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  1. I think your the type of person that really enjoys starting arguments...
  2. The only good xb's are the 950s the rest are really uncomfortable.
  3. The beherdynamic pro ones have a bass slider and are good. Sony xb950ap are the most comfy headphones I've ever tried, great value sound and bass.
  4. guilty crown is pretty good so far (episode 11) i wonder when the mind fuckery comes in. Edit: whelp it comes in episode 13!!!
  5. I don't remember the manga being that bad
  6. Chivalry of a failed knight just turned into harem bait yay...
  7. But wonderwall isn't a song you play to learn, you choose to play it once you have the skill (of which none is needed)
  8. Don't watch the actual series watch this https://youtu.be/HEn7-e8ZmJM or at least watch afterwards it's funnier than the actual series
  9. I'm on the floor laughing! Do I have a bad sense of humour
  10. https://youtu.be/AmSOJeIkITc hahahahahhahahah. I dare you watch it.
  11. The surface pro 4 is appealing due to that pen but even though I would use it I feel like I would end up just using a laptop as you don't have to hold it.If your referring to eroge as cartoon games, please sit in the corner and think about what you have done.
  12. Welp, that's out the window then...
  13. I play nba2k and Fifa. It doesn't need to get far. My reasoning behind not getting a desktop is that I really wouldn't use it. I literally sit at my desk and use my laptop sometimes. I can't watch anime on a desktop because I watch a fair amount of ecchi and I don't want my parents seeing that. Also eroge, don't want them seeing that. It just mounts up to the fact that I would've just been using in home streaming.
  14. Keep in mind I don't use desktops, so I dont have a gaming PC.However it all depends on the gpu in the surface book.
  15. Idek. I mean I can't see someone cracking out my song from Angel Beats though, that's 10x better than wonderwall
  16. Guitar is second most versatile IMO. I watched some guy take his guitar to our school fields ie where the boys and girls school meets. Followed him. He starts playing wonderwall... I'm out.
  17. This is the new xps 15. For you all who don't keep up. And it has a 960m, perfect laptop for me. Probably gonna get the 1080p one. its beautiful
  18. Learn piano, more versatile. Even though I play clarinet at a much higher level I can't do any anime tunes on my clarinet is very annoying.
  19. Mars of destruction? (I know its 2005) [emoji23] [emoji23]
  20. Like old old anime? Cowboy bepop, I guess, inuyasha, flcl etc