte or Angel Beats 2k16 my career had me closer to crying than that. No joke the spike Lee bit is sad.
  11. Didn't want the hassle I was sure it was A grade
  12. Fuck CEX saying my OPO is B grade doesn't have a fucking scratch. Sold it for £124 argh. Guarantee I'll get a call from some ignorant employee saying it has 'cyanogenmod installed so it must be rooted' guarentee it.
  13. Charlotte was looking a solid 8 but now more like a 6.5 because that ending was shit.
  14. I don't really think it's even considered cross dressing over here.
  15. Meh it worked nice on my oneplus one. I'm holding back on rooting this because I want Samsung pay. Not that it's even out over here.