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    intel core i5 4690k
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    msi z97
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    gtx 760
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    coolermaster elite 431
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    1tb hard drive
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    corsair cx750
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    kryorig h7
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    windows 10

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    robotics, computers, and basketball
  1. Laptop for $800 u.s.

    is for work and would probably frowned upon if i changed anything in it. was looking at http://www.amazon.com/Zenbook-UX305FA-Laptop-Intel-Greyish/dp/B00SGS7ZH4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1447029838&sr=8-3&keywords=laptop+with+ssd
  2. Laptop for $800 u.s.

    looking for $800 dollar us laptop that would be used for mainly coding, programming, and other robotic needs not too much stress would be on the laptop but has to have an ssd in it and run a newer verison of windows. if you have any other questions please ask.
  3. help disable cores

    how do i run in compatability mode
  4. help disable cores

    yes then i hit play and nothing happens
  5. help disable cores

    so what do i do
  6. help disable cores

    im running windows 10 and cant get fallout 3 to run i have a quad core and i think itll only use two cores how do i get game to work
  7. 30 dollar mouse

    Looking for mouse around 30 dollars us i mainly play csgo and games like skyrim
  8. budget

    best budget 120 gb ssd on amazon
  9. 3D printing help

    ok i have that program and have made a few things like a pyramid and a square should i just watch youtube vids to learn more about it
  10. 3D printing help

    I have a project for robotics class where i have to design and 3d print anything i want. i want to print something really cool and intricate to impress the teacher. the printer is very new and is the http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01143UJK2?keywords=3d%20printer&qid=1444186992&ref_=sr_1_86&sr=8-86 we can use any program we want as long as it saves it as a skp file. what program should i use and any ideas for what i should make.and btw the program has to be compatable with mac os x
  11. r9 390 vs gtx 970

    i know it has 4gb but .5 is at reduced speeds but u probably know that
  12. r9 390 vs gtx 970

    best r9 390 with back plate that isnt the msi red one
  13. r9 390 vs gtx 970

    thx guys
  14. r9 390 vs gtx 970

    i know the r9 390 has better preformance in most cases and 4.5 more gigabytes of vram. i want to get the 970 because i currently have an nvidia card(evga 760) and i am comfortable with nvidias drivers and soft ware but in the long run (direct x12) does anybody know how the preformance is for 390 and 970 and does anybody know how hard it would be to change gpus from nvidia to amd and does amd habe anything like geforce experience thx
  15. home media server help

    i am planning to make a computer that i could leave running 24/7 that would run plex media server. so far i have the motherboard and cpu which were scraps from my old gaming pc they are amd 4300 quadcore processor and a 760gm mobo. and i also have a coolermaster 431 elite case. i want to be able to store mainly movies and burn dvds to the computer so we can stream them to other computers in the house. what should i add to this computer to finish it off i really just need advice for psu and i was thinking a wd black 4tb drive. i am very new to the concept and any input would be helpful