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  1. Oh it was just round the edges from dropping on concrete, loses grip eventually. Most of the damage was from someone knocking it out my hand
  2. Get a casebase one, used for a year and didn't fully crack once felt like using the screen as normal.
  3. I've found one on ebay for £80 dual socket might pull the trigger
  4. Yup, however I had the idea from someone on the forum before. Using w5560s or something.
  5. How do dual socket 775 xeons do gaming. However I would be editing video and photo more.
  6. £800 including that monitor(God damnit I double posted sorry)
  7. I will bet loads that ao no kanata will simply be another show like that one I found hilarious in the summer season. (Kuusen madoushi) Or will be harem bait.
  8. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/Kpmtzy this is probably what i'll make. (Making a hackintosh)
  9. Pretty sure thats conor maynard, he has released top 10 real songs in the uk at least.
  10. Really just considering getting a custom built pc, just can't be bothered with all the time and want to be able to play with it and not have to build it on christmas. UGHHHH
  11. Should I bother with 1440p on a $1100 kbm monitor build or nah. I'm not bothered about 30fps. Im used to console.
  12. Anime is too much in Japan tho. Am I the only one who likes the anime but not the merch?
  13. This x100. Someone I knew taught himself by ear until a grade 4 standard but now that he has to start grades he has to read sheet music and struggles badly. I started on sheet music though and now playing by ear is a bonus.
  14. I can play anything on my clarinet by ear however I can't do chords (You can but they sound horrible) so it's too easy too bother with anime songs
  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_school_uniform
  16. Yeah, I swear the name for that type of school uniform is sailor uniform.
  17. Wallpaper material, but the aspect ratio is weird. 16:9 (sorry about double post)
  18. http://akxjnz.deviantart.com/art/Kirijo-Text-Art-Persona-3-574990193?ga_submit_new=10%253A1448737770