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  1. Barbilla


    Thx @Thunderzzu ! It is a pretty good solution for high bandwidth long range connections, however it does not provide the flexibility of an omnidirectional signal to devices that don't really need that much bandwidth but to be connected. That's good info @Levisallanon, i just wish there were more reviews, testing and info on this product and its applications... I wonder if this is compelling enough for a LTT video *-*
  2. Barbilla


    Has anyone tried this product? I believe it's German and it's claiming 20+Km WiFi range at 1Mb/s speeds. Sounds interesting for some specific applications but does it deliver as promised?
  3. NEW Razer Blade 14 If you're watching this post FUCK YEAH.
  4. I'm currently running on a Gigabyte BXBT 1900 with a 17" 4:3 Acer monitor, a QQ Tech mini bluetooth keyboard/mouse and my NarMoo W1M Dual-driver Headphones as my peripherals.
  5. It seems amazing... I love its form factor, it feels like u can just carry it on your backpack with a NUC and get on gaming everywhere!
  6. The Excalibur v2 keyboard plz!! I want it 'cause my current keyboard is like 10 years old and it sucks. Thx Tesoro and LMG for the giveaway!