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  1. Weightlifters (those who do olympics weightlifting) are not all bulky and they're extremely fast and explosive(most explosive athletes) so they're not just big fat strong guys. They're also very athletic even the heavier ones. But yeah no shit, a boxer will be scarier to fight, unless the weightlifter has some background in wrestling or something
  2. the only problem i see with this one is it only has a mount for a 3x 120mm rad, and i have 2 240mm radiators. its tempting to buy a 3x 120 rad just for this but dont think I have the money for it
  3. I set up my water cooled PC on this cheap "high speed tech station"... I was due for a replacement in coolant and instead of putting it back in my case, I just decided to put it really quickly and ghetto mount the rad and reservoir on it. heres a pic of it: http://i.imgur.com/hhJOBA0.jpg I really like tech stations, they look really good if done well and I find them practical for watercooling(especially if you buy a quick disconnect). I also love how they look if done well. So I'm looking for a good quality tech station with a lot of space (I need to fit 2 240 radiators). Anyone have recommendations? I have seen some online which look nice but are too expensive. Anyone know which tech station linus is using in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqaHh-y51us#t=0 ?
  4. yo which test bench is that? I want one
  5. Hey guys, looking for your advice on a new case!! I'm looking for a new case to switch my watercooling loop in. I just want a smaller and more clean looking build than what I have right now. I will keep all the same internal components which means I will be using two 240 rads(one large and one slim), waterblocks on the GPU and CPU, a D5 pump and top... and I will be buying a new reservoir since I'm not a big fan of the pump/res combo I have now. My goal is to find the smallest case that can fit these components.. but I don't want them to be to close together. So probably a mid sized case. I want a clean black looking case, since I'll be going for a grey/black color combo. So, basically, here's what I want: a small or mid sized case that can fit a large and slim 240 rad cooling a 7950 and 2500k. I really want something clean looking but also pretty cheap. I'm thinking of maybe a Fractal Design but not sure about the water cooling support. Here is my system so you know what I have to fit in the new case: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/6698-my-grey-650d-painted-650d-build/ I haven't been up to date with the newer cases so that's why I'm asking, thanks!!!
  6. so nice.. the camera shots are so sexy, can't wait to see the final pictures
  7. love it dude.. simple, clean, powerful.. nothing complicated just perfect. This is what my next builds will be like. No over complicated wire sleeving, modding, etc.. just simple sexy system. Love the noctua, the 650d and of course the wire management. Good job dude.
  8. I'm cooling both a CPU and GPU in this build. But for a custom watercooling loop for just the CPU you need a pump, radiator, cpu block, tubing, fittings, reservoir.. basically everything
  9. Here is my 650D i5 2500k @ 4.5GHZ Asus V8Z77-PRO Powercolor Radeon HD7950 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz powdercoated grey mdpc sleeving also a bit of modding (cut holes for the radiator could have airflow.. and front 200mm has the grill cut off for noise purposes