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  1. revision [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4] Stopped revising, IMO bebe from the third film annoys me...
  2. Yeah Corel painter was better than Photoshop when i had it. I just don't use it enough.
  3. I have a wacom tablet but can't draw for shit on it. I can on a cintiq though (tried one once) they are the goat
  4. Oops... Fixed sorry if I ruined it for anyone.Movie three be trippy
  5. Yeah of the second film don't spoil the last
  6. They weren't joking when they said madoka gets deep.
  7. Ddos protection is off. Yay I can use Tapatalk again
  8. Dropped TV madoka at episode 8 starting movie 2
  9. But the TV opening is so good compared to the movie.
  10. I don't keep track of my manga reading, because I just binge read late night.
  11. They're 25 minute episodes I don't think so
  12. Maybe I'll have to watch that after then
  13. I quite like the raw style tbh it looks fine to me for 2011. My rule is if its HD then its fine.
  14. finished baccano! the entire format of the show got me like this
  15. Just woke up @ 6 In the morning so I could go see man city away today (football/soccer). The game is at 3 in the afternoon
  16. Episode 9 of baccano is sickening damn
  17. Kantai will be next on list. Watched k-on. Need to watch chuuni will look @ rest
  18. Recommendations pls, don't care what genre as long as HD and good story.
  19. Dropped psycho pass. Wasn't my style. DAMNIT UROBUCHI
  20. Started psycho pass. I love anything with gen urobuchi even close to it (aldnoah zero season 1)
  21. Guilty crown finished. Felt reasonably sad @ end. Nowhere near crying though. I didn't think it was that mindfuck. Apart from all the resurrections