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  1. I got a mid tower PC in my room, and would love to have this in my living room for more of a console like experience but with PC like power.
  2. The Feenix Aria because the wooden touch makes it look classy.
  3. O yeah, forgot to mention, I'm trying to find one with MX Cherry Browns. Unfortunately ebay and newegg only hold reds it seems. @Pyroshank thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Does anyone know where can I get Corsair Strafe MX Cherry Brown in Canada? I tried searching online but there's no retailer that holds it and no release date mentioned. Thanks in advance.
  5. He basically said that lol. And yeah since I'm only running at 1080p, the GTX 970 might be a more suitable alternative due to the price. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Yeah aesthetics was a major part of the build, wanted the black/red look. And the Asus Hero VII motherboard looks really nice.
  7. Unfortunately no, do you guys think the 980Ti will drop in price by September?
  8. Thank you for the welcome! The CPU and motherboard are recommended by a friend and I'm planning on getting a ASUS VX248H monitor.
  9. Hey guys! Can you look at my planned rig and give me some advice. I'm kind of nervous as this is my first time building a PC by myself and any help would be greatly appreciated. My planned build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/6CBKVn I have purchased the Ram/PSU/SSD/Corsair H110i GT already. Currently deciding whether to buy the Strix 980 GTX right now with the NCIX sale or get an even cheaper regular priced R9 390X or wait for the fan-cooled Radeon Fury. Thank you for your time!