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    Bodybuilding, motorbikes, games.
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    Racing Mechanic


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    i5 - 8600K
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    MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    Corsair LPX 3000MHZ 16 GB
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    EVGA 1070 FTW ACX 3.0
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    Corsair Obsidian 450D
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    Samsuns SSD 850 EVO 120GB + 250GB
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    Evga Supernova 550 GS
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    Benq Xl2411 144HZ 1080P
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    Corsair H100i V2
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    10$ Logitech Keyboard
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    Logitech G402
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    Logitech G230 Headset
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    Windows 10
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  1. I just ordered the case because I’m upgrading my pc and the new you won’t fit in my current case (meshify C) with the front aio and fans. What I need to know is if anyone has this case with 3 fans at the bottom as Intake, 3 at the top as Intake with the aio at the top and 3 on the side as exhaust. This is the setup I would like to go and it kinda makes sense to me better than any other because both gpu and cpu would get fresh air and all the hot air would be exhausted on the side. Thanks in advance
  2. Ardy

    HD650 New or Used

    See the thing is that i don't have anything that can drive those headphones to really loud volume, my plan was to buy the headphones this week and in a couple of weeks an amp. If the guy that sells them has something that can drive those headphones i'll try and to the volume test but otherwise i'm unable to do that. Maybe i should just drop a few more $$ and just get them new.
  3. Ardy

    HD650 New or Used

    I want to get the HD650 and i have to make a choice between used and new. The new ones would cost me 410 CHF and the used ones would cost me 295. I always prefer to buy new but if i can get them for 120CHF less used it wouldn't hurt. https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/sennheiser-hd650-kopfhoerer-969764936 This is the link for the used ones. What do i have to look for when i go check them out? I don't wanna risk getting bad headphones. Is there any know issue with these headphones? Since i don't have an amp atm i can't bring my laptop and amp to test the headphones but as soon as i get them i'll be buying an amp. Thanks for the help PS The seller claims to have bought the headphones in early 2016.
  4. So i just bought a pair of Sennheiser HD650 and i need both and amp and a dac or a combo. I wanna avoid buying something like the O2 or Schiit because the shipping from the states to europe is too expensive and it's not worth for that price range. Does anyone know of a good option from a european brand for about 200/250€? Thanks for the help
  5. I can't even hear my case fans at the same rpm as the corsair fans, and besided i tried evry profile from corsair link, even tried setting custom profiles but nothing helps, those fans are just loud as hell.
  6. So i recently replaced my stock fans on the h100i v2 because they were too loud and because i wanted RGB fans so i bought the HD 120 RGB and i already want to get rid of them because they're loud as a jet engine, performance is good but i can't live with that amount of noise, can anyone suggest me some good fans for static pressure that don't sound like a jet engine? Price doesn't matter. Thank you
  7. Princess Cadence is right, go with the 8600K, you can check benchmarks on youtube if you want. 8600k is superior to 7700k and there is no arguing. I myself have the 8600k overclocked at 5ghz with 1.290v, i won the silicon lottery in this case but from what i've seen you should have really high chances to get to 5ghz or close. I have the same AIO that you're getting and temps never go above 85C in gaming (I mostly play BF1 which is super cpu intensive and can get to 90% utilization). For other games i've never seen anything above 60% and 70C.
  8. I did some testing myself with a laser thermometer and there is nothing that comes even close to 80 on my motherboard even though i'm overclocked to 5 ghz. It's just corsair link. Maybe with the next update they will fix it, Z370 is a new platform so it kinda makes sense. Don't worry about it.
  9. Running the 8600k at 5ghz here and temps can get very high very quick without delidding even with the h100i v2. That is under stress test ofc. In gaming it all comes to ambient temperature and cpu load. But i've personally never seen anything above 85. So he should be fine with the 8350k even with an air cooler.
  10. Running the 8600K at 5ghz here, in gaming you won't notice any difference between i7 and i5 especially if you game at 1440p or 4k. For what you do i wouldn't consider ryzen since it's worse at gaming and you'll have plenty of power even with the i5 for any type of light work.
  11. To switch color on that ram there is a slider on the modules. You should be able to connect the ram to the RGB header on your motherboard if you have one otherwise you're stuck with the slider and 3 colors (red,blue and green)
  12. Oh and for some reason FAN n2 which doesn't exist in my pc spins up to 30k rpm according to corsair link
  13. One is idle and the other one is under load. Didn't wait for it to reach 127 though. But the min is 77 and max is 127 always. I checked the temperatues with CPUID HWMonitor and nothing comes even close to 77 on the motherboard according to that.
  14. It fluctuates between 77 and 127, 8600k at 5ghz. I touched the motherboard everywhere while under load but nothing feels that hot. I'm sure if power delivery or vrm was at 127c i would get burned, but nothing feels that hot that i can't keep my fingers on it. Maybe it's just corsair link acting weird.
  15. Not worth at all for 4k. You won't see any significant boost in gaming because you're not stressing the cpu as much as you would at 1080p.