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  1. i followed your guide and went to the Microsoft website for the software download but it has refused me because the software pre-installed by the manufacturer, how should i proceed, is my best bet to just buy another copy of windows?
  2. thanks thats really useful. quick question, would i be alright to install the drivers from the disk that was in the box and then update them as i go.
  3. it has the sticker, but i wasn't supplied an installation disk, what is the easiest way to create one? just to be clear to do a clean installation all i need to do is swap the drive, put the back up disk in and then put the code in?
  4. hi, im looking to install an ssd in my laptop, ive checked in the manual and know how to physically install it. However my problem is have complete ignorance on how to transfer files and windows.... my laptop has 2 hard drives os(c:) 254gb and DATA (D:) 316gb, i wish to replace os(c:) with a 240gb ssd i have about 100gb of data on os(c:) and DATA (D:) is completely empty. How should i go about getting, my copy (legitimate) of windows 7 and files to the new drive? - i am planning on updating to windows 10, should i do this before or after the drive swap? thanks... ps. Please be as comprehensive and patronizing as possible as i have no idea what the hell to do.
  5. please show us where.... cos i can whiff something
  6. fun fact, the stars and bars represent racism just as much as the confederate flag. Lets all remember that the Union did not go to war to emancipate the blacks, nor to remove bondage. The confederate flag represents a resentment towards industrialisation, attacks on slavery expansion and declining political power. the confederate flag was flown by almost a million of non slave owning southerners who fought a war on their soil for their perceived liberties.
  7. this whole thing seems really strange... they would have to had to produce them month(s) a ago, games go gold a month before release, at least. I get why they didn't tell anyone, its not a good look to spray shit in your own mouth during E3, but this really dodgy.
  8. if this is a recent development then why did it take so long for them to realise the poor quality of the models?
  9. but from the trailer it feels like a continuation of ds2, like its building of that specific part of the world and the lore, and i just dont feel invested in that at all. If me the player is expected to already understand this world and how it was shaped then im afraid ive no interest. And i do get that games are more about gameplay, and that Miyazaki's return might bring about the (imo) superior gameplay of DS1. However if i want that ill just play ds1........
  10. ive never been interested in it either, but my god that gameplay got me stoked, like almost fallout 4 levels of excitement. plus with all the ps4 re-releases (god of war, uncharted last of us ect) its shaping into a platform that i really want to get. If in the summer we see either a price drop/ storage increase/ or some super bundle i think im gonna go for it. On Bloodborne, ive seen a few lets plays and i really like the look of it, something just clicks when i watch it, i think i understand the game the same way i understand darksouls.
  11. for me Bloodborne looks like a proper follow up to dark souls, and now after the reveals of Last guardian and Horizon im gonna have to save up and buy a ps4 they all look too good
  12. part of that "quality" was its uniqueness, its atmosphere, its quirkiness, queer characters, and generally fucked up world, making sequels to that completely misses the point, i dont believe that can be replicated.
  13. it make me really sad but i just dont care Ds2 was so bad compared to the first one, and i felt so disappointed that i just cant get my hopes up.