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  1. Man, George Orwell was warning us back in 1949. Now look at what's happening.
  2. This question is a very philosophical one, as it questions the most fundamental part of our human existence. Now, people have an innate desire to worship or believe in a transcendent deity or spirituality of some kind. I mean, every ancient culture had some kind of religion, mostly polytheistic deities like Osiris, Zeus, Set, etc. However, what makes the Christian God, the Muslim God, or the Jewish God (they all worship the same one, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, with differences like the Holy Trinity) differed from those gods? There is only one. Well, the Christian God (I am a Catholic) is not just an item in the universe. He doesn't need us to worship Him to exist. I personally like Aquinas's definition of God: the non-contingent foundation from which all continent things rise. God cannot be proven on merely empirical grounds because He specifically created things that can be empirically verified. That is just a category error in questions God's existence. The universe cannot have existed forever because everything inside the universe is contingent and it is finite and is dependent on the Big Bang. Now, let's go one step further, what caused the Big Bang? If gravity is a main perpetrator, then what created gravity? There has to be something that is able to bring gravity and the universe ex nihilo, or else we have an infinite regress problem, or the phrase, "it just happened."
  3. So, this is yet another sign from Intel that 10nm is being a little problematic for them?
  4. Plot twist: it's all for the 7th generation iPod, which will have no headphone jack or charging port.
  5. https://www.mazdausa.com/vehicles/mx-5-miata?semid=408-534-45-76&providertag=MazdaSEM&servicetag=408-534-45-76&t=1&k_clickid=553a902b-ff04-4c67-b396-dec6f61e2000&k_keyword=mazda mx 5 miata&k_matchtype=Exact&gclid=CjwKEAjw1qHABRDU9qaXs4rtiS0SJADNzJis8g_snbQ2awKh9Smyhuk-KD4nebaxBSh18ybzV3A_mhoCF4fw_wcB Guess Mazda gave up and were like: "Yeah, it's kind of a Miata now."
  6. Source: https://electrek.co/2016/10/19/tesla-fully-autonomous-self-driving-car/ Cool. While I'm not really a fan of full autonomous driving, this is a major technological step. Most of the auto industry is worried.
  7. OK, despite it being an tiny tiny GPU, GP107 is one of the most interesting things Nvidia has done in a while. Why? Nvidia didn't go with TSMC 16nm and instead went for 14nm. Is this Nvidia telling everyone AMD has a better process? I have no clue.